8x05: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
"Babysitters Club"


The title tells us we are in the Islamic Republic of Kamistan. There’s a man watching TV about the people and the government.  His phone rings and its Farhad.  The man thought Farhad was dead.  There is discussion about the plan being finished, they are rounding up their people and Hassan is still alive.  Their general has been taken from his home.  Farhad argues that the Americans won’t let this continue, they will threaten to pull out of the peace talks.  The man tells Farhad that once he has the uranium he will be hunted like an animal.  Farhad needs the payment wired to his account.

Bazhaev, the father of the mob boys, watches his sick son.  Oleg lies down after taking some water.  Joseph is concerned, his is bad.  Bazhaev looks and then goes out, Joseph following.   Joseph knows of a clinic in Mount Vernon, the doctor can treat him.  Bazhaev is not going to go for it, no one can know, they’ve been through this.  Joseph knows where the man’s family lives, their names.  He can make sure he keeps his mouth shut.  There will be doctors and nurses there; can he guarantee that no one will know?  If the authorities find out about the nuclear material they will be looking everywhere for it and taking Oleg to the clinic will lead them right to them.  Joseph argues Oleg will die if they don’t help him.  Bazhaev admits he will die.  Joseph is unhappy with this, he questions, ‘In a cold room behind the kitchen?  He’s my brother, papa, and your son.’  Bazhaev appears to think about it but doesn’t change his mind.  He agrees to let Joseph take Oleg to their country house, let Yulana look after him.  Joseph thanks him.  A thug comes and says that Farhad is asking for him.  Bazhaev goes to him and Farhad says the money will be there shortly, when can he take possession of the rods?  As soon as Bazhaev has the money, it will be 5 hours.  Bazhaev offers to help him pass the time and he waves in two girls wearing little clothing.  They stand facing him and Bazhaev asks if he has a preference.  Farhad says no so Bazhaev generously says he can have them both.  He leaves closing the door behind him.
Renee is with Zia still and Jack is milling around.  Zia’s thumb is on the ground and they are trying to stop the bleeding on his hand.  Zia is unconscious and bleeding out.  Jack has some liquid that might cauterize it, he pours it on and they say it’s working.   Jack gets up and starts dialling his phone, Renee asks who he is calling.  Jack is calling Hastings, he is shutting down this mission.  She asks why and Jack snaps because she shouldn’t be in the field and this proves it.  Renee defends herself that this was the only play, she will get him to cooperate.  Jack asks how and Renee explains that the only thing that Zia likes more than 13 year old girls is money.  He would have butchered himself for a score like this.  Jack thinks Hastings needs to know the truth and Renee asks what truth.  Jack snaps that she is unstable.  Jack comes and kneels in front of Renee sympathizing that he doesn’t blame her, after everything she has been through, but she is not fit for this mission.  Renee admits she went through a tough patch but she came out on the other side.  Jack doesn’t think she has.  She is the best chance to get the uranium and she can do it now.  Her tone changes when she asks if Jack is going to make that phone call or what.  Jack thinks but meanwhile, Zia starts to stir.  She challenges him to make up his mind.  Jack will let her see what she can get out of Zia but reminds her that he is listening.  Jack leaves.
Zia is conscious now but somewhat groggy.  He realizes what happened and yells Renee’s name.  She tells him to shut up, she did him a favour.  He calls her a crazy bitch, “You cut off thumb!” he yells.  She is unsympathetic, what’s done is done.  She gives him the choice to stay there and whine or be a rich man, she offers him a point off the top for his help.  He asks how much and she says casually 2.5 million, maybe 3 by the time they’re done.  He asks if she’s serious.  He doesn’t believe her so she tells him to forget it, she’ll find Vladimir her own way.  Before she can get too far he calls her back saying he doesn’t know where Vlad is exactly but he knows where he might be.  Zia will take her to Vlad himself.  He has a truck out back.  Renee agrees to drive and helps Vlad up.
Jack is listening in the car and Chloe calls him with a problem, Zia has a file at the probation office, how does he want her to handle this?  Jack says she doesn’t need to worry about it but Chloe tells Jack they have anti-tamper mechanisms.  It’s been taken care of and she asks suspiciously, ‘What happened in there?’  Jack says that Renee got the results she wanted, Zia is taking her to Vladimir.  Dana is working on Jack’s cover and she will call when it’s ready.  They hang up and Jack pulls out behind Renee and Zia.
Chloe crosses the CTU to Dana and tells her that Jack is waiting on his cover.  It’s almost finished and Dana’s phone starts to ring.  Chloe stands there and watches it and then asks Dana if she is going to answer it.  Dana tries to sound casual when she says she probably should.  Dana will send the info to Chloe when it’s done and she then answers the phone.  It’s Kevin and she told him not to call.  He knows what she told him but now that he’s there in her apartment he can’t help but miss her.  Her shift is over in the morning but he wants to see her now.  She says she’s in the middle of something and if he doesn’t believe her he should turn on the news.  He needs to see her in 15 minutes.  That’s not possible so he gives her 30 asking who said he can’t be reasonable.  He threatens, ‘Don’t make me call your boyfriend and rock his perfect little world.’  He threatens to tell Cole that Dana Walsh is really Jenny Scott, an ex con who has been an accessory to murder.  She says nothing and he asks if she’s still there.  She will be there soon.
Dana goes to Arlo and wants to ask him something.  ‘Yes, I’m free Saturday night, I can change my plans for Friday and I’m free on Thursday.’  She ignores him and says she has to go home for a while.  They’re in the middle of a major protocol and she understands, she won’t be long.  She has been putting the finishing touches on the profile for Bauer.  He tries to get out of her what’s going on but she says it’s none of his business.  As she walks away she thanks him and says she owes him one.  He calls after her ‘one what?’
Taylor and Kanin are both wondering around talking on the phone and Weiss comes in.  All 12 heads of state are still going to attend the ceremony.  Weiss comes bearing bad news, they have found that the plot to kill President Hassan was only part of the plan, CTU believes that they were trying to acquire weapons grade uranium.  Taylor asks from whom, it’s a Russian crime syndicate in New York, half of them are ex-soviet army or KGB and Kanin says this has been what they’ve been afraid of since the wall came down.  Kanin asks if Hassan is aware and he is the one that told CTU about it and they have set up an operation to try and get it before it is smuggled out of the country.  Taylor asks if it’s on US soil and Weiss confirms it.  Taylor asks Kanin why he wanted to know if Hassan knew about this, Kanin says it helps explain what’s going on in his country.  Security forces are sweeping through the capital, arresting people and shuttering news organizations.  He hasn’t declared martial law officially but effectively.  Weiss doesn’t blame him, his brother can’t have been acting alone and they want him cracking down on hardliners in his government.  Kanin says he’s defying laws as well as international human rights obligations.  Taylor knows it might delegitimize the peace accord if it continues.  Hassan will be back from CTU in 10 minutes, Taylor wants to speak to him alone.
Zia is in the passenger seat while Renee drives.  Zia is drinking from a bottle and Renee tells him that’s enough.  He wants to know what her problem is and she needs him thinking clearly.  She told him that he would get a real pain killer and drinks some more.  Zia muses that he’s surprised she would take this deal, that she would go to Vlad again after what he did to her.  Renee asks how much further it is and Zia muses that she doesn’t want to talk about Vladimir, he doesn’t blame her, after all, what is there to say about such a man, nothing good.  She cuts him off wanting again to know how much farther it is.  Zia says 10 minutes.  Quietly he mutters, ‘Touchy, touchy.’
Jack’s phone rings and it’s Chloe, Arlo’s locked his cover and it’s unlinking now.  Jack brings up his computer and says he has it.  He checks that Chloe is taking him out of Renee’s comm when she calls, she confirms she is.  He wants her to go into Renee’s undercover file when she was under with Vlad Latanan, he wants to know everything that’s happened.  Chloe will call back.
Hassan comes in to where Taylor is and says that her Chief of Staff said it was urgent.  It is.  Taylor wants to say again how thankful she is that he is alright,  Hassan jumps right in that if this is about the security forces they are necessary steps he is taking back home, he can’t help her.  Hassan wanders a few steps away and Taylor is not s sure they are necessary.  Hassan tells her that what happened today is nothing short of a coup, the same people are trying to restart their nuclear weapons program.  Taylor understands but Hassan doesn’t think  she does, she has an open society governed by the rule of law, his is closed.  The only real rule is power and if he shows any weakness on his part, he’s finished.  Taylor is aware of the complexities of his country.  Hassan’s brother tried to kill him and he was helped by elements within his own government, they must be purged.  Taylor clarifies that he means executed.  It’s the only thing Hassan’s people understand.  Taylor can’t vouch for him as a reformer if he is going to renig on his human rights.  Hassan says she is asking him to show mercy to enemies that are trying to destroy him.  She is asking him to help bring peace to a region that hasn’t known it for generations.  Hassan wants to see his family now.  He leaves the room.
Joseph and Oleg are driving, Oleg coughs and Joseph says he has found a doctor, someone to help them but Papa said it was too risky.  Oleg says he’s right but Joseph asks, “Condemning you to death?”  He doesn’t believe that.  Oleg says it’s his own fault, they shouldn’t have to pay for his mistake.  Joseph says that all these years he thought it was an act, but Oleg really is the good son.  Oleg smiles and admits, “No better or worse than you Joseph, you’re my older brother, you always looked out for me.”  Joseph looks sad and then turns the vehicle around.  Oleg asks what he’s doing and Joseph has decided, he’s taking him to a doctor.  Oleg reminds him that Pap said they can’t but Joseph doesn’t care what Papa said, he’s not letting him die without a fight. 
The women of the Hassan household are talking, Nadia tells Dalia she is old enough to make her own decisions, Dalia wants to stay.  Nadia somewhat icily says, ‘As you wish.’  Dalia wants Nadia to stay too but she can’t.  When Dalia asks why Nadia answers, ‘You think your father is on way, but he’s not what you think.’  Dalia tells her mother to stop doing that, imply things about her father but not tell her.  Nadia says it’s better that way, she won’t poison her against her father.  Dalia says she’s doing it again.  Hassan comes in and receives a hug from his daughter.  She was worried about him.  Hassan wants to speak to Nadia alone.  Once the door is closed, Nadia says she has nothing to say.  Hassan begs her and Nadia asks, ‘Do you love her?’  Hassan says it’s over, he ended it.  He didn’t answer her question.  She challenges him to be honest, show her some respect.  She asks again and Hassan looks down and admits, ‘Maybe I thought I did.’ She wants him to say it but he asks what it matters now.  It matters to her.  He says that the truth is he was just glad he could still feel something, anything.  Naida is still packing and figures that she’s sure that’s her fault somehow as well.  Hassan says it’s both of their faults, there’s enough blame to go around.  He doesn’t want her to go.  She will not make a scene, he should know her better than that by now.  Hassan reminds her that his brother is a traitor and he has his highest officers conspiring against him.  Now President Taylor is threatening to pull out of the peace talks.  Nadia has calmed down and says it’s been a long time since he asked her for advice on anything.  He admits she always gave him the best council.  She thanks him for remembering that and he asks hopefully if she’ll stay.  She puts her hands to his face and looks at him, considering but then shakes her head no.  It’s too late for that, after what just happened between them.  He says her name and she says she’s sorry.  She takes her bags and leaves, Hassan watching sadly.   
Renee and Zia arrive at the location, Zia says that Vlad operates out of there sometimes.  He moves around a lot so the cops don’t find him.  They are getting ready to go but Renee remembers that Vlad was never fond of surprises, the thinks Zia should go in first and get him used to the idea of her again.  Wet his appetite.  Zia agrees and gets out, Jack watches from a little ways away in his car.  Zia walks away and Jack and Renee start to speak over their comm. Units.  The cover is in place, they want to go over Mexico City.  Jack is someone who she dealt with.  He wants to know about Vlad.  Renee asks what Jack means and he says he heard Zia.  Renee calls Zia a drama queen.  Jack is impatient; he’s running his op, stop messing with him.  It’s a straight question and he wants a straight answer.  Renee handled him 6 years ago, she can handle him today.  She is more worried about locking down their cover.  He is Ernst Muir from Munich, they met in Mexico City.
Zia has made it to the door and greets the thugs there, it’s been a long time.  Zia is surprised because they don’t seem to know him, the one in charge says he does know who he is, what is he doing there?  He has business with Vlad.  Vlad appears from the back room and says he should kill Zia for even thinking of coming here.  He punches him in the face and he falls over the hood of a vehicle.  Vlad grabs him and shakes him, pulling his gun and saying it’s been 5 years and now he walks into his place of business.  Zia is on probation.  Zia says not anymore, she took the bracelet off.  Vlad asks who and he has been trying to tell him, Renee.  He shows his bandaged hand and says Renee did that, she has come looking for him.  She has a buyer that she wants him to hear about.  This could be good for all of us.  Vlad asks if she said where she has been for the last 5 years.  She has been the same place as the rest of them, in jail.  Then she was in Mexico City.  Vlad asks his head thug if he believes this piece of dirt.  The thug does, he’s too stupid to make up a story like that.  He doesn’t believe her, though.  Vlad assures Lugo, it wasn’t her that turned them in.  Lugo isn’t convinced, she showed up out of nowhere and 16 months later the feds show up.  Vlad asks where she is now, Zia says outside.  Vlad puts his gun away and tosses a towel to Zia telling him to clean himself up and bring her to him.  He walks away. 
Arlo is working at CTU and Chloe asks where Dana is, she’s not at her desk.  He says she went home.  Chloe questions this.
Dana arrives at home, she knocks on her own door, Kevin asks who it is and she says it’s her, he has her key.  He opens the door and says it’s nice of her to drop by.  Dana is not amused. She is even less amused when she finds another person in her apartment, Nick from Beaumont, who Dana wants out but Kevin told he could stay.  She puts down her bag and takes some cash out handing it to him.  He wants to know what this is and she says it’s $500, all she could get from the cash machine, she will get him another $500 in the morning.  He puts it on the counter and tells her she thinks she’s smart and the rest of the world is stupid.  She tries to say she doesn’t think he’s stupid but he sees she’s trying to buy him off with 1,000 dollars.  She asks what he wants from her.  He wants her to stop treating him like some dumbass 19 year old stick up artist with a fast car, she’s not the only one who’s grown up.  He is becoming angry and she tries to calm him, ‘Easy, Kevin, easy.’  He is close to her and says he’s been dreaming about this moment.  Dana is scared and tells him that if he thinks she testified against him, she didn’t.  He hits her and she falls to the floor.  He warns her not to lie to him again.  She’s not lying, she got out of jail before him because she went in as a minor, there’s no other reason.  This doesn’t change things for Kevin, he has done his homework and he knows what her job is.  She’s back on her feet and he’s sitting at the counter toying with the money.  Dana is a data analyst, nothing more.  She works for CTU, which means she has access to all sorts of good stuff, bank codes, port authority logs.  She has restricted access but Kevin is confident she’ll figure something out, she always does.  The payoff has to be 6 figures, though.  She asks him, ‘Please, Kevin.’  He gives her the deal, she does this one thing for him and he’s gone, he never bothers her again.  She’s quietly crying, she can’t.  He gets up and goes back over to her, taking her face in his hands, ‘You can, and you will.’
Jack and Renee are just finishing going over their cover, the hotel that’s a safe haven for high end criminal activity.  He will fill in the details for her as they go, he wants her to listen to his voice and he’ll get her all the info she needs.  Zia comes to the car. 
Renee rolls down the window and Zia is ready to go.  She gets out and Jack’s phone rings.  It’s Chloe calling and she tells him right away that it’s not pretty and Renee had a real problem on her hands.  “Talk to me.” Jack says.  Chloe fills Jack in that according to the responsible agent, Vladimir Latanan became obsessed with her, it turned violent.  Jack asks, ‘How violent?’ Chloe answers, ‘Broken ribs, busted cheek bone, couple trips to the emergency room.’  Jack asks, “Did he rape her?”  Chloe sounds like she doesn’t believe what she’s reading, “Not according to these files but it looks like he tried a couple of times.”  Jack wants to know if she told her or Hastings about this before she went under.  Chloe says no.  Jack seems to be having trouble; Chloe asks what this is about.  She has to call his name again before Jack responds.  “The FBI tried to cover this up as much as they could, but after she left the bureau, Renee went into a tailspin.  She tried to kill herself at least once that I know about.  She says she’s past it but I know she’s not, I can see it in her eyes.”  Chloe asks if Jack thinks she is purposely putting herself in harm’s way.  Jack doesn’t think she cares what happens to her either way.  Jack says she’s going in and she puts Chloe on speaker.
Renee and Zia are let in, the thugs have guns out on Renee and Zia.  They are told to put their hands up and turn around.  She does and gets patted down but she’s watching Vlad.  She walks toward him greeting him with a hello.  He turns around and she sees him for the first time.  She notices that he’s changed his face.  He had it done and asks what she thinks.  It makes him look younger, she should get his name.  Vlad says he’s not practicing anymore, it’s a sad story.  He changes the subject and says their little friend said she was in Mexico City, he has business contacts there himself.  She knows he does.  He starts throwing out names at her and she claims to know them.  He asks about a guy who runs heroin, Jack tells her that he was killed 9 months ago.  Renee pretends to be annoyed by all the questions as she gives the answers to Vlad.  He looks at her and says now that she mentions it, there’s something different about her too.  She asks how he means and he says her eyes, her skin, ‘You look like hell.’  She admits it’s hard to look your best when you’ve got a gun in your face.  He waves the thugs off but nothing changes.  He says it’s something else.  He asks if she’s been sick and she hasn’t.  He thinks maybe she picked up some hepatitis C in her travels.  He asks about the hotel in Mexico.  Vlad asks for the name of the government official that allows them to work there without interference.  Jack doesn’t have that in his file and asks Chloe who needs a minute.  “She doesn’t have a minute!”  Jack snaps.  Vlad is waiting for a name, she stalls saying she’s getting tired of this.  Finally, Jack gives her the name, Raul Castillo. She passes it on and asks if they are done playing 20 questions now.  Vlad believes they are, ‘You know Renee, I’d almost forgotten how much fun you are.  You’re not like other women.  You’ve got balls.’  Renee muses that Vlad always did say the nicest things.  She wants to do the deal now but Vlad says he wishes it was that easy and gives the order to tie them up.  Jack snaps to attention and Renee asks, ‘What?’  Vlad got the right answers but she’s still not telling him the truth.  She protests he’s making a mistake, this is the chance of a lifetime.  Renee is put in the trunk of a car, Zia is put in next to her while he complains and struggles.  They slam the trunk and Jack gets feedback and then nothing from his ear piece.  He tries to get Renee to answer him but then asks Chloe what just happened.  They’ve lost audio and she tries boosting the signal but they car must be armoured or her comm. has shorted out.
Jack sees a car coming out of the compound and asks Chloe if she’s seeing it.  She has it and Jack follows it telling Chloe which direction he’s going in.  He thinks this operation just blew up.  Jack isn’t going to intercept if the car is armoured. He wants Hastings alerted and that there are 4 men in the car.  They might be taking Renee somewhere to kill her.  “Dammit!” Jack yells.
A doctor finishes up a conversation with his wife, her telling him not to be too late before Oleg and Joseph stagger in.  He asks how the brothers got in there but Joseph just says his brother is sick.  Dr. Levine is not taking patients right now, he will call an ambulance for Oleg.  Joseph pulls his gun and doesn’t let him.  No one else can know they are there, he has men outside the doctors house.  They are outside the gates so they won’t be seen, but he has the address of his home and the light in his little daughters room just went out about ten minutes ago.  He is not to tell anyone about this.  Levine understands.  Joseph’s brother has radiation poisoning and he needs treatment.  It’s quite advanced and Levine isn’t sure what he can do.  Joseph threatens that he had better do something for his family’s sake.  Levine wants to know what kind of materials he was exposed to.  Joseph says uranium variant isotope, weapons grade 235.  The doctor looks unnerved by this. 
Jack is still following the vehicle with Renee in the trunk.  Tac team is 3 minutes out and they are all aware that Renee is in the trunk.  They are only to engage on Hastings command.  Hastings tells Jack that if they engage now the op is over, Jack snaps that the operation is over, they didn’t take the bait.  Jack wants to engage them on the surface streets or they’ll lose their tactical advantage.  Chloe says intercept will be 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Hastings gives a go and Jack is told to stand by for intercept protocols.
Vlad tells the driver to pull over.  They have arrived at the water and some docs are visible.  Vlad gets out a gun and tells them to open the trunk.  Jack’s comm. comes back up and he can hear Zia begging for his life.  Jack tells Chloe he has a signal again.  Renee tells Zia to shut up, it’s not going to do any good.  Jack says something is wrong, it sounds like they’ve stopped but the vehicle he is following is still going south.  Chloe’s seeing what Jack is seeing, Jack figures they have left in another vehicle, “Find it.”  Chloe pulls up the satellite and Hastings has the tac teams stand by. 
Chloe finds what she’s looking for; another car left the garage 5 minutes after the first one.  Jack is following a decoy.  Jack yells, “Are you kidding me?”  Chloe apologizes and Jack snaps, “Just tell me where they are.”
Vlad wants Renee and Zia taken down to the water.
In the split screen we see Hassan, Dana, Farhad, what’s happening at the water, Oleg and Joseph, and Jack.
Chloe has a GPS lock, they’re pulled off at Newton Creek.  The tac team is 10 minutes out and Jack tells them to move it and he wants to be put back on Renee’s comm.  “Dammit!”  he yells as he pulls a tire-squealing u-turn in the middle of the street.  Jack speaks to Renee, he knows she can hear him.  He explains that Vlad had them following a decoy and the tac team is 10 minutes out.  Jack is on his way now and he tells Renee to do whatever she has to do buy time.
Renee looks relatively upset by this and Vlad tells her and Zia to get on their knees.  Zia pleads that Renee came to him, Vlad tells him to shut his mouth.  He turns to Renee and he’s giving her one last chance to tell him what’s going on.  Renee looks at Vlad and Zia continues to babble that he swears on his life, he had no idea what was going on.  Vlad shoots Zia with two bullets and Jack pops into the picture yelling, “No!”  In a panic he tries to raise Renee by calling her name.  Vlad tells her, “It’s amazing, you didn’t even blink.”  Jack calms down somewhat but Vlad puts a gun to Renee’s head.  She closes her eyes and calmly says, “Go ahead, just get it over with.”  Jack reappears on the screen and he asks, “Renee?  What the hell are you doing?”  Renee challenges him to pull the damn trigger.  Vlad wants to know who she really is.  Renee asks if he wants to know who she really is.  Vlad isn’t playing a game, he calls her Renee or whatever her name is.  Renee will tell him the truth, ‘You were right, I am sick.  I am so sick of living like this.’  A tear falls and she continues, ‘the truth is, even if you let me walk right now, I have nowhere to go and no one to go to.’  Jack is silently listening and reacting to Renee’s words.  Renee closes her eyes and tells Vlad, ‘You don’t want to do this deal, fine.  Then you might as well just kill me because this deal is the only thing I have.’  Jack quietly begs, “Renee, please don’t do this, please.”  Renee continues to Vlad, ‘You won’t be doing anything I haven’t already tried myself.  Do it.’  She says.  He doesn’t move and she commands, “Do it!  Pull the trigger!”  Jack is pained hearing this and Vlad moves the gun even closer to Renee’s head.  He pauses with it right on her but then releases the hammer and puts it down.  He shakes his head and says he had to be sure.
Jack closes his eyes briefly and looks down.  Vlad asks Renee, “you understand, right?”  Renee does.  Vlad instructs them to dump Zia in the river.
Hastings tells Jack that the tac teams are almost there, he asks for a status.  Jack is speechless and Chloe calls Jack again if he’s there.  Voice gravelly he says he copies, tell the tac teams to stand down.  Chloe is puzzled and asks what’s going on.  Jack says Renee’s in, they bought her cover.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

-I’m glad they gave Hassan’s country a name instead of me just having to call it “Hassan’s country” all season.
-Oleg looks pretty rough.  He seems to volley between looking to be minutes from death and looking relatively okay.  At the beginning: Minutes from death. I  was wondering why Joseph would even bother with a doctor.
-Bazhaev is one bad ass guy to let his own son die for the sake of keeping his plan in order.
-Yulana sounds and types a lot like Yelena, Nina Meyers’ alter ego.
-Farhad is creepy.  He’s even creepier shut in that room with 2 women for 5 hours.  Although, he doesn’t seem to get to it too quickly, we see him fully dressed after one of the commercials.
-What IS that that Jack poured onto Zia’s hand? 
-I could have gone without seeing Zia’s thumb again on the floor, as well as seeing the stump that used to be there.
-As much as Zia is a sick psycho (Especially if he likes 13 year old girls), I think his accent is hilarious.
-It seems somewhat contradictory for Jack to be qualifying people as ‘unstable’.  He has been the master of unstable from the end of season 1 until, oh, let’s see, the end of season 7?  It look him a lot longer to ‘come out the other side’ than Renee probably will take.
-Sooo, Zia DOESN’T hear Jack talking?  He was basically awake when Jack was talking.
-Line of the week on simple delivery: Zia to Renee: “YOU CUT OFF THUMB!”  I’m laughing just thinking about it.
-He also gets extra points for using the phrase ‘Crazy bitch.’  I just think it’s hilarious, and I don’t know why.
-Well, I’m glad that Renee is driving and not letting thumbless (and bloodless) doing the work.
-Although Hastings has been a pain in the ass until now, I was impressed that he didn’t 3rd degree Jack on how they don’t have to worry about the probation thing.
-Good thing Zia’s not all there, Jack does the worst ‘covert’ tail ever on Renee and Zia.
-I am 110% done with Dana and Kevin.  Like, seriously over it.
-So, Dana gets up and takes off BEFORE she has completed the cover for Jack, she leaves Alro  the porno to cover it.  Isn’t that abandonment?  Treason?  She risks Jack’s life for her own thing here.  She’s gotta go.  If Kevin screws with her, she loses her fiancé, if she doesn’t do her job here, Jack loses his life.
-Too bad I didn’t get a summary done before for the last couple.  I SO called the ‘Kevin is involved in a murder, and so is Dana’ thing.  I was betting he took the fall for her but it sounds like she went to jail too.
-Epic fail of the week: CTU security, AGAIN.  Did they just re-hire the same clowns from before?  The ones that hired Nina Myers and every other mole we’ve had?  There’s no way she’d be able to get through security for that job.
-WHY would someone like Dana go through all the work of creating a fake life up until this point to work at CTU as a regular menial job?  Why didn’t she just get a job at WalMart or something?   What’s the ulterior motive here because that’s a lot of work for a job.  Why this job?  Anyone got some mole betting money?
-Although I’ve never been involved in anything like this, Arlo should be sued for harassment.  Why is she putting up with him?  Is there something we don’t know and is it relevant to the above point?
-It would have been hilarious if Kanin and Taylor were talking to each other on the phone.
-Although the rods aren’t technically nukes, it sure feels like nukes, or less urgent nukes because there’s no threat of immediate damage/catastrophe/loss of life if the rods aren’t found.  It would take a while to rig them up.  I sense we’re going to find out though.
-And the expression that Taylor shows when Weiss tells her that the uranium is in the US is why Cherry Jones won an emmy for this role last season.
-Zia calmed down quite well after the thumb incident.  He looks quite comfortable there with the bottle in the front of the car.
-Although Zia was a slimebag, he did offer some comic relief.
-IT didn’t take Hassan 10 minutes to get to Taylor.  He was probably pulling in the parking garage when they were speaking for him to get up there that fast.
-I don’t know why but I’m finding myself kind of attached to the brother storyline.  I don’t know why.  It’s basically irrelevant to everything else right now but I think they are both excellent actors doing a great job with a basically useless role right now.
-Speaking of useless roles, Hassan’s daughter is one that I’m not liking.  The wife, on the other hand, is doing an excellent job.
-The exchange between Hassan and Nadia is so well played, wow.  Right up to the last shot of Hassan standing there watching her leave.  Very well done.
-Jack’s concern for Renee and this op is cute, and touching, but not enough to keep me nailed to my seat.  Jack following Renee around like a lost puppy isn’t 24.
-Although, Renee calling Zia a ‘drama queen’ was pretty darn funny.
-Ernst?  No offence to any Ernst’s out there but....
-No beating around the bush with Vlad and Zia, huh?
-I wonder what reason Lugo has to not trust Renee.  Is he just smarter than the others or did she tip him off somehow when she was under cover?
-Blah blah blah, Dana getting blackmailed into doing something she shouldn’t because she’s indebted to her ex-boyfriend who knows her secrets.  Do I care what those secrets are right now?  Not in the least.
-There was something weird in the line where Jack tells Renee to listen to his voice and he’ll get her though it.  It just seemed weird.
-Well, I guess that clarifies what some thought was the ambiguous scars on Renee’s wrist from episode 4.  It was pretty apparent to me, but some thought it was something other than attempted suicide.
-Speaking of that, Renee is an ex agent will all kinds of access to nasty stuff, and she chooses to try and slit her wrists?
-I like the tension with the unknown name, well done.  I don’t need explosions all the time, but it has to be exciting.
-I was shocked to hear Jack assess the operation as ‘blown up’ without it physically blowing up, you know, like with fire and bombs and such.
-Jack had 2 great dammits in this ep.
-I thought for sure we were in for some soap-operatic thing about the doctor and his sick son or wife or something when we had the wife on the phone in the office.  It’s supposed to make the story sadder if he dies... or something.  Anyone remember the port authority guard from last year?
-Although watching Jack drive around in a car for an hour and fret about Renee is downright boring, I did really enjoy the use of the split screens to tell both stories and see Jack’s reactions.  I would have loved it for like, 20 minutes of the ep.  For all 60? Not so much.  Jack didn’t even get out of the car this hour.
-I’d have shot Zia too, just to shut him up.
-How did they not watch the location to make sure there wasn’t two cars?  Seems pretty basic to me.
-Line of the week contender, Jack to Chloe: “Are you kidding me?”  - one of my own personal favourite sayings.
-Renee looks scared that CTU isn’t going to arrive on time, but I’m not sure why after the show she puts on for Vlad.
-For the record, I’m looking forward to Jack putting two (or more) into Vlad.  A revenge kill might spruce up this season a tad.
-Actually, I don’t think Jack has killed anyone since like, the second episode, right?
-My heart sank for Jack when he thought they shot Renee.  Just sayin’. 
-I’m trying to figure out what pushed Renee this far out anyway.  She was so anti-rule-breaking last year, I have some trouble believing that she was this much of a badass before coming to the FBI.  She was pretty green last year. If there were prior circumstances I would have thought they would have been intimated last season.  Moss died, but they weren’t married or anything (to each other), she lost her job for interrogating Wilson for effectively killing Moss – but in reality, it was all Tony.  Wilson had nothing to do with Moss’ death.  The blame was assigned to the wrong person.  Then she tortured him to get info but using the fuel of Moss’ death.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.
-Granted, Annie Wershing is doing an excellent job as Renee here.  She’s selling this big time.  BUT, I’m still here to see Jack.
-See, I like Jack’s reactions, I like he’s looking out for Renee.  But these comments are short because it’s the same thing for an hour.  I can’t say it 4 billion times.  On with the Jack-ness, PLEASE, because this feels more like an episode of the Babysitters Club than 24..

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