8x07: 10:00pm - 11:00pm


At the UN building, Weiss talks with Taylor.  The vote was nearly unanimous and Taylor is worried that she is running out of good will.  They will continue tomorrow morning.  The British representative comes over and Taylor says she appreciates his support.  He wants her to explain what is going on, last time they spoke she told him it was a matter of national security but he knows that means ‘don’t ask’.  They agree that their countries have had a unique relationship, he is asking her to tell him.  She gives him permission to tell his prime minister and no one else.  The attempt on Hassan’s life isn’t the only item, there is unsecured nuclear materials in play.  Apparently a faction of Hassan’s government is so distressed by his disarmament that they have taken matters into their own hands.  It is on American soil and CTU is running an undercover operation to retrieve it as they speak.
Lugo drives with Jack in the back seat and a gun on him.  Jack gets out his phone as it rings, Lugo tells him not to make any calls until they get there.  Jack asks reasonably if Lugo is in any position to be making demands.  Cole is leaving the building and calling Jack.  They have lost him on the satellite but the money has been transferred to the account.  Jack will be there in a few minutes; Cole will set up his team.  Jack doesn’t think that’s necessary. Cole is concerned, after what they pulled already, is Jack sure he’s comfortable without backup?  He says there are other considerations, Cole asks about Renee.  Jack says yes.  Jack will let him know and they hang up.  Lugo asks what Jack will be letting the person he called know.  Jack tells him to shut up and drive.
Arlo has Jack on a traffic cam.  He is okay all things considered.  He can see him pointing a gun at Lugo.  Arlo asks if Dana wants him to run the driver through facial recognition.  Dana’s phone rings and she takes off to answer it leaving Arlo to mutter that it’s no big deal, it’s just unsecured nuclear matter.
Kevin is at the location in the alley.  Dana will walk him through it step by step but not now.  They still have 30 minutes before the next security round.
Chloe tells Arlo that Hastings wants them in his office.  Arlo wants to ask a hypothetical question, Chloe says it’s not hypothetical if it’s about Dana.  Alro asks if Chloe’s fiancé was cheating on her, would she want to know.  To Chloe, it depends on if the person who’s asking is a creepy stalker about to get fired.  They head upstairs.
Jack arrives at Vlad’s place with Lugo.  He takes the keys from Lugo and then gets out, telling Lugo to do the same.  He has Lugo put his hands on the roof and then he closes the door and grabs him by the collar and shoves him toward the building.  Once inside, Vlad and Renee are coming out of the office and when Vlad’s thugs see Jack, they raise their guns.  Jack is angry asking if this is how Vlad does business.  He wires him 5 million dollars like they agreed and he tried to take him out.  Vlad didn’t think Jack was for real, it was a misunderstanding.   Renee steps forward and tells Jack that Vlad has already started making enquiries about the nukes.  Jack wants to talk to Renee, he pushes Lugo toward Vlad and says it has to be alone.  He gives Vlad Lugo’s gun.  Jack moves away from Vlad toward the door of the garage and Renee explains to Vlad that he’s upset, understandably.  She gets the go ahead to go speak to Jack.  With Renee’s back to Vlad, Lugo says that this is their chance, they should take them out.  Vlad wants to do the deal and Lugo is unhappy.  He warns Vlad not to risk everything for a whore.  Vlad stonily tells Lugo that if he ever talks about Renee like that again, he’ll kill him. 
Renee asks what Jack is doing; Jack has authorization to pull her out.  Renee argues that’s not possible, she wants to finish this and Vlad doesn’t trust Jack.  The only reason he is continuing is her.  She says she’s fine, really.  Vlad and Lugo are watching them talk.  Vlad calls he wants to make more calls, let’s go.  Jack tries to not give Renee a say, he is going to pull her out.  He knows what Vlad did to her 6 years ago.  She says it’s not a big deal but he insists it is.  If Jack pulls Renee out now, everything she has done will be for nothing.  Vlad has waited long enough, he crosses and gets Renee.  She tells Jack as they walk that they’re almost there, it will be worth it.  Vlad leads Renee ahead with his hand on her ass.  Jack looks sour as he follows them.
Dana has time to deal with Kevin.  She goes into a secure room and pulls up a schematic of the warehouse.  She gives them the go and code for the entry door panel, 1668.  Kevin can’t work the card so his buddy gets them in.  They’re in and have less than 20 minutes.  She guides them to the right door, gives them the code, 4660 and they get in.  Dana tells them the money is in 3101, code 2824.  They look around finally finding it only to have the wrong locker.  Finally they find it and she tells them bin 4301.  They find it, pull open the paper bag and find cash.  Dana wants them out of there; they have less than 15 minutes.  She hangs up and Kevin wants to leave.  His friend wants to go through the rest of the bins, they have 15 minutes.
Jack waits around while Vlad is on the phone.  He apologizes for troubling the person he was talking to and hangs up saying they didn’t appreciate being called so late.  Vlad tells Renee to cut him some bread and she gets up as Jack watches.  Vlad goes to Jack with a drink and offers it to him while he downs his own.  Jack holds his and cautions Vlad he might want to ease up on the drinking; he’s got calls to make. Vlad takes a refill saying he’ll drink what he wants.  He calls to Renee for the bread and its coming.  Jack drinks his as well as Vlad finishes off number 2.  Vlad turns to Renee and looks at her work with the bread.  He comes behind her and grabs her hands correcting what she is doing and adding all kinds of suggestion to the phrase the bread has to be nick and tick.  Jack stares, doing poorly to hide his contempt.  Vlad takes a piece of bread and comes back over to Jack eating and talking.  Renee has changed.  Six years ago she thought she was too good for Vlad but now she is much more friendly.  Jack has a stony expression and Vlad thinks he might have Jack to thank, all that time in Mexico City.  He tries to get a confession out of Jack, ‘I see how you look at her.  Don’t tell me you didn’t, Jack cuts him off before he can finish, if Vlad wants to keep talking, he should do it on the phone.  Otherwise the material will be gone and the deal will be dead.  Vlad changes his demeanour, that’s fine but he doesn’t like Jack breathing down his neck.  He tells Lugo to get him out of there and he’s running out of vodka.  Lugo and Jack leave the room and Vlad and Renee are left. 
Outside, Lugo tells Jack to sit down and he does.  Lugo heads out and tells another thug to watch Jack, he won’t be long.
Bazhaev has brought a priest, Father Gregor, to his dead son, Oleg.  Bazhaev puts his hand on Oleg’s head and says that this is his younger son, he wanted to bury him.  Gregor says of course, they will need to prepare a grave to do it.  Bazhaev is planning on doing it out back; he will have his men dig his grave.  He wants Father Gregor to make to right, to treat him like a soldier that died on the battle field.  Gregor asks carefully if that’s how he died, in battle.  Bazhaev wants Gregor to make it right, say all the prayers.  Where Bazhaev ends up doesn’t matter but this boy is with the angels.  His men will be with Gregor soon.
Bazhaev leaves them and heads to the back of the restaurant.  Joseph still sits in the room where Oleg was killed on the floor.  He’s not crying but he’s unhappy.  Bazhaev wants the man in the room to leave them and he walks over to his son.  He tells Joseph to get up but he doesn’t move.  Bazhaev crouches down and tells his son to look at him.  Joseph doesn’t move so Bazhaev says he wants him to understand something.  Everything he’s done, he’s done for Joseph, and their family.  Joseph speaks, saying he killed his brother.  Bazhaev loved him; he couldn’t bear to see him suffer.  There was no other way.  Joseph says there’s always another way.  Bazhaev couldn’t risk the authorities finding out about this.  When Bazhaev dies, he wants to leave Joseph and his family a wealthy inheritance.  Wealth will get them respect; he asks if Joseph understands that.  Joseph doesn’t answer, Bazhaev says one day he will, as Joseph’s son grows older, he will.  He will understand how much Bazhaev loves him.  Bazhaev calls Joseph his only son.  He hugs him, but Joseph still doesn’t meet his father’s eyes. Bazhaev says that Father Gregor is here to bury Oleg; he would like Joseph to help him.  Joseph answers, ‘He’s my brother.’  They will call when they’re ready.
Bazhaev is given a phone by a thug and told that it’s Vladimir Latanan.  Bazhaev takes the call and Vlad apologizes for calling and asks about Bazhaev’s family.  Bazhaev asks what Vlad wants.  Vlad has a business proposition, he hears there are expensive and dangerous materials for sale.  Bazhaev wants to know what materials, Vlad says nuclear rods.  Bazhaev asks why Vlad would call him, Vlad talks about the power of Bazhaev’s organization.  He has a German buyer, Bazhaev calls him as stupid as his buyer, no one deals in nuclear rods, no one.  Vlad says it’s a misunderstanding and Bazhaev warns not to call him again.  They hang up.
Vlad is discouraged but Renee is over his shoulder.  She says that Bazhaev was jealous he’s not in on the deal.  Renee moves closer to Vlad and he tries kissing her.  She puts him off to later, he needs to make more calls.  She opens up the phone and wants him to start dialling.
Bazhaev tells Joseph that there’s a problem Vladimir Latanan knows about the rods. Joseph wants to know what to do.  Bazhaev calls a truck, a man in the back answers his cell phone.  Bazhaev gives the order to stop, he knows where to go.  It will put them behind schedule.  Bazhaev hangs up and the man in the back radios the driver, Anton, and tells him to pull off, they’re stopping.  The truck is seen driving over a bridge in NY.
10: 29
Hassan works at a paper-covered desk going through them and cross referencing on his PDA.  Taylor calls him and reminds him they were scheduled to resume their discussions.  Hassan apologizes and starts to make an excuse but Taylor says that it is more important than ever that they complete their work.  They discuss him cracking down on his countrymen and Taylor brings up that he has arrested one of his delegates.  Hassan says it’s an internal matter and he reassures her that he will be released or charged soon.  They hang up and Weiss asks how Hassan sounds.  Taylor answers ‘Not like himself.’ 
Hassan’s security men come in and they talk about Jamalt.  Tarin, the  man in charge, did the interrogation himself and he doesn’t believe that he was involved with Hassan’s brother.  His cousin was the only connection.  Hassan wants to force him to talk, he has a wife and two young children back home.  Hassan wants them arrested and force applied to them.  Jamalt needs to talk.  Tarin stands and stares and Hassan gives him a chance to speak.  Tarin says they rallied around him because of his promise to end these kinds of tactics.  He asks him not to ask him to violate the principles they both stand for. Hassan is thoughtful and then thanks Tarin, with his wife gone he has no one to speak the truth to him anymore.  He sends him to check phone and computer records again.  Once he has headed to the door, Hassan calls back Arbir to help him pack up the files.  Hassan tells Arbir to forget what he just said, call the forces and have them round up Jamalts family.  Arbir tires to question the double orders and Hassan just asks if he will obey the order or not.  Arbir will and Hassan also sets him onto Tarin.  He might have his own reasons for not wanting Jamalt to talk.
Kevin and his friend Nick have made a mess of the storage locker.  Kevin wants to go and Nick pulls a gun on him demanding the money.  Kevin tries to talk his way out of it until Nick pulls the trigger, it’s a water pistol.  They head out but the cops have arrived.  Kevin calls Dana who excuses herself from Chloe and is angry that they didn’t leave 20 minutes ago.  She logs back in and sees them and the cop coming down the hall.  She finds an exit for them, Nick grabs a bat.  She sees the camera and what they’ve done and is even more upset.  They can’t get out the door she gave them, it’s locked.  They have to wait for the cop to be somewhere else and slip past.  They get by but he sees them before they’re out of sight.  Nick starts to hit the cop with the bat and kick him.  Kevin pulls him off and they run out, leaving the cop bleeding.  Dana hangs up angrily.
Tarin knocks on a door and Hassan’s daughter answers.  He wants to come in and she lets him.  Once he’s inside they hug and she asks what’s wrong.  He explains that Hassan has had people arrested, including Jamalt and he is using his wife and children to force him to talk.  She thinks it’s a mistake but he gave the order himself.  Tarin says her father is a great man and he respects him more than anyone he has ever known but Farhad’s betrayal changed him.  Another knock comes at the door and its more agents looking for Tarin.  She answers and they want to come in.  She isn’t going to let them and Tarin comes after a pause and agrees to be taken. They tell him the president thinks he is involved with his brother.  Kayla says there is no one more loyal.  He hands over his gun and goes with them.  They put handcuffs on him and Kayla wants to speak to her father.  He has given orders not to be disturbed, even by her.  
Jack waits and looks around Vlad’s garage, still.
Vlad hangs up and says that’s it, the last one and they know nothing.  It’s suicide to do this deal.  He thinks Muir wasted their time.  Renee says the intel was good and tries to convince him to keep calling, call them again.  Vlad snaps he said no.  She wants him to tell them he has the money.  Vlad’s heard enough, ‘Just because I like your face doesn’t mean I have to put up with your crap.’  They made 5 million, that’s a good night’s work.  She presses him, it could be 50.  He asks when she got so greedy.  She thinks it could be better and goes to get the phone.  He says no, no one knows anything and he wants her to tell Muir to leave.  She needs this deal and he says she’s there for the deal.  She asks angrily why else she would be there, for him?  Vlad hits her and she stares back at him.  He hits her again knocking the bread and cutting board onto the floor as she falls.  She grabs the knife and stabs Vlad in the face.  He screams and outside, Jack hears it.  He takes off running.  Inside, Renee is stabbing Vlad repeatedly with the knife and Jack pulls her off from behind.  She turns, knife still in hand, and plunges it into Jack’s stomach.  She realizes who it is, and Jack stands wide eyed still inches from his face.  She cries, “Oh my God.”  Jack grunts and falls back getting a hand on the back of the couch before falling down behind it, wincing, one hand on the knife in his mid-section.  He goes down on his back.  Lugo comes in and sees Vlad.  Renee follows his gaze and Lugo drops his drink.  Jack sits up and throws the knife at Lugo, hitting him square in the neck.  He falls back into the glass framed picture behind him and lands on the ground.  Outside the frosted plastic walls, Jack sees another thug moving.  He gets up and grabs Vlad’s gun off the floor.  He shoots through the plastic killing the man.  Renee drops to a knee, appearing to be in shock.  Jack puts the gun down and crosses the room quickly kneeling in front of her and grabbing on.  He says that it’s alright, it’s over.  She cries and he leans into her holding on and swaying.
Jack patches himself up in the bathroom with a piece of gauze and some tape.  He’s on the phone to Hastings and Dana sits nearby.  Jack explains about the calls and no response, Renee pushed and it got ugly.  Jack says Latanan’s dead, he attacked her.  Hastings asks if Jack took him out and Jack says she did.  Hastings is surprised, half an hour earlier they were having sex.  Hastings asks if she lost it and Jack says she was defending herself.  Renee listens but says nothing.  Jack says they knew he was violent and Hastings reminds Jack he’s dead on the floor.  Jack says they don’t have the materials secured. Jack wants to move on but Hastings has nowhere to go he was the only lead.  Jack wants to track the calls and check his computer.  Cole is on the way, 5 minutes out.  They are going to take the place apart.  Hastings tells him to do what he can and bring Latanan back for autopsy.  Hastings asks for any other good news.  Cole and Jack don’t’ have anything, he asks Dana and he repeats angrily.  They hang up the call and Hastings reams Dana out for not being interested in the entire operation going south, “Pull it together.”
Jack comes out of the bathroom and goes to Latanan’s computer.  Renee says placidly, ‘Thank you for doing that.’ Jack asks doing what and she says cover for her with Hastings.  Jack told the truth.  Renee says they’ll know what happened when they see Vlad.  Jack thinks and then comes to Renee, sits on the edge of the couch and asks what Renee thinks happened.  She continues to look at the floor and shakes her head.  ‘It’s like you said, I couldn’t handle it.’ A tear falls, ‘God, I’m sorry.’  Jack says it’s alright.  She shakes her head more, “No, it’s not.  I could have killed you.”  She’s made a mess of everything, she thought if she did this she could make it all right.  She could have her life back.  Jack kneels in front of her, gets close and says she can get her life back whenever she want, she just has to want it.  Renee doesn’t know how, she’s tried and doesn’t know how.  “I don’t have anything , anyone.”  Jack looks, “You’ve got me.” He says quietly.  He puts a hand on her neck and says to look at him.  He wipes a tear from her cheek and she admits, “I didn’t want it to end like this.”  Jack knows but they’re a lot farther ahead then they were 3 hours ago.  All the calls he made are leads because of her.  He wants her to let CTU do their job.  He moves his hand up to her face and asks her to let him take her home.  She nods slightly and says okay.  Jack hears a door open in the distance and stands up saying CTU must have been really moving, they’re there already.  Jack needs her to know, Vlad attacked her and she was defending herself.  She doesn’t know but Jack does and if they have questions he will be right there with her to answer them.  Jack is going to go talk to them.
He walks out past Lugo and away from Renee.  He puts his hand on his side and leans slightly in pain but keeps walking.  Jack sees men outside but they’re not speaking English.  He hides behind a car and once they’re gone he goes running back into the room with Renee.  He moves the body and closes the door saying that they’re Russian.  Vlad must have contacted whoever had the rods, they just didn’t want him to know.  He gives her his ear piece on the way by and heads to the bathroom.  He is looking for a way out but says he is going to let them take him.  Renee says they have to get out of there but Jack tells her that he needs to do this for everything she’s done so far to matter.  When CTU gets there he wants them to start tracking him.  Renee warns, “They will kill you.”  Jack says no, at worst they’ll have to vet him, find out what he knows.  That should buy them enough time.  Jack gets Renee in a closet and gives her his gun.  “This door opens again you start shooting.”  The Russians have come into the office and see the bodies.  The one in charge knows Vlad and asks no one in particular what happened there.  Jack calls from the bathroom, “Don’t shoot!”  He opens the door a crack and puts a bloody cloth and his hands out saying he’s unarmed.  He shows that he’s unarmed and get down on his knees with his hands behind his head.  They ask what happened and Jack sounds scared when he says they tried to rip him off, but they can do business.  The lead thug crosses the room to Jack who pleads, ‘Wait, no, don’t shoot!’  Jack says he will cost his boss a lot of money.  He’s alone, everyone else is dead.  Jack just wants to d business.  The lead puts his gun down and gives the order to take Jack.  One of them grabs him and leaves another checking the room.  Jack steals a glance behind him.
The one that stayed starts checking the bathroom and sees the door.  He gets close but then is called to leave.
In the split screen we see Renee, Kevin and Nick, Hassan, Bazhaev, Cole, the truckers and CTU pulling up.
Cole gets out of the truck with the rest of the team.  They find no resistance but enter the office.  Renee comes out after they are sending video to CTU.  She comes out hands first, Chloe says its Renee, and she’s alive.  He asks where Jack  is and Renee says the Russians took him, the ones that have the nuclear materials.  Chloe asks how, they’ve been monitoring and no one left the area.  Renee doesn’t know.  They appeared but Jack said they’d be monitoring from the air.  Hastings looks at the screens and sees nothing.  They have drones overhead the whole time, they saw nothing.  Renee asks where he is.  Hastings doesn’t know.  Cole relays the message
In a tunnel Jack is led by the Russians.  They put a hood over his head and load him into the back of a van.  They drive away.

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