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Jack pulls up in the car and gets out, walking up the side of a building to look through his scope at Renee. He sees her still on her knees by the water and says he has a visual on her.  He is going off his comm for a minute.
Vlad asks if Renee is alright, she nods and he unties her. She gets up.
Jack tells Chloe to monitor Renee’s comm, he wants to talk to Hastings.  Hastings is right there and Jack says they need to pull Renee Walker out now, she’s a danger to herself and this mission.  Jack explains what happened a few minutes ago, Hastings thinks she was playing Vlad but Jack disagrees.  She doesn’t care what happens to her and that’s what makes her dangerous.  She’s like a bomb ready to go off and they need to get her out of there before that happens.  Hastings understands Jack’s concern but they can’t just roll up the operation before they find the rods.  Jack wants to arrest Latanan and he will make him talk.  Hastings is picking up Jack’s train of though and will not let him, CTU doesn’t do that anymore.  Jack argues for them to do what they do, offer him immunity or something.  Hastings reminds Jack this is the Russian mob syndicate, they are secretive and protect their own.  It’s highly unlikely that Latanan would cooperate.  Jack watches Zia’s body get dumped in the water.  He wants them to find another way, Jack will not let Renee die because CTU did their job badly.  He will not let that happen.  Hastings is willing to listen of Jack thinks of something but until then she needs to stay in play.  Jack is thinking hard, leans into the building and closes his eyes.  Hastings calls him and Jack offers, ‘I’ll find a way to get her out when I go in as the buyer.  I’ll stay under in her place.’ Hastings seems doubtful and Jack asks if they have a deal.  Hastings okays it if he can do it without risking the mission.  Jack gives his word.  Agent Ortiz is going to meet Jack at the staging area with a tac team, he will have everything he needs for his cover.
Renee is being moved and Jack needs to get back on comm.  Vlad says they will take Renee back to his shop and they will discuss this buyer of hers.  They get in the cars, Jack does the same.  
Dana is on her computer and Hastings says that Cole is ready to go as soon as they find the rods.  Dana is on it.  She’s looking through her computer and finds something, reads it and then takes out her ear piece.  She calls Kevin on her cell and says that she has something, Kevin and his buddy listen as she describes and NYPD lock up with money that has been stashed for 48 hours, 120 thousand dollars.  Kevin is happy and asks for a plan.  She says to go in and take it, it’s not a police station, its a warehouse with automated security.  She can talk him through it and she can get him a key card with the security codes.  She will meet him outside CTU in 20 minutes.
Arlo wanders over and asks about Dana’s situation.  She asks what situation and he reminds her the one she had to leave CTU for.  She doesn’t give him any answers and asks what he wants.  His system is lagging by 5%.  She will free it up for him and he offers his shoulder to cry on ‘or any other body part.’  She wants him to focus on running air support for Walker and Bauer.  Chloe watches their interaction from her station.
The car Renee is in stops, they are back at the warehouse.  They let her out but still keep hands on her into the warehouse.  Vlad tells Lugo to take a break, he wants to talk to Renee alone.  Vlad and Renee go into a shabby office.  She has Vlad’s attention, he wants to know about the buyer.  Jack is listening as she tells him about Ernst Muir, a German arms dealer.  Vlad has never heard of him and Renee says he worked in Asia and just branched out into North America.  He’s looking to buy weapons grade uranium.  Vlad is surprised and asks if she’s serious.  Renee says ‘very’.  She tells Vlad that someone in the Russian syndicate smuggled them out of the Ukraine and they are on the open market.  Vlad claims to not know but she says he can find out, he was always well connected.  Vlad always admired Renee’s ambition but she’s chasing a devil.  Vlad deals in AK-47’s and no one really cares, but nuclear material.  Renee assures him that the profit is worth it.  Vlad offers her the opportunity to work for him if she needs money, but she is doing this so she doesn’t have to work for anyone anymore.  He tells her to have a seat and questions how much money they are talking about.  Renee says 30% of the deal, which she doesn’t have to tell him is more money than he could possibly know what to do with.  Renee presses that Muir wants this to happen soon, they will have counter offers fast.  If Vlad doesn’t know anything, she can go somewhere else.  Vlad asks how much she trusts Muir and she tells him, ‘There’s no one I trust more.’  She’s been with him for 2 years.  Vlad asks for clarification on ‘with him.’  Renee says it’s professional.  She asks if he can help or not.  He thinks and agrees to make a few calls and see what he can find, but he will have to meet Muir and he needs a good faith payment up front.  5 million.  Renee says that’s a lot of money.  Vlad says the risk is in making the calls, and it’s nothing compared to what her partner is willing to poay for the rods.  Renee will ask but makes no promises.  Vlad says if they want his help that’s the price of admission.  They can meet at a parking garage at 12th and Market, someone will meet him on the roof.  Once the money is in the accounts, they will bring him there and they can talk.  Renee will call him.  Vlad says it has been good to see Renee, she’s going to make him start losing sleep again.  Renee will let him know what Muir says.  Vlad will give her privacy to make her call.  He leaves the room.
Renee walks to the other side of the room away from the door Vlad went out to a bathroom.  She starts looking in the cabinets and then asks Jack if he is listening.  He is, they are ready to wire the money.  Jack is going to prep his cover, heading to the staging area.  He will be 30 minutes, tops.  He asks how she is holding up.  She admits that it’s hard to be in the same room with Vlad, she calls him a son of a bitch.  ‘I thought I could handle it.’  Jack reassures her that he will be there as soon as he can.  Renee says okay.
Oleg is given a shot of morphine by doctor Levine.  It will be a few moments for it to kick in.  Joseph assures Oleg he will be fine.  The doctor pulls Joseph aside and asks what happened, how he was exposed.  Joseph tells him not to worry about it , just make sure he lives.  Joseph’s phone rings and he pulls it out.  Oleg asks, ‘Its him again, isn’t it?  It’s the second time he’s called.’ Oleg wants Joseph to answer it.  Joseph steps away and does, its Bazhaev, their father.  He wants to know why Joseph didn’t answer, it’s the second time he’s called.  Joseph explains they were in a tunnel, they are now stuck in traffic and it will be awhile.  Oleg is sleeping.  Joseph will let Bazhaev know when they get to the house.  They hang up and Oleg knows it was their father.  He reassures his brother that by the time he finds out Oleg has been treated it won’t matter.  He puts his hand on Oleg’s head and tries to comfort him.  A knock comes at the door and Joseph pulls his gun. The doctor says it’s the test results. Joseph threatens that if he says or does anything he doesn’t like, his men will kill Levine’s wife and daughter.  A nurse is there with the blood work and is curious, Levine forgot to put a patient name on the chart.  She offers to do it but Levine says he’ll take care of it.  She asks if everything is okay and he says it’s fine, he’s just working a little later than he expected.  Joseph tells the doctor he did well and asks what the results say.  Oleg has toxins in his blood that are causing renal failure.  The best way to help is a bone marrow transplant but that’s a 6 man surgical team.  Joseph says he needs to do what he can right here.  Levine has some drugs that will help flush it out of his system and the white blood cells might repair themselves, but it’s a half measure.  Joseph stands firm, his brother is not going to die.  He waves the gun around and tells the doctor to get to work.
Cole had been on the phone and hangs up. Jack is standing on the other side of an SUV, they will send him instructions on how to sire the money.  Cole has heard that they are pulling Renee out when they have confirmation they can get the rods.  He wants to know what’s going on.  Jack obviously doesn’t feel like explaining much, he wants Cole to just follow his lead.  Jack doesn’t want the team in close, Vlad’s men have eyes everywhere and they risk being spotted.  Cole tells Jack that he has done this before, he ran an op just like this in Felusia.  Jack asserts that he is in charge and Cole is to do what he tells him to do.  Jack hears Renee and Vlad talking and says that he has to listen to this, he steps away. 
Renee says she spoke to her buyer, they will be 20 minutes.  Vlad is happy, that will give them time to catch up.  He goes to a glass jug and asks if she still likes her single malt.  Not now and he checks that she’s sure.  He asks about what she said out there, about being tired of living and wanting to die.  He wants to know what happened to her.  She says it’s not important but it is to Vlad.  She tells him he doesn’t have to worry about it, she will make her deal and none of it will matter.  Vlad sympathizes, she’s not the only one who suffered the past few years.  She looks to him doing a bad job hiding her disbelief.  Vlad tells her, ‘It’s hard for me to admit, but I never forgave myself for what I did to you.’  Jack still listening in, he has walked up to a chain link fence and there’s a tennis ball embedded in it.  He pries it out and crouches down.  Renee says it’s in the past, forget it.  Jack bounces the ball, Vlad doesn’t want to forget it.  Jack bounces again and Vlad explains he had too much to drink that night, he wasn’t thinking clearly.  Renee has never heard Vlad apologize for anything it’s a first.  Vlad comes to her angry, he’s just trying to make things right, she doesn’t have to be such a bitch about it.  She stand nose to nose with him and asks, “Was I being a bitch?  Maybe I should apologize.”  Vlad half smiles saying she’s something else, she never backs down.  He calms down and says he missed their little arguments.  She sits and Vlad puts has a hand on her shoulder and then her neck.  He says she’s still nervous around him, he’s not surprised.  Renee says it’s not him.  Jack is steely while listening.  He tries to figure out what’s wrong and she says she’s nervous about the deal.  Vlad offers that there’s more here than just the money if she wants it.  She stands again and says she didn’t come here for this.  He is surprised asking, ‘Really?’  Of all people, she knocked on his door, he doesn’t believe his connections are the only reasons.  She says that’s his problem.  He warns her, “Watch you tongue, you might lose it one day.”  She tries to change the subject, Vlad said she could get cleaned up.  She is struggling to keep her composure and he points out the bathroom, there’s a shower.  She thanks him and goes in, closing and locking the door.  She leans on the door. 
Jack turns and tells Cole they need to move now.
(the bathroom also has glass walls)
Vlad goes out to his guys and he tells Lugo that the buyer has agreed to meet with them.  He is to take a couple of men.  Lugo has concerns about going into nukes and Vlad has no intention of doing this.  When he has picked up the buyer and the money is in the account, he is to kill the contact and they keep the money for themselves.  He asks about Renee and Vlad says she’ll be working with them from now on.  Lugo figures she’s not going to be happy they’ve killed her buyer but Vlad says she has nowhere to go, he can give her a reason t live.  Lugo will take care of it, he leaves.
Weiss briefs Taylor and Kanin that Hassan’s security forces are cracking down on the opposition and they’re not letting up.  Taylor is watching footage on a laptop and asks who filmed this.  It was someone for the BBC.  They discuss people pulling out of the treaty, if they lose support the peace deal will die.  Taylor wants to tell the delegates about what Hassan is dealing with but Weiss thinks that would scare them off.  Taylor is right, she needs to buy time.  Taylor wants representatives from all countries, she watns to speak to them herself.  She tells them not to invite Hassan, she wants to find out where they stand.
One of the security men come in for Hassan who asks what he’s got.  He went through the backgrounds like Hassan asked and they arrested 65 people but they suspect a family connection with a man named Jamalt, he’s cousins with a suspect.  Hassan orders him arrested and taken to their embassy for interrogation.  They discuss that he is a trusted member of Hassan’s inner circle but Hassan doesn’t care.  He was almost killed today.  The security worker hasn’t forgotten, he was in the car with Hassan. He agrees and leaves. 
Dana works on her computer and it’s searching. She takes out her ear piece and removes a key card from the drive.  She hides it with her phone and pockets it and leaves her desk.  Arlo sees her walking by and asks if she forgot about him.  He thinks he’s being funny by reintroducing himself and telling her he asked her to free up some memory on their auxiliary servers.  She is getting to it.  He asks where she is going now and she lies the bathroom. 
Once she’s gone Glass goes to Chloe and asks if she has noticed anything weird about Dana.  Chloe calls her Ms. Perfect.  Arlo thinks she’s distracted but Chloe thinks she might be avoiding him, she would have reported him to human resources.  Glass claims he was asking Chloe a serious question and calls her jealous.  Sarcastically, she says she’s jealous, ‘Won’t you stare at my ass as I walk away.’  She leaves and he does.
Dana shows up at ground level and lets the guard go.  Kevin’s van is there and Dana goes over to it, around the back.  She gives the address and key card to him and a com unit.  She reminds him that she is helping him do this but he is to never call her again.  They have a deal, he calls her Jen.  She goes back inside and Kevin gets in the van.
-Dan van
Arlo watches from his station what Dana is doing outside.
Renee wraps a towel around her and steps out of the shower.  She sees in the mirror Vlad is waiting in the doorway.  “You look thin.”  Renee will be out in a minute, Vlad doesn’t want to wait that long.  She is going to get dressed but Vlad thinks he’ll just have to get her undressed all over again.  Renee didn’t come for this but Vlad thinks that part of her wanted to see him.  Jack listens and Renee says there’s nothing to admit.  Vlad asks why it’s so hard to admit, she wants this as much as he does.  Jack is driving and listening to them intently.  Renee is not going to tell him again to leave her alone and let her get dressed.  Vlad wants her to come over to him.  He repeats it when she doesn’t move.  Vlad stares her down then downs the rest of his drink and throws the glass against the wall, shattering it.  Vlad yells for her to come to him or get out, he will call his men and the deal is off.  Jack is angry listening to this.  Renee thinks for a second and then steps closer to him.  Vlad moves in, kisses her cheek and down her neck.  Renee closes her eyes and says quietly that she’ll take that drink now.  He tells her to dry off and come out when she’s ready.  Vlad leaves and the door is closed.
Renee turns away and she is upset.  She looks in the mirror over the sink and Jack asks if she copies.  Quietly she says, ‘Yeah, Jack.’  Jack encourages that she doesn’t have to do this.  He will send a team and get her out now.  Renee has to stay under.  Jack can find another way, Renee thinks there is no other way.  She closes her eyes and a tear falls.  Jack urges, “Renee, don’t do this.  Renee.”  She tells him quickly to go meet Vlad’s men, she’ll see him when he gets there.  She’s going dark.  Jack protests but Renee pulls out the ear piece, puts it in the sink and then turns on the tap, washing it down the drain.  Renee again looks at herself in the mirror and then leaves the bathroom.
Jamalt talks with a British man about the peace agreement.  They talk about the risk of the conference falling apart.  The security agent comes and asks to see Jamalt.  They move away and Jamalt is told he is to escort him to the embassy to ask some questions.  Jamalt doesn’t think this has to happen right now, but it can’t wait.  He asks if he’s being arrested and they want to keep this discrete.  Jamalt wants to speak to Hassan but he gave the order.  They escort Jamalt away.
The agent steps aside and calls Hassan’s daughter.  He wants to speak about her father, they set up a meet.
Doctor Levine gives instructions for medication to Joseph for Oleg’s IV.  Levine says that the radiation can be transferred through fluids.  He asks if Joseph is paying attention which he is. Levine says the symptoms should start to subside in 7 to 10 days if he is getting better.  Joseph says they are going to leave soon to their country house.  The doctor gives Joseph what they are going to need to treat him.  Joseph tries to comfort Oleg and there’s a knock at the door.  It’s the nurse with the rest of the meds.  Joseph follows Levine and but when he opens the door it’s not the nurse.  Men come in the room with guns and shoot Levine.  They have their guns drawn on both the brothers and Joseph doesn’t put his away.  The lead asks him not to make this worse than it is.  Joseph ponders and Oleg lays back on the bed.  Joseph puts his gun down and calls him a son of a bitch.  The lead thug asks who else knows about them.  Joseph says it’s just the doctor, he’s sure.  Another thug goes to the IV and pulls it out of Oleg’s arm.  Joseph is told that their father send them to bring them home.  Oleg says it’s alright and Joseph comes around the side of the bed where they are hauling Oleg up and ducks under his arm saying he has him.  Joseph walks Oleg out of the room finding the nurse and a security guard dead on the ground.  The lead guy is on the phone telling Bazhaev that they found them, they won’t know they were there.  While they wait, Joseph and Oleg have paused and they hug before they head out the door.
Jack has changed into a white shirt with a dark jacket and round glasses.  He drives up to the rooftop, past Lugo and then back and parks.  He gets out and Lugo asks if he’s Muir.  Jack says yes.  Lugo asks if he’s from Germany and Jack explains that he grew up travelling with his father.  Lugo switches to German and says he’s never been there but hears the women are beautiful.  Jack answers back in German that he heard right but he’s too busy working to enjoy them.  Lugo accuses Jack of having an American accent and he says he went to university here and most of the people he does business with speak English.  Jack gets out a smoke and sticks it in his mouth before saying he guesses it rubs off.  Jack lights his cigarette and Lugo offers to speak English since German is such a dirty language.  Jack answers that they are such dirty people, but they are there and need something from each other.  Switching back to English, Jack asks if they are going to do business or not.  Lugo wants the money but he’s not getting it until Jack talks to Latanan.  Lugo is willing to field any questions and Jack is going to drive away right now if Lugo doesn’t get him on the phone.  Lugo gets his phone out.
On Vlad’s end it rings and Renee is lying on the couch in the office covered in the towel.  Vlad has no shirt on and answers.  Lugo tells him that muir is there and won’t transfer the money until he talks to him.  He gives the phone to Jack who ID’s himself.  Vlad asks what the problem is and Jack wants to know how long it will be before he gets his information.  It might be an hour.  Jack asks about Renee and Vlad says she’s busy.  Jack wants to talk to her but Vlad says he’ll see her when he gets there.  Vlad has nothing more to talk about, Jack gives the phone back to Lugo.  Jack moves to the back of the car, gets out the laptop while Vlad tells Lugo to kill him once they have the money.  Jack needs the account number and Lugo gives it to him on a sheet of paper.  The other two thugs watch and Jack explains he’s transferring the money through multiple accounts so it can’t be traced.  They’ll wait.
Vlad is on his computer and both him and Renee are dressed. Renee asks if it’s done.  He says not yet and Renee encourages him to start making calls, he’s good for it.  Vlad isn’t going to be making any calls, there isn’t going to be any deal.  Renee asks what he’s talking about and Vlad says that once they ahve the money they won’t need him anymore and they’ll be 5 million dollars richer.  Renee calls Vlad a son of a bitch.  Vlad is not about to get involved in nuclear arms trafficking.  Renee argues he can’t do this and Vlad asks if this man means something to her.  Renee has worked with him for a year and she’s not going to throw that away because he doesn’t have the guts to do this deal.  Vlad says it’s not about guts, it’s about being smart.  Renee closes in on him and asks if it’s smart to deal in small arms for the rest of his life.  She brought him the score of a lifetime and he’s going to piss it away for 5 million dollars.  She wants to know how long that will last him.  Vlad says long enough.  She compliments him that he’s smarter than this, that’s why she brought this to him.  She tries to convince him they can do it together, once they’ve made the deal and have the money they can stay together.  She takes his face in her hands and says they can start over and make their own moves, but she needs her buyer alive.  He pulls her hands off him and apologizes, this is the way he wants it.  It’s for the best.  She turns from Vlad and pulls out her phone.  He asks what she’s doing and she’s making a call.  He tells her to put the phone down.  He comes and grabs the phone and then Renee by the neck shoving her down on the couch.  He warns her not to ever go against him, she should know that by now.  He leaves her alone, upset and searching for something to do.
Jack’s laptop works and Lugo asks how much longer.  Jack says it’s almost done.  They wait until Jack says ‘there’.  Lugo sees it on his blackberry and the thugs get their guns out.  Shots fire but it’s Cole shooting them, saving Jack.  Jack takes out Lugo and he is on the ground, Jack tells him to drop the gun.  Cole takes off from his position as Jack asks if Lugo thinks Jack is stupid enough to come here alone.  He orders him to call Vlad.  Renee waits and Vlad’s phone rings.  She stands and waits for the result.  He asks if they have the money, is Muir dead and Jack answers, ‘Not exactly.’  Jack has taken out 3 of his men and is ready to take out the 4th.  Jack wants to know where Renee is, Vlad says she’s fine, Jack wants proof.  Renee looks relieved that Jack’s okay and Vlad holds out the phone for her to say something.  She asks, ‘Muir, are you okay?’  Jack is satisfied with that and Jack says that Renee told him that they were ready to take their organization to the next level but apparently she was wrong.  Vlad is willing to reconsider, Jack says he should consider himself lucky that he still wants this deal to happen or he’d be dead.  If he tries something like this again, they are going to war and Vlad doesn’t want that.  Jack tosses the phone back to Lugo and Vlad instructs him to bring Jack back there.  They hang up and Jack wants Lugo up.  He does slowly.  Jack has the gun close on him.  Jack instructs him to move slowly to the drivers side door.  Jack follows with his gun.
In the split screen we see Kevin, Dana, Joseph, Oleg, Arlo and Jack and Lugo.
Oleg is back in the room behind the kitchen and Joseph sits on his bed apologizing.  Bazhaev shows up and asks the thugs to leave them.  Joseph couldn’t let Oleg die, he’s his brother.  He’s also Bazhaev’s son, it’s not any easier for him.  Joseph argues that it would have worked, they were treating him.  Bazhaev accuses him of disobeying him, Joseph says he put the family at risk when he sent the men and killed three people, what will happen when the police are involved.  Bazhaev slaps Joseph and asks who he is to question his judgement, he’s Bazhaev’s first born and he should give him respect.  Joseph does respect him but he’s wrong.  The doctor said Oleg can be treated, he showed him how.  Bazhaev hits Joseph again harder this time and he goes down on all fours.  Bazhaev says there are rules, he kicks Joseph in the stomach and Oleg tries to move but he can’t get up.  Bazhaev reminds him to never endanger the family.  Joseph is on his back.  Bazhaev says to never disobey an order from his father.  Bazhaev pulls out a gun from his back and aims it at Joseph.  Oleg quietly calls ‘Papa’.  Joseph backs away from the gun and Oleg weakly tries to stop him.  Joseph begs for his life, backing into the corner before Bazhaev turns his back on him and points the gun at Oleg instead.  He says unconvincingly, “I’m sorry my son” and pulls the trigger twice.  Joseph leans over in sorrow resting his head on the ground.  Bazhaev grabs him off the ground and manhandles him to his feet.  He has called someone to pray for Oleg and when he’s finished, Joseph is to bury his brother.  He kisses him on the cheek and warns, “Never disobey me again.”  

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