7.10: 5:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.

~ Intent ~


Sean sits at his terminal looking evil. Moss is on the phone and is angry. He’s throwing his authority around and then hangs up. Sean watches him talk to Chloe. Erica comes to Sean’s station and says she wants to talk to him. She has a copy of the federal warrant that was issued to stop Jack and Renee and she has traced it to his terminal. He takes it from her and stuffs it in the drawer of his desk. He warns her to keep her voice down or she will get them caught. He was trying to sideline Bauer and Renee because they were closing in on Dubaku. He is on his way out of the country but his girlfriend was talking to the FBI and they were tracking him. Sean took care of it, Bauer and Renee are in police custody and Dubaku will be long gone by the time they are released. They wander through the office to the staff area where there’s a fridge. Erica asks why Sean didn’t tell her about this and Sean gets her a drink and hands it to her. Sean says that he didn’t tell her because he knew that she would react like this and he didn’t need her to have a meltdown. He tells her not to panic and keep it together. She says she’s scared and Sean admits that he is too but he’s better at hiding it. He has tapped into the conference room speakerphone. He wants her to stay at her station and act normal. Let him worry about Bauer and Renee.

Jack is being still held by the police and he is leaned over the hood of a cop car. He tries to explain what they have been doing but he and Renee are loaded into the back of the same patrol car. Sitting next to each other Renee thinks that the warrant had to have been sent out by someone who is working for the Dubaku operation. Jack has already figured this out. Renee knows that Dubaku is going to kill Marika when he finds out, they shouldn’t have used her. Jack defends their choice, she was their only asset. Renee indignantly says that she is not an asset she’s a human being. Jack doesn’t answer but looks around.

Marika is still the car with the driver. They slow down and Dubaku can be seen waiting. The other man with Dubaku says the FBI is still looking for him. He tells the man to get ready and wait for him. Marika gets out of the car and she smiles at Dubaku. He quickly grabs her and pushes her against a wall. He asks for her cell phone and when she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about he accuses her of talking to the FBI. He is rifling through her bag and finds his cell. She asks what he is doing and he looks at her and then smashes the phone on the ground. He comes back over to her and she tries to get away. He stops her and says sadly that he trusted her, how could she do this to him? She is upset and says that the FBI told her who he really is, they showed her proof. He tells her those are lies created by her enemies, she doesn’t know his country. He brought peace to Sangala. She looks at him and he tries to calm her down. He says that when he heard what she had done it was like a dagger through his heart. He still wants her to come with him. She is upset and says she can’t go with him, she doesn’t know who he is. He claims she does, she needs to look past her fear and see that he is still the man she fell in love with. She cries he tries to convince her some more. Finally she gives in and says alright. He nods and then they kiss and hug. He says he won’t be disappointed. She needs to come with him, the FBI might be close. They both get in the back of the car.

Jack and Renee are let out of custody and the officer says that their story was verified. Renee asks right away if the FBI found Marika. Jack goes right to their vehicle and the cop says that he doesn’t know about Marika but hands Renee the phone. Larry is on the line and Renee asks where Marika is. He says that the cell phone signal is gone; it went dead three minutes ago. Chloe gives her the location where it went dead and Renee runs over to get in the now turned around car. She tells Jack they lost the signal.

Chloe works on the system with Larry overhead. She pulls up a camera and Moss sees a dark grey Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jack is going to go an intercept it. On the camera they see Marika getting into the car. Chloe has them on the traffic cams.

Dubaku talks on the phone and says it will be 10 minutes. Burnett asks if he has taken care of the problem. Dubaku says she is coming with him but Burnett thinks that’s crazy, she was working with the FBI and he was almost arrested because of her. Dubaku says it’s not Burnett’s concern; his concern is getting Dubaku out of the country. He hangs up and Marika wants to know who he was talking to. He says that it was a government official that is working for him, very corrupt. He is looking forward to not dealing with people like him anymore, he wants to spend time with the people he really cares about. Marika smiles and then looks away to collect herself.

Chloe has their location and Renee sees that they are making a left turn. Jack also makes a left turn only he does it over a sidewalk and through a park in order to intercept Dubaku. Jack is gaining on Dubaku but is also nearly taking out people in the park. Jack finds the sidewalk on the other side and gets back out on the street. They see Dubaku and immediately Dubaku sees them. He knows it’s the FBI and orders his driver to go. Jack tells Renee to hold on and pursues Dubaku. Dubaku’s driver does some swerving and turns some sharp corners to try and lose Jack. Jack is right behind them and they are in heavy traffic. The cars are fishtailing and Dubaku’s driver runs though an intersection. Jack follows and doesn’t quite make it, he yells as he slams into a cab. Jack tells Renee to get out and get on the hood to maintain a visual. Renee obeys.

In Dubaku’s vehicle Marika sees that Jack and Renee have crashed. She decides to take matters into her own hands and reaches forward at the driver. She gets her hands on his face and works to hurt him, covering his eyes. The driver can’t see and he crashes into a stopped car launching the SUV into the air. It lands sideways on the road.

Renee sees that they’ve crashed and tells Jack. They both take off at a sprint to make it to Dubaku and Marika. While Jack runs he tells Larry that Dubaku has been in an accident and he needs an ambulance now. The driver has stumbled out of the front window and Jack yells for him to stay on his knees, get on the ground. The driver doesn’t listen and goes for his gun. Jack shoots him three times and he falls to the ground. Jack runs the rest of the way to the SUV and beats Renee there. He gets to Dubaku who is conscious and has made it out of the car. Jack holds him up against the side of another car and with a grunt pulls him away. Renee has found Marika unconscious in the back of the car. Jack drags Dubaku to the sidewalk and lets him down onto his back. Renee works to free Marika. Jack takes Dubaku’s gun and throws it away from him. While he frisks Dubaku Jack notices that the car is on fire. He yells to Renee that the car is on fire, she needs to get out of there. He calls Agent Walker again and this time goes over to her. He goes into the front of the SUV and pulls on Renee to get her out of there. Renee lets go of Marika and emerges with her gun drawn. She points it at Jack and yells, ‘I gave her my word, so either help me or back off.’ Jack doesn’t answer and stares for a second before turning and going to the back of the SUV. He goes in the back window and Renee puts her gun away. Jack says that Marika’s leg is pinned. He sees where it is and moves what is holding her down. Jack tells Renee to pull and she does, freeing Marika. Walker gets her out the front and Jack follows since flames have taken over the rear of the SUV. Renee struggles to move Marika and Jack grabs her other arm. The pair of them pull Marika away and Moss is calling for Jack through the comm. Jack just yells to Renee to go and once they are a little distance away the car explodes blowing Jack and Renee forward. Jack asks if she is alright and she says yeah. Jack runs over to Dubaku and Renee starts CPR on Marika. Jack calls Larry for his ambulance again; he’s badly injured but still conscious. He needs his ambulance now. Jack looks up and sees Renee working on Marika. She slowly gives up on the CPR and looks sad. Jack watches.



At the hospital Taylor waits for word on her husband. Kanin briefs her about Sangala and the happenings there. They are expecting little resistance and they have liberated a refugee camp with 2000 civilians. Taylor is not really listening to Kanin and she apologizes. Kanin prompts her that this is good news but Taylor wants to pick this up another time. Kanin accepts this and offers to get her anything. She is fine. He leans in closer to the President and asks if she wants to talk about it. Taylor starts talking, what happened was her fault. Henry never believed that Roger committed suicide, he was right and she didn’t listen to him but if she had they wouldn’t be here and Taylor will not be fighting for his life. They might have exposed the conspiracy and the government would not be paralyzed. Kanin tries to help, no one believed Henry. Taylor says she is his wife, he deserved her trust.

Buchannan enters the room with Taylor and Kanin and closes the door. He apologizes for interrupting but has spoken to Larry Moss at the FBI. They have Dubaku but he was injured in a car crash during the chase. He is non-responsive and critical. Jack and Walker are with him in case he regains consciousness. Taylor clarifies that if he dies, so do their chances of finding the conspiracy. Buchannan says he could be the only one who knows all the names. Taylor looks even more stressed out and Buchannan continues that given the latest news he doesn’t think it is safe for her to remain here. He wants her to return to the White House because he can’t effectively protect her there. Taylor doesn’t know if she’s safe at the White House either, her administration has been corrupted and they may have lost their only lead. Buchannan assures her he has taken every precaution to secure the White House. Kanin agrees with Buchannan. Henry will be in surgery for several hours, there is nothing more she can do here. She is needed at the oval office. Kanin stands up and she looks at him and then Bill who nods slightly. She agrees and gets up. Buchannan will have cars brought around and he will direct her daughters’ security to the White House. Buchannan takes off and Taylor asks Ethan what she is going to do. How can she run a government when she doesn’t know who she can trust? They just have to pray that Jack Bauer gets those names from Dubaku.

Marika’s body is covered by a sheet and Renee watches. Jack heads over to Dubaku and the medics say he is stable and ready for transport. Jack needs to talk to him, he says Dubaku has information that is vital to national security. He wants him awake now. The medics push one milligram of epinephrine and very quickly Dubaku takes a sharp breath in and wakes up. Jack leans in close and tells Dubaku that the medics are trying to save his life but he won’t let them unless he tells Jack what he knows. He wants the names of everyone in the government that is working with him. Jack says that game is over for Dubaku, there is no sense in trying to protect the people he is with. Jack says that he and Dubaku are both soldiers and it’s not his own life that he cares about, it’s his family’s. Jack knows where Dubaku’s son is in Sangala, where he lives. He promises to track him down and make him suffer. Jack wants names. Dubaku tells Jack not to go after his family, he has the list. Dubaku tries to tell Jack where the list is but passes out before he can get more out than it was ‘on him.’ Jack wants them to bring Dubaku back and heads over to Dubaku’s Jack that was lying on the ground. He rifles through the pockets and doesn’t find what he is looking for. The medics are shocking Dubaku but they keep getting electronic interference. They charge again but they think it is a metal plate or something that is interfering with the machine. The medic feels it on Dubaku’s ribs. Jack gets up and comes over asking where the metal plate is. Dubaku is stabilized and they are ready to go but Jack wants to know where the plate is. One of them points out it’s below his rib cage. Jack has his hands on it and wants them to open him up. They don’t have time, they have to go. Jack pulls his gun and points it at the medic telling him again to open him up. Renee watches and the medics comply. One of them puts a slit in Dubaku’s torso and Jack gets in finding the chip. Once Jack has it they say that they have to get him out of there or he is going to die. Jack gives them the go and then steps away. He makes a cell call while holding the chip up. He is calling the FBI and wants to talk to Moss. Jack tells Moss who it is and that he has pulled a digital storage device from under Dubaku’s skin, the thinks it must be the list of government contacts, it was his insurance policy. They ask if Jack can upload it but he doesn’t think he can, he has never seen anything like this before. Jack asks Moss to hold on and goes to the police helicopter that had landed. He asks the officer to take the chip to the FBI and give it to Larry Moss, put it in his hands only. Jack then tells Moss that it’s coming his way on a chopper, should be there in 5 minutes. Jack will stay with Dubaku.

Erica is in the bathroom at the FBI and gets some paper towel. The door opens and Sean is on the other side. He lets himself in and checks the stalls for anyone else. He fills her in that they have a situation but he thinks he knows a way to handle it. It’s under control but the government has Dubaku’s database. Erica is angry and says that he said he had it under control and now he’s telling her they have the database with their names on it. Sean corrects her that they don’t have it yet. She is done, she wants to get out of there. She is not going to go to jail. Sean stops her from leaving and says he promises that it would be taken care of. She snaps at him that he keeps making promises; he promised he was leaving his wife. He has a way out but needs her help. When they download the database they are going to crash the system, every server on the floor. She says it’s crazy but he says it’s not. He wants her to go to the main frame room and help him reformat the drives, wipe them clean. She can bypass the security protocols and no one is better than her at working with the servers. He can’t do this without her. He gets close to her and tries to convince her. She looks at him and then agrees. She thinks for a second and says they will have to tie the main servers together. He tells her to hurry; it will be there any minute. He wants her to go to the main frame room and he will meet her there. She takes off and he calls her back. He assures her that they are going to be fine. He kisses her and they exchange I love you's. They leave the bathroom.



At the hospital they work on Dubaku. Jack is on the phone and Renee leans against a wall looking sad. A man comes out of one of the room and gives her a baggie. He says it is Marika’s personal effects. Renee thanks him. Jack hangs up the phone and tells Renee that Larry received the drive and Chloe is working on it. They will have the information in the next few minutes. Renee asks coldly if that’s all that matters, ‘Right Jack?’ Jack tells her that he doesn’t like what happened to Marika any more than he does but she’s going to have to live with it. Renee says that he will pretend it never happened, it’s easy for him. Jack just says, ‘I’ll let you know when Chloe has something.’ He walks away but puts his hand on the back of his head.

Erica is working on the terminals and she is alone. Sean comes in and she asks where he has been. Things took longer than he thought. He hands her new parts for the computer and then goes to check surveillance. He needs to keep an eye on Larry and O’Brien, they are going to realize something’s up in a few seconds and they need to make a clean exit. She installs the part and he wants to know how much longer. She has to bypass the safety and once she’s done that she can start the reformat. Sean’s phone rings and Burnett is calling him. Dubaku hasn’t arrived at the air field. Sean says that the FBI got him, he was in a car crash and is unconscious. The FBI has recovered the names of Dubaku’s workers but they are in the process of deleting it. Sean is taking care of this, Burnett needs to take care of Dubaku. In the background, Erica swears and says it’s not working. Sean hangs up with Burnett and turns his attention back to her. She seems to have everything aligned and Sean starts asking questions. She tells him to shut up, she needs to think this through. She remembers that server 3 was upgraded last week. She asks how she could be so stupid and then changes some items. She thinks she has it. Sean is over her shoulder and the program is running.

Chloe’s terminal starts to beep and she immediately knows that the hard drive is being reformatted. Chloe says they are losing everything and Moss wants her to make it stop. He wants her to get the drive out but it’s too late, it’s been erased. Chloe needs to go to their main frame room. Moss will take her.

Sean sees Moss and Chloe running down the halls in the screens. He says they’re coming; they have to get out of there. Erica has finished what is necessary and Sean backs her against the wall to kiss her. He knew that she could do it. As they kiss, a shot rings out and Sean has shot Erica. She is shocked and he watches her closely as she slides down and ends up on the floor. He puts his hand on the side of her face as she comes to rest on the floor. Quietly, he says he is sorry. Sean backs off and then aligns the gun on his upper arm. He pulls the trigger and then puts the gun down and moves it to Erica. The door swings open and Moss is there. He demands Sean get on the floor. Sean obeys but says right away that he didn’t do it. Moss clears the room and Chloe comes in behind him. Sean says again that it wasn’t him and Chloe gets to work on a computer. Sean has concocted an elaborate story about how he thought that Erica was up to no good and ultimately followed her there. He didn’t tell Moss because he was shutting him out of what he and Chloe were doing. When Sean went for the gun it went off, he didn’t mean to kill her. More agents arrive to help and Moss tells them to halt. Chloe has discovered that it’s too late. The hard drives are clean and she can’t recover anything.



Moss is in with Sean who has been cleaned up and his wound dressed. Moss has some files from Erica and Sean explains he didn’t have time to print everything, just a few things from the last few days. Sean feels like Moss owes him an explanation, he wants to know what the hell is going on. Moss tells him that the government has been compromised by Dubaku, the FBI, Secret Service and God knows who else. Sean asks why he was shut out of this. Moss couldn’t trust anyone and now their only lead has been erased. He should have trusted Sean. Moss asks how the arm is and Sean says it hurts like hell, he’ll be fine. Sean starts to get dressed again and Moss asks him to write a statement when he’s feeling up to it. Moss asks Sean to keep his mouth shut; they don’t know who else is working for Dubaku. Moss’ phone rings and Chloe is happy. She tells him not to ask how she did it, but she recovered the files. Chloe says she mirrors files when she is working on sensitive intelligence. Erica set the parameters too narrow. They have already been decrypted, it’s financial logs and phone records. She is going to cross check it with the FBI database. Sean said Erica was working by herself but they need to be 100% sure. Moss tells Chloe to hold on and then fills Sean in on what she found. Sean gives a weak ‘great’ and Moss nods. He reminds Sean about his statement and leaves. Before he is out the door he pauses and says he wants him to go downstairs and see Dr. Webber. He shot a fellow agent and he is going to want to talk to someone. Sean says yes sir and leaves.

Sean sees Janice who asks what is going on with the servers. He claims to have no clue and puts his jacket on. Janice wants to know where Sean is going and he says he has to run an errand. He takes off and gets into a hallway. He walks quickly and nods to another agent. He picks up to a run when he gets around another corner but security is closing in on him. He is cornered and Moss shows up telling them to hold off. Moss slams Sean against the wall and says he will start talking to him right now. Sean coolly would like to speak to his attorney. Moss lets him go and tells them to put him in holding. Moss is angry and he gets out his phone and tells the person on the other end to get him Buchannan at the White House.

The doctors continue to work on Dubaku and Renee watches. Rosa is brought in and when she sees Renee she comes over and demands to know where her sister is. Renee explains sheepishly that there was an accident, Marika didn’t make it. Rosa wants to know what that means. Renee explains again that there was a crash, it happened during a pursuit. Marika was killed. Rosa is upset, Renee said she would protect her, that she would be okay. Renee says that Marika was very brave, they wouldn’t have caught Dubaku without her help. Renee hands Rosa Marika’s items in the baggie. She asks what this is, if this is supposed to make it okay. Marika was all she had, she trusted Renee with her life and she let her die. Renee tries to reach out and touch Rosa but she shakes her off saying not to touch her. Rosa starts yelling at Renee that she killed her sister, she doesn’t care how she did it or who got hurt. Renee is upset even more now and Jack’s voice calls her. He is down the hall watching. Renee slips past Rosa and when Renee gets close enough Jack says that he just got off the phone with Larry, Dubaku wasn’t lying. The chip contained a list of everyone he was working with; they are getting ready to make arrests. Jack says it’s over. Jack starts to walk away but Renee is angry and upset and she says it’s not over for Rosa. Jack turns to her and agrees that what happened with Marika is a tragedy but he will not stand there and tell her what they did was wrong, because they weren’t. She made a choice, a brave one, to get involved. She made it. It’s not enough for Renee and she asks Jack to listen to himself, ‘You don’t even sound human, don’t you feel anything?’ Jack justifies it that they did what they had to do, they saved hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives that would not have had a choice if they had let a terrorist attack take place. Faltering a bit himself now, Jack tells her, “What we did wasn’t wrong, it was necessary.” Jack again walks away and Renee says to his back that she read his file. She asks him, “When your wife was killed, did you feel that or did you just tell yourself that it was necessary.” Jack stops and turns back to Renee. He asks her quietly first, ‘What do you want from me?’ Then, he yells at her, “What do you want from me?” He takes a few steps back to her and she comes all the way to him. She cries, “I just want to know that you feel something. I wanna know that you feel the same kind of pain that I do.” She slaps Jack in the face asking him, “Do you feel that?” He looks back at her and she does it again. Going in for the third slap he grabs her arm and forces it back down. She looks for something to do and leans into Jack crying into his jacket. He reaches around her and says quietly, “Good.” He moves slowly and says quietly, “You’re gonna be alright. It’s gonna take a while but you will learn to live with it.” Renee pushes Jack away and asks, “What if I don’t want to learn to live with it?” She shoves Jack back a few steps. He looks at her and then says, “Then quit.” He walks away. When he gets to a turn he stops again and turns back to her. “And by the way, that stunt you pulled by the car? You ever pull your weapon on me again, you better intend to use it.” She answers him, “I did.” Jack stops again and looks at her before breathing out and then nodding. He leaves.



Olivia waits for her mother and passes the time by looking at a photo of her parents together. Taylor lets herself in and Olivia asks what’s going on, how is her Dad? Taylor says he’s still in surgery and they are waiting for word. Olivia wants to know if he is going to be alright. Taylor tells her that he was seriously injured and the bullet went through his lung, the doctor will do everything he can. Olivia asks who did this, Taylor answers it’s complicated. Olivia asks again who shot her father. Taylor brings her up to speed that Henry found out about a conspiracy inside the government and the people behind it tried to kill him. They are trying to find out right now who they are and that’s all she can tell Olivia. She wants to go to the hospital and be there with her father but Taylor warns her that the people that shot her father are still out there, it’s not safe for her. Olivia doesn’t care, she wants to see her dad but Taylor will not risk letting anything happen to her. She lays down the law that Olivia is staying at the White House and that’s the end of it. The phone beeps and the voice says Buchannan is there to see her. Taylor will be right out. She has a lot to talk about with Olivia and she sees right though it that it took her father getting shot for her to finally want to talk. Taylor warns her not to go down that path again, not today. Taylor turns and says they will talk later, for now one of the guards will take her to the residence. Taylor leaves and Olivia thinks and looks sad.

Buchannan waits and when Taylor comes in he says he has very good news. Jack Bauer has the database from Dubaku and it has the names of everyone involved in the conspiracy. There were 100 people involved in it from all agencies up to very high levels. This is exactly what they have been working toward and they can finally put an end to this conspiracy. Taylor assumes they are already acting on this. Buchannan tells her that Larry Moss at the FBI has identified two of his on the list. Buchannan is working with the FBI to do a sweep and they should start making arrests within the hour. Taylor is relieved and congratulates Buchannan. The country is in debt to him for what he has done. They have stopped walking and Buchannan says he appreciates that but there are a lot of people to thank, including Jack Bauer. She narrows her eyes and Buchannan and walks into her office. Buchannan follows and tells her that he is scheduled to resume his testimony in front of the senate subcommittee tomorrow. Taylor is aware and Buchannan asks her to forgive him if he is out of line but, ‘I feel that Senator Meyer is on a personal crusade against Jack. He’s already taken his pound of flesh, he dismantled CTU, attacked the reputations of people who have served this country with honor and now he wants to make an example of Jack. It isn’t right.’ Buchannan shakes his head and Taylor watches. “Especially after today.” Getting right to the point, she asks what he wants her to do. Buchannan wants her to speak to Senator Meyer, “Jack Bauer helped save this country, he doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.” She appreciates his sentiment but she will have to think about this. That is all Buchannan is asking. He thanks her.

Jack sits sprawled out on the steps with his back to the White House and facing the Washington Monument. The sun is setting in the clouds. He sits forward and leans his arms on his legs and looks down. He thinks and a smile crosses his face. Jack shakes his head slightly and then looks up into the sunset over the water. Legs walk by and the man that belongs to them sits near Jack. It’s Tony and he’s wearing sunglasses which he promptly takes off. Jack glances over his shoulder at him and asks, ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ Tony needs to talk to Jack who asks angrily, ‘About what?’ Tony had told Jack that he was following up on a lead and Jack reminds him that he also said he would turn himself in as soon as this was over. Tony says that this ain’t over yet. There is another attack coming, it’s going to be here in D.C. Jack thinks they’re safe, Dubaku is in custody but Tony says it’s not Dubaku, it’s his boss, Juma. Juma knows he is going to lose control of his country and he is going to try and rally by striking at the US. Tony learned this from his source. Jack wants to know about the source. Tony explains it was someone he worked with when he was working for Emerson and he has a direct line with the Juma regime in Sangala. It wasn’t easy getting the information out of him, but Tony is convinced it’s accurate. Jack wants Tony to just take this to the FBI but his sources say the window opens at 1900 hours. With the FBI procedures and red tape it will be too late to stop it. Jack wants to know the target but Tony doesn’t know the exact target but he knows it will be high value and high impact. Tony does have the name of someone who was involved with the planning of this, Ryan Burnett. Jack knows that this is Senator Meyers Chief of Staff. Tony confirms he was involved from the beginning. Jack asks if Meyer is involved but Tony is sure that he is not. Jack looks around and tells Tony, “You better not be lying to me, Tony.” Tony looks at him and confirms, ‘This is real, Jack.’ Burnett would be on Dubaku’s list and once he finds out he’s in custody he is going to start running. Tony already has a tail on him. Tony tells Jack, ‘If you’re with me meet me at the corner of First and Constitution.’ Tony puts his glasses back on and gets up. He walks over behind Jack and rests his hand on Jack’s shoulder. “I need your help.” He tells him. Tony keeps walking and Jack sits and mulls over what Tony has said. Jack looks down and then seems to come to a decision.

In the split screen we see Moss talking, Dubaku in the hospital, Sean pacing around, and Renee waiting.

Senator Meyer calls Ryan to step into his office. He enters and Meyer stands saying they are going to the White House. Ryan is surprised and Meyer says that Taylor wants to speak to him about Jack Bauer. Burnett wants to know what about him but Meyer doesn’t know, but they will find out soon enough. Bauer was pulled away from the hearing to help the FBI and now the President wants to talk to him about him. Meyer doesn’t like the timing of this. He tells Ryan to grab his laptop, he wants him there with him. Burnett goes out and starts packing up his stuff to go to the White House. While he is away from Meyer, his phone beeps. Ryan pulls it out and looks at the screen. The text message reads ‘Units in place. Operation on schedule.’ Burnett looks up.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

 -I loved the deep-voiced promos for this week’s episode, ‘The hour that changes everything.’ It certainly did. I think this might be one of the earliest in the season we have ever had the major threat over.

-Sean does a great job of looking very evil. He just has that look about him. They should have suspected him based on his evil tendencies.

-It’s great how Moss throws his credentials around and still doesn’t really get anywhere fast with Jack and Renee. It really makes a difference when the cop knows Moss isn’t going to show up and shoot him.

-How could Erica trace that warrant to Sean’s terminal when Chloe couldn’t?

-It’s not super surprising that Erica is in on this with Sean but it makes their relationship make some sense.

-Gauging Erica’s reactions, I think that if I were planning an evil conspiracy, she would be one of the last people I would bring in on it. Too much hand holding. Though, that might be what Sean is after.

-That’s the second staff room we’ve seen at the FBI. Larry was in a total different one earlier when Renee called to say she was alive.

-There’s something reminiscent about seeing Jack bent over the front of a police car in cuffs. Pick a season, basically.

-Renee is starting to get on my nerves. She has her Jack moments where she is strong and willing to do what’s necessary, BUT, Jack never whined like this when he had to do things.

-Does Renee have ANY training? That’s what ‘assets’ are, people that can help.

-What about Marika’s luggage? I didn’t see them get it.

-Marika is doing a nice job of not giving anything away. She didn’t freak out and just went with Dubaku. She really was brave.

-Here is the difference between Jack and Renee (No I’m not giving you the birds and the bees speech). It’s exemplified by their actions when they are released from custody. Jack goes right to the car to move into action to both save Marika and get Dubaku. Renee wants to stand around and talk about it with the police. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words.

-Burnett seems to really actually care about what happens to Dubaku, although, it might be just him trying to save his own skin.

-It seems wrong for Dubaku to try to convince Marika that he’s not a bad man while he speaks on the phone to someone he confesses to be ‘very corrupt.’

-Did anyone else find Jack driving through the park hilarious? He should have driven through a hot dog stand or something.

-Sorry, did I miss the giant FBI sign on the side of Jack’s car? How could Dubaku be so sure?

-I think that’s the first time Jack has been in an [unintentional] car accident. He’s had his share of hits on purpose but this is the first time his driving abilities have been compromised.

-Renee does some good thinking trying to stop Dubaku. Too bad it backfired for her, I’m sure ending up dead wasn’t part of the master plan.

-Did the driver really think he could out gun Jack and Renee? Honestly.

-Dubaku does well to get out of the vehicle.

-Jack calls Dubaku conscious… I don’t really know about that.

-Love Jack just tossing the gun on the sidewalk. What happens if some kid shows up, or some terrorist?

-I’m not really sure why Jack went pulling Renee. I don’t know if he could see that working out for him.

-I cannot believe that Jack didn’t go for his own gun when Renee drew hers. Let alone that he helped her. Shocking.

-I think that the biggest issue for me was that Jack risked his life to humor Renee. She whined enough for him to take a serious chance in that car. If it had blown and he had died that would have been a serious tragedy and it would have been al her fault.

-After all that, Jack asks Renee if she is okay. I would have said something along the lines of, ‘Hope you’re dead.’

-Was that concern registering on Larry’s face when he called for Jack? I guess he could say it was Renee that he cared about.

-Taylor does a great job at the hospital not paying attention to Ethan. I laughed, anyone else?

-Kanin reminds me of Buchannan a bit. Patient but able to get it done when need be. Although, I’m not sure we should 100% sure trust Kanin. I don’t know, there’s something suspicious about him.

-It’s sweet how Kanin offers Taylor something and then offers to be a shoulder for her.

-It didn’t take a whole lot of convincing for the medics to wake Dubaku up for the first time. It was quite impressive. Maybe they’ve been watching the Senate thing on TV.

-The second time was more like what we’ve seen before.

-Good think Dubaku put those names on a chip, there’s no way he would have stayed conscious long enough to give Jack all 100+ names of his co-conspirators.

-Anyone else wonder if Jack was lying about knowing where Dubaku’s family is in Sangala?

-Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that Dubaku has a family in Sangala that Jack was willing to use but he also was planning on taking is girlfriend to Belize with her sister? How is he going to explain that when his wife wants to vacation in Belize?

-Wouldn’t the voltage that they put through Dubaku fry the info on that chip? Especially since they were right on top of it.

-So, Renee will whine and complain about Marika but when Jack puts a hole in Dubaku and starts digging around in his torso, it’s okay.

-Strangely enough, I’ve seen lots of ‘things like that’ before, Jack. It’s an SD card; I have one in my camera, audio recorder, Palm Pilot …

-Wonder who had to do the dirty work of cleaning the blood off that drive. When Jack pulled it out of Dubaku it was pretty gross looking but when Larry gets a hold of it, it’s clean.

-I’m not going to say that I’m glad Erica is dead, because her death was terrible, but she was really starting to get in my nerves.

-Are there no surveillance cameras in the FBI that they can actually use for good use? Little investigation would find them entering the tech room together, not Sean following as he claims to Moss.

-Sean should definitely have been updating Burnett before now about what is going on.

-Moss’ reaction is so simple with Chloe, ‘Make it stop.’ If it was only that easy.

-Chloe runs pretty good for a pregnant woman – oh wait, she’s not supposed to be pregnant in the show, but she sure is in real life.

-I have to say that the Erica death was pretty gruesome. It was nasty how Sean just watched her die. I thought he was in a hurry, but he has time to deal with Erica slowly.

-Oweeee on the shooting himself in the arm. Brutal.

-Moss just doesn’t look as cool behind the gun as Jack does.

-I’m going to assume that Sean had a new shirt sitting around at the FBI since the one he wears after he was shot had neither blood nor a hole in it.

-Sean goes from shot and in custody to bandaged and good to go in 4 minutes. That’s a record even for 24.

-What kind of agent is Moss? Sean is so obviously lying when he tells Moss that it’s ‘great’ he should have detained him right there.

-That’s quite the convenient back up that Chloe made.

-Wouldn’t Janice have lost everything when the HD’s were reformatted?

-Bet Moss would like to pull some Jack Bauer moves on Sean. See, he’s not all that bad, is he?

-Rosa made it to the hospital pretty quick.

-That little Marika baggie is so sad. It’s like all that’s left of her.

-See, the thing that kills me about this Renee thing is that Jack does care, but, as we covered with Audrey in Season 4, he’s good at compartmentalizing things and dealing with them when he can. He can get the job done. He has always been this way, look at Season 1. His family is kidnapped and he still can do what he needs to do, he doesn’t go to pieces. Even when he thinks Kim is dead he still does what he needs to do. Renee can’t seem to do that so in my books, she’s no different than Audrey but at least Audrey had an excuse. Audrey was a civilian, Renee is an agent. We shouldn’t be dealing with this again.

-It’s unbelievable that Renee involved Teri’s death to try and get something out of Jack. So incredibly inappropriate. She obviously has no idea what she’s talking about and the circumstances surrounding it.

-Again, I’m going to make the Audrey comparison with the jack-slap. When Jack was responsible for Paul’s death, Audrey couldn’t handle it. IT makes sense and she reacted by lashing out against Jack and hitting him. She loved Paul and had been married to him. She had decided that she wanted to be with him again and Jack, essentially, gets him killed but it’s to find Marwan and save millions. Up until then, Audrey had taken everything with Jack reasonably well. Yes, she was upset but she was alright. Renee gets to the point of hitting Jack over someone she hardly knows. Yes, she told Rosa that she would protect her but she did everything she could. I see her as weaker than Audrey. If she reacted this way with Marika, imagine what she should have done if she was in Audrey’s shoes.

-Also, I see Renee drawing her gun out of anger, which is always one of the #1 wrong reason to point a gun at someone. If she really meant to shoot Jack, it was a direct reflection on Marika being injured, not on Jack.

-Renee needs to see that Jack is just trying to help. What does she want to do other than live with Marika’s death? Curl up in a ball and die? Jack didn’t say forget her, or disregard it completely, simply to live with it.

-I don’t think Jack believes Renee that she was really going to use her weapon on him.

-I am somewhat interested in Taylor and Olivia’s history and problems, but not enough for it to take a whole bunch of screen time.

-Olivia is the Kim Bauer of the Taylor family. She doesn’t want to do anything anyone tells her to.

-Buchannan looks so happy with Taylor when he tells her about the chip being found. It’s a nice change.

-100 people working for Dubaku inside the government. That’s a lot of people.

-The country is in debt to Buchannan, will she reinstate him somewhere in the government then?

-It’s nice of Buchannan to go to bat for Jack and try and bail him out of this whole subcommittee thing. Someone at least has Jack’s back.

-Taylor is a good president. She makes decisions heavily and she didn’t jump to any conclusions or snap decisions about Jack. She is on the right side, but she wants to evaluate her choices first.

-It’s interesting that Buchannan didn’t mention Tony at all in his appeal to Taylor.

-This DC sunset scene is beautiful for quite a few reasons. For one, we rarely get to see Jack reflect on anything. He sits and thinks to himself quietly. Just one man while others walk by and go about their days. He is probably pondering that this is his last sunset while he is free. He is about to be put away by his own government for working to keep his country safe. I would really like to know what crossed his mind to make him smile at the ground like that.

-Tony’s re-entry is great. This is a really good way to bring him back and further the plot. This episode really had an ‘end’ feel to it until Tony arrived. Even the music.

-This is where we see that Jack is affected by the day’s events. He is angry and he takes it out on Tony. Yes, he probably is hurt because Tony didn’t tell him he was alive and because Tony was working for the enemy but he also comes off as angry. Probably angry at the way things worked out.

-I love how Tony gives Juma the French sounding ‘J’, like huma almost.

-I hope we get to know who this source is of Tony’s.

-‘It wasn’t easy getting the information out of him’ translates loosely to ‘I beat the hell out of him until he told me what I wanted to know.’

-Convenient that Meyers Chief of Staff is the one that is working with Juma. I have to believe that Jack wants Meyer to be bad so he can go interrogate him.

-Who is Tony’s tail on Burnett? Can he trust him?

-Getting a little dark for the sunglasses there, Tony. Although, I guess a wanted fugitive sitting a couple hundred feet from the White House probably shouldn’t be there without some kind of disguise.

-I was moved by Tony putting his hand on Jack’s shoulder. He’s really saying he needs him, even though Jack tried everything he could to get out of it. We all know he’s going to go and help him.

-Tough luck for Burnett to have to go to the White House with Meyer.

-I guess Burnett’s job isn’t that tough since he can slip away for hours at a time to go orchestrate a bunch of terrorists. Convenient.

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