8x08: 11:00pm - 12:00am

Dana walks through CTU and calls Kevin who is at a strip joint with Nick.  She is mad they didn’t call when they got clear like she told them.  She’s also mad that they put a police officer in the hospital.  Kevin doesn’t want to focus on the negative, they are up 120 grand.  He wants her to come down and get her cut but she doesn’t want a cut, she wants him gone like he promised.  Kevin looks over to Nick and says that’s not going to happen.  This operation is sweet, with her getting them the codes and them pulling the jobs.  He knows what he promised but they can get rich off of this.  Nick has come behind Kevin and takes the phone.  He calls Dana a bitch and reminds her she’s up to her neck in this and unless she wants her boss and boyfriend to find out who she really is she is going to be their golden goose.  He hangs up on Dana and walks by Kevin, smacking his ass and heading back over to the strippers.
Dana is left at CTU trying to get an answer and soon finds Arlo in the room.  He needs her on the floor and wants to know who she was on the phone with.  It’s not Arlo’s business but it is if she’s sneaking away to make calls and leaving him to cover for her.  He asks if it was Kevin and she starts to ask how he knows but then accuses him of spying on her.  He tells her that if she wants to step out on her fiancé, that’s fine, he has no love for the guy anyway.  She cuts him off before he can finish that she’s not cheating on Cole.  Arlo wants her to tell her boyfriend what’s going on, or he will.  Their undercover operation just went south and Jack Bauer was grabbed by a group of unknown Russians that might be controlling the nuclear rods.  They can’t find him to track him.

Cole is on the phone with CTU and explains that they took Jack out a back exit through a drainage system.  They have tracked them as far as an intersection but Jack’s cell was trashed at the scene and they lost him.  CTU asks if there was anything left at the site, oil leaking, tire tracks, anything, but it’s cold.  Hastings asks about Walker and over Cole’s shoulder, Renee is checked by a medic.  Cole says that she’s pretty messed up, she didn’t get a good look at them.  She is blaming herself for Jack being taken.  Hastings is blunt, he says she should.  They have no idea where he is and they have no leads without Latanan.  She is to be brought back to CTU for debriefing.  Hastings wants to know everything that happened.  Cole suggests that they run a psych evaluation on her as well, Hastings says they can count on it.  Hastings wants Dana to monitor the chatter and wants to know where she’s been.  Dana says evasively something came up.  Chloe listens as Hastings grills her about what’s so important.  Before Dana has to answer, Chloe pipes up that it’s her fault, she accidentally deleted some logs from archives and didn’t have the clearance to restore them.  Dana fixed her mistake.  Hastings accepts this and tells them to get onto their task.  He leaves to brief Taylor and Dana thanks Chloe for helping her.  Chloe can be thanked by putting aside whatever is bothering her and helping them find her friend who’s in trouble.   Dana sits down.
Bazhev chops some carrots, he has a variety of vegetables around him.  The men with Jack come downstairs and Jack is taken down the hall. Bazhev asks about Vladimir, he’s dead and so are his men.  This German said Vladimir tried to rip him off.  Bazhev asks how he knows about the fuel rods and Dmitri shakes his head, he doesn’t know.  Bazhev takes off his apron and puts on his jacket.  They head down to the room where Jack has been taken.
Jack is shoved down into a chair and they pull the hood off of his head.  He looks around squinting and adjusting to the light.   Bazhev asks who he is.  Jack introduces himself as Ernst Muir, he has been looking for Bazhev to make him an offer.  Bazhev asks if he knows who he is but Jack doesn’t, he just knows that a powerful man has been trafficking weapons grade uranium, specifically U-235 fuel rods.  After the nasty business with Latanan, the men brought him here so he can only assume that he’s the man.  Bazhev wants to know where Jack got his information and Jack claims to represent a consortium of private interests with communicates within the Islamic republic, the information came from Farhad Hassan or someone in his camp.  Bazhev reacts to this and Jack says they are doing business with the wrong people.  Bazhev asks who Jack is working for but Jack says he must understand, he can’t say.  Bazhev looks back at Dmitri and he walks forward and punches Jack in the face.  Jack hangs sideways and then says that Bazhev should be less concerned about who he works for and more concerned about the deal he has to offer.  Bazhev is not interested but Jack persists, 250 million, half now and half when they have acquired the fuel rods.  Bazhev moves closer to Jack and grabs a handful of his hair, pulling his head back.  Jack poses a difficult problem for him, he shows up out of nowhere knowing far too much about his business but he has never heard of him.  Jack says he’s never heard of him because he’s good at what he does.  Bazhev is concerned that Jack is a cop.  Jack takes credit for killing three people at the garage, Latanan he stabbed in the eye.  This doesn’t convince Bazhev who says as a child he saw KGB officers throw an entire family off of a building, two of them were children.  He knows what cops are capable of.  He asks Jack who he works for and Jack doesn’t answer.  Bazhev gives Dmitri the green light to work on Jack until he tells them everything.  Jack calls after Bazhev that they can still make a deal.  He yells, “NO!” as they haul him to his feet and Bazhev leaves the room.  Jack can still be heard yelling out in the kitchen.
Joseph comes in the kitchen and his father asks if he has buried his brothers’ body.  Joseph nods.  He takes a chain with a cross on it out of his pocket and gives it to his father.  It was Oleg’s necklace, his father gave it to him at his confirmation.  He offers it back to his father.  Bazhev tells Joseph to keep it.  He closes Joseph’s hand around it and says it will remind him of Oleg.  Bazhev is glad Joseph is back, they may have a problem.  Joseph asks what it is and Bazhev explains about Jack claiming to be an arms broker and he knows about the rods.  Joseph shakes his head asking how he could know.  He is claiming that there’s a lead with Farhad’s people.  Until he knows for certain who and what Jack is, Bazhev has stopped the transport of the rods.  He tells Joseph that they have been redirected to a weigh station.  Joseph is sure Farhad can’t be happy with this but Bazhev hasn’t told him.  Maybe they should tell him together.  Bazhev will hold off as long as it takes to break Jack.
Dimitri has Jack hung on by his wrists on a pipe from the ceiling.  His feet dangle a couple of feet off the ground.  Dmitri pulls over a battery and cables, used to jump a car battery.  He fastens one end to Jack’s ankle and says, “Okay, Mr. Policeman.”  Jack swears he is not a cop.  He begs Dmitri not to do this.  Dmitri looks to Jack and wants him to tell him what he knows.  Jack says nothing and Dmitri touches the other cable to Jack’s bandaged knife wound.  Jack jerks and grunts while he is electrocuted.
Hastings tells Taylor that they are looking for Bauer and until they have made progress on it they can only wait and hope that Jack can salvage this operation.  Weiss asks how they know he’s still alive.  The only thing they are going on is that he wasn’t killed at the point of abduction.  The odds of finding the rods within a few hours is getting worse the longer they are out of touch with Jack.  Taylor wants them to coordinate every 20 minutes.
Farhad speaks on the phone with one of his men.  Many of their men have been arrested at home.  Farhad asks why the general didn’t call himself and he is losing confidence.  If Farhad’s brother dismantles their nuclear forces they will not be successful in their mission.  The rods should be arriving within the hour, they need to have the men ready. 
Bazhev and Joseph enter the room and tell Farhad that someone has shown up there to outbid him.  Farhad remains calm and calls this a feeble attempt to renegotiate their terms.  Bazhev says the man’s name is Muir and he is claiming their organization tipped him off.  Bazhev is holding delivery for the time being.  Farhad says they can’t do that but it’s already done.  Bazhev can’t risk being exposed.  Farhad is now unhappy because it will give his brother more time to stop them and sign the peace deal.  If that happens, the rods are no good.  Bazhev’s concern is to make sure Muir is not a policeman.  One of his men is interrogating him.  Farhad thinks it could take hours, even days.  Bazhev promises it won’t be days.  Farhad reminds him that he also promised to assassinate Farhad’s brother and he has failed to eliminate him like he’s failed to maintain the secrecy of their agreement and changing the timetable to suit his needs.  Joseph pulls his gun and puts it to Farhad’s head.  He warns him not to speak to his father that way, they’ve honored every agreement they’ve made and they’ve shed a lot of blood for it.  Joseph’s father allowed him to stay there and hide from the feds at great personal risk to his family.  Farhad wants Bazhev to tell Joseph to put the gun down.  Joseph wants Bazhev to throw him out of there and let his own people shelter him if he thinks they are fools.  Joseph even offers to drive him if that’s what it takes.  Bazhev carefully says that he thinks Farhad has used up his hospitality.  He should go join his men at the rendezvous point and wait for the delivery.  Farhad wants to know when that will be, but Bazhev only says when it’s safe, and not a moment before.  Farhad leaves and Bazhev tells Joseph to make sure he gets where he’s going.
Cole arrives at CTU with Renee and Renee, Hastings, Chloe and Arlo are around the bullpen.  Hastings goes to Cole and Cole says they left men at the scene to work there.  Hastings wants Cole working with Arlo to find Jack.  They will do everything they can.  Hastings wants Renee with him and they head upstairs.  Renee wants to know that Hastings is doing everything to find Jack.  They’ve already tried all her suggestions and have nothing new.  Renee wants to know why they haven’t found Jack yet and Hastings says because their best lead is dead.  He turns on her and says he knows about her suicide attempt, she should have been honest with him.  Chloe is going to take her statement; he wants to know every detail of what happened leading up to the death of Vladimir Latanan.  When Renee is done, Chloe wants her taken to medical for a psych evaluation.  Chloe will do it and she goes and puts a tablet PC in front of Renee.  She is to write her statement there.   Renee is somewhat dazed and says that Hastings blamed her for what happened to Jack.  Chloe says it’s not her fault but Renee is putting the blame on herself.  Whatever they are doing to Jack right now is because of her.  They have to find him.  Chloe knows how she must feel but she needs to take one thing at a time.  They have to deal with what she did.  Chloe encourages her to write the statement.  Chloe will check back with her.
Dana and Cole meet up in CTU.  Dana wants to talk to Cole but Cole wants to wait, he needs to review some protocols.  Arlo can do it, he tells Cole to go talk to his girlfriend.  They walk away, Dana in the lead playing with her engagement ring.  Cole checks that she’s alright and she says she’s not.  She has a problem and it’s the reason she’s been acting kind of weird the last few days.  He gets to it and says if she’s calling off the engagement she couldn’t have picked a worse day.  She would never do that, there are just things about her past that she hasn’t told him.  He waits and then says there are things in his past he’s sure he hasn’t told her either.  He doesn’t care what happened before he met her, all that matters is now and what they have to look forward to.  She agrees.  She doesn’t want to lose him and he isn’t going anywhere. Another agent comes for Cole, Hastings wants to see him in his office.  Dana tells him to go, talking has helped and she knows what to do.  He wants her to maybe tell him what this is all about later on. 
Jack still hangs from the drainpipe.  Dmitri takes off Jack’s bandage and then pushes on the knife wound asking who Jack works for.  Jack writes trying to get away and Dmitri continues asking who else knows about the fuel rods.  Jack has no answer and Dmitri muses that everyone has a limit, he’ll find Jack’s.  Jack is breathing heavily.  Dmitri asks who Jack is working with and electrocutes him again.  He encourages Jack to tell him and the pain will stop.  Who else knows about the rods?  Jack swears that he’s not a cop, just a businessman.  He asks Dmitri to stop.  Dmitri wants to know who Jack works for.  He’s an independent contractor, he couldn’t tell him if he wanted to.  Jack is zapped again and passes out.  Dmitri smiles cruelly and slaps Jack to get him to wake up.  He turns his back to go to a drawer getting some inhalants to wake Jack up.  While his back is turned Jack opens his eyes but then closes them again, pretending to be unconscious.  Dmitri grabs the cables and comes to Jack again.  Jack uses his feet and shoves Dmitri’s hand into his chest, electrocuting him instead.  It’s held long enough for Dmitri to pass out on the floor.  Jack turns and looks behind him seeing water dripping from the pipe he’s fastened to.   Jack manages to swing his bound feet up as well and hold on, shimmying down the pipe nearer to where the water is dripping.  He kicks it hard with his bare feet trying to get the pipe to come apart.
Jack still working to get free by hanging on the pipe.
Hassan still has papers spread out and is drinking coffee.  He is paged but snaps he didn’t want to be disturbed.  The agent says his daughter is still demanding to see him and she refuses to leave.  Hassan allows her to be sent in. 
She comes in the room and he says he is in the middle of a crisis but she can’t wait, she needs to talk to him about having Tarin arrested.  She can’t believe he would think Tarin is working against him.  Hassan says he wouldn’t follow his orders and she reminds him that the orders were to arrest the family of a man Hassan considered a friend.  He tries to tell her it’s a matter of state and doesn’t concern him.  She argues that Tarin was in the car with him when they tried to kill him, he would have been killed too.  Hassan says there are many men willing to die for their cause.  Hassan knows that she and Tarin are friends.  She says they are more than friends, they are in love and have been for almost a year.  Hassan stops what he is doing and turns to his daughter.  He is angry she has been carrying on with him behind his back but she asks how he dares say that to him after driving her mother away with his own infidelity.  She begs him not to let Uncle Farhad’s betrayal turn him against everyone.  He can’t think of a better way to infiltrate his inner circle than to get close to his daughter.  He forbids her to see him again.  She is angry but he has to get back to work.  She asks what is happening to him but Hassan sits down and ignores her.  She leaves. 
Jack is still trying to get the pole he is hanging from to give.  Dmitri is starting to stir and Jack is kicking hard on the corner of the pipe.  Dmitri is almost conscious and Jack lets his feet hang and uses his tied hands to pull up and create more pressure.  Finally the pipe gives and Jack goes crashing to the ground.  Dmitri starts to move and pulls a knife to attack Jack.  He grabs his arm and breaks it and then gets his legs around Dmitri’s head.  Dmitri is reaching up trying to get a hand on Jack’s knife wound but Jack holds him off and eventually snaps his neck.  He takes Dmitri’s knife and cuts his hands and feet loose.  He pockets the knife and also takes Dmitri’s gun.  He frisks him and finds a phone.  He opens it up but finds it dead.  He swears ‘Dammit’ and tosses it aside.  Jack draws the gun and heads to the door.
Outside, Jack hears Bazhev talking and Jack opens the door and heads quietly though it, still in bare feet, blood on the top of his foot.  He closes the door behind him and Bazhev is saying he wants to hand over the rods to Farhad tonight.  Jack looks and sees a fuse panel close by.  Bazhev still talks, giving orders, and the lights go out in the restaurant.  Bazhev tells one of his men to check to see if the rest of the street lost power.  One of them goes to the window and says no, just them.  Bazhev knows it’s Muir.  He wants the exits covered and with flashlights out he wants another to check the fuse box.  They search around and the man sent to the fuse box makes it there and pauses in front of it.  Jack comes down from the ceiling and takes him out with his knife.   Jack grabs a cell phone from him and quickly dials CTU.  He hides behind a wall and Chloe answers the phone.  Jack ID’s himself and Chloe says everyone is looking for him.  He doesn’t explain but just says urgently to trace this call and send a tac team immediately.  Chloe tries to get information out of him but he puts the phone down on a shelf and walks away, Chloe calling his name. 
Jack makes his way up some stairs and through a kitchen. He sees a man through a window in the door between the kitchen and restaurant.  Jack shoots through the window at the thug taking him out.  Jack charges forward and Bazhev returns fire with a shotgun, grazing Jack’s arm.  Jack goes down and crawls into the dining room.  He gets up and launches himself over a table, firing at Bazhev.  He crawls under another table and Bazhev has seen him.  He shoots through a few different tables, shattering glasses and plates.  After unloading a few rounds, Bazhev leans down to look under the table but Jack is not hit, he gets up and shoves the table down on top of Bazhev, knocking him over.  Jack pulls the table off and takes Bazhev’s pulse.  He steps back and then sits heavily down on the ground.
Arlo works at his station and Hastings asks about NYPD.  They have secured the area and their response team will be there soon.  Hastings asks where Dana is and Arlo says she logged out about 25 minutes ago, something about a faulty relay at one of their offsite stations.  Hastings asks why IT can’t do it and Arlo doesn’t know, she said she had to reboot it herself.  Hastings asks about Bazhev and they are giving intel to Jack as it comes in.  Hastings tells the CTU workers that they have identified him as Sergei Petrovich Bazhev and they believe he knows the location of the nuclear rods. They are going to transport him back to CTU to interrogate him.  Cole is going to coordinate it from there.  Renee comes downstairs and asks if they found Jack.  Chloe says they did and he’s okay.  Chloe needs to take Renee to medical but she wants to be there when Jack gets back.  Chloe will let him know where to find her.
A medic is patching Jack up, he’s applied a liberal bandage to his upper arm where Jack was grazed.  He tells him that it should hold him for now but he’s going to have to go to the hospital.  Jack says okay and an agent comes by and gives Jack a PDA with Bazhev’s information on it.  The medic is trying to help Jack with his shirt but Jack thanks him and pulls it up himself while he gets up and moves away.  Bazhev’s pulse and blood pressure is being taken by another medic and Jack tells the cop watching that he needs to speak to him alone.  They leave Jack with him and Bazhev doesn’t acknowledge Jack right away.  Jack pulls up a chair and sits on it backwards near Bazhev.  ‘I knew you were a cop.  I should have trusted my instincts and killed you.’  Jack says he can add that to his list of regrets.  CTU has intel on him, he uses Bazhev’s name and says that at the very least they have him on kidnapping and murder and that’s before they rip apart the rest of his activity but Jack is only interested in one thing, the acquisition of the nuclear rods.  If he were to cooperate and help him it would go a long way to reducing what would clearly be a long prison sentence.  This offer extends to both Bazhev’s sons too, Joseph and Oleg.  Bazhev tells Jack that Oleg is dead.  He was exposed to the rods and became ill with radiation poisoning.  He was suffering and Bazhev admits to shooting him.  Jack watches, expression almost sympathetic as Bazhev continues, ‘As if he was just a sick dog.  I murdered my own son.  For nothing.’  He looks down and cries a few seconds before recovering.  Jack says nothing and Bazhev looks to him.  If Jack wants to know where the rods are, Bazhev will tell him but he wants full immunity, not just for him but for his other son, Joseph.  Jack doesn’t think he can make that happen but Bazhev is clear, then they have nothing to talk about.  Jack thinks for a second and then agrees to see what he can do.
Jack gets up and dials CTU.  Chloe answers and Jack needs to speak with Hastings.  Chloe says he is on a call with President Taylor.  Jack wants to be patched in.
Taylor speaks with Hastings about Farhad Hassan.  Hastings assures her that the transfer hasn’t taken place yet.  A voice comes through saying that Jack Bauer is on the line.  Taylor agrees to have him conference in and when he’s through, Taylor identifies herself, says that Weiss is there as well as Hastings.  She says that CTU has apprised her of his involvement today and she is sorry it has taken so long for them to speak.  Jack is grateful but wants to get right to the point.  The man they have in custody is willing to cooperate for full immunity for him and his son.  Weiss pipes up that they should give him a parade down Broadway too.  Taylor asks cryptically if there is no other way to get it out of him and Jack says he spent 12 years in a Russian Labor Camp, he is not going to break.  Jack can see it in his eyes.  Taylor asks Hastings what he thinks and Hastings agrees that at first it sounds premature but he will defer to Jack’s judgment on this one.  Taylor’s peace deal is going to fall apart unless she can show that she’s stopped Farhad getting the rods out of the country.  Taylor will give him the deal in writing, but in the interest of expediency she wants to be put on the phone with Bazhev.  Jack walks over to him and holds the phone out saying the President of the United States wants to talk to him.  Bazhev stares at Jack.
Cole heads over to Arlo and asks what is going on.  He is implying something about Dana and he wants to know what it is.  Alro asks about when she wanted to talk to him before, Cole says she had a problem but she’s going to handle it.  Arlo says it’s none of his business but he thinks she went to meet some guy.  Cole doesn’t believe it and smiles that Arlo is out of his mind.  Arlo pulls up the security footage from before and shows Cole Kevin outside CTU with Dana.  He tells Cole his name, Kevin Wade and he identified himself as a friend.  Cole doesn’t seem worried until Arlo pulls up a still of Kevin with his hands on Dana’s face.  Cole is disturbed by this but Hastings comes over to them and says that Bazhev has given them the location of the rods.  Cole is to meet the tac team at the helipad.   Hastings goes and Cole wants Arlo to find Dana.  All of the drones are committed right now so Cole asks about a cell trace.  Arlo nods.
Cole is walking and makes a call to Dana.  She is in the strip club where Kevin and Nick are.  She pulls out her phone and ignores the call from Cole.  She looks at Kevin and Nick with the women.  Cole leaves a message saying he doesn’t know where she is or what she’s doing but he needs her to call as soon as she can.  It’s important.  He says he loves her and hangs up.  In the elevator a rookie agent has a snap undone on his vest.  Cole does it up for him and he thanks him.  Cole tells him not to worry about it.
Hassan’s daughter walks down the hall to where they are holding Tarin.  Nabil, the guard, says her father forbids it.  He apologizes, he is just doing his job.  She reminds him that it’s the job that Tarin gave him.  He is Tarin’s friend.  He doesn’t know what she would have him do.  She just wants to talk to him for a few minutes.  Nabil can’t let her in now but they are going to be ready to transport him to their embassy in an hour.  He will find a moment she can see him before then.  She thanks him and he urges her to go before they are both in trouble.
Hastings at CTU says the NEST team is 2 minutes from the target site, they will wait for the signal to move in.  The truck they are taking has 2 armed hostiles.  Cole asks about just having them stand down since they made a deal with their boss but they might be hard cases and not roll over easily.  They can’t take the risk that they’ll flee with the rods.  Cole sees the truck and no sign of the hostiles.  The chopper is put down and other vehicles approach.  They check for radiation and there’s trace amounts but it’s safe.  They open up the truck and find 2 dead bodies inside and an empty crate.  Cole asks if command is seeing this.  There are no rods there and an agent calls Cole over.  He sees a gold cross hanging on the side of one of the doors on a necklace: Oleg’s.  Cole takes it and holds it up.
In the split screen we see Bazhev is sitting in handcuffs, Tarin being held, Nabil, Taylor, Weiss, Kevin and Nick leaving the strip joint with 2 girls, Dana in her car with a gun.
Jack walks out of a back room, he has changed out of his holy, bloody white shirt.  His phone rings and it’s Hastings saying that the rods aren’t there.  Jack tells Hastings to repeat and puts him on speaker in front of Bazhev.  Hastings does and Bazhev is confused, he sent them to the right place.  Jack is angry and they tell Jack and Bazhev that the two men that were guarding the rods are dead and there was a necklace on one of the side doors, like someone wanted to send a message.  They describe it as a gold cross.  Bazhev looks down and Jack asks what that means.  Bazhev finds his voice saying quietly, “Joseph.”
Joseph is driving and is on the phone.  He speaks to Farhad saying he has the rods.  Farhad is surprised; he didn’t think he would betray his father.  Joseph wants to make a deal and Farhad asks if Joseph is worried his father will discover it was him.  Joseph wants his father to know, in fact, he made sure he will.  Joseph will be there in less than 5 minutes.


Miscellaneous Thoughts
-It sure didn’t take Kevin and Nick long to find a strip joint, did it?
-Could you hear my eyes rolling when the first thing we saw this ep was Dana?  Other than that, I felt this ep was pretty strong.
-It’s obvious that Nick is driving Kevin’s motives for staying in Dana’s life.  I wonder if he has something  on him or if Kevin just want to try and play with the big boys.
-Sorry to anyone from the south, but Nicks accent makes him sound like a real hick.  (Hey, I have friends from the south, but something about Nick….)
-What was with the Nick-Kevin ass smack?  I was left thinking, ‘What the hell?’
-Arlo could be a field operative he’s so darn sneaky.  Other than the fact that he’s a jerk.  I don’t want him in the field – actually, it might not be bad, Jack might just kill him.
-I’m almost curious to know if there’s any basis to Arlo not liking Cole of if he’s just jealous.
-I am still shocked that I don’t hate Cole.  He seems like a good guy, boy scout, just doing his thing.
-Oh Chloe, constantly covering for others.  Not the first time we’ve seen that.  I guess that’s why Jack likes her so much, she’ll break the rules to do what she thinks is right.
-That sounds like a terrible assessment –‘We think Jack isn’t dead because, well, we didn’t find his body, so…’
-I can’t decide whether I love or hate Farhad.  I mean, he’s evil, but as a character I swing wildly between it.
-Now I see why Joseph was so forward with Farhad, he wanted him out of there so he could talk to him alone.  The offer to drive him was an even bigger sign.  I’m surprised I didn’t pick it up for sure.
-Renee at CTU just kind of flogging the ‘find Jack’ idea isn’t really to my liking.  She reminds me of Kate Warner, or Michelle to Tony. 
-And again someone that doesn’t know Jack very well, it would not take hours to break Jack.  Try months, and death.
-so, Bazhev, a mob boss that owns a restaurant has no legit workers actually working at the restaurant?  He has to do his own cooking?
-Lovin’ Bazhev with the apron too.  Nice.  Also, how nice of him to put his jacket back on to give the go to torture Jack.
-Am I the only one that noticed the possible cutting error when they interrogate Jack?  Dmitri punches him and Jack is sideways, then right away he’s back with no sign of injury.
-You gotta hand it to Bazhev, at least he was right about Jack being a cop.
-Jack is still Jack, but twice now he’s sounded almost scared when he’s been dealing with Bazhev’s people.  I wonder if it’s supposed to be part of his cover, but he begged for his life at Latanan’s and then sounded scared when they were ready to interrogate him.
-Oh, my heart just sank when I heard Jack calling ‘no’ outside the room.  It reminded me of Chase in Season 3 a little bit.
-Didn’t take Joseph long to bury Oleg, wow.
-I was really hoping that Joseph would end up flipping on Bazhev and being a good guy.  Guess that’s out.
-I’m surprised I didn’t see it coming when Bazhev gave Joseph all the information about where the rods were, but I was pretty surprised when I saw the cross hanging there.
-How did they get Jack up there?
-Ooh, ugly.  Electrocution.  Nasty. 
-How convenient for Jack to have an open wound.  Yech.
-Hastings does a nice job of making Renee feel worse.   Jerk.
-Ironically, Chloe is the one that makes her feel better.  Huh, weird.
-Over the Cole/Dana thing.  Still.  Done.
-I wasn’t aware that there was a good day to call off an engagement.
-Actually, Dana’s been acting weird the last few HOURS, not days. 
-Not sure why we had to see that scene with Dana and Cole.
-Don’t really like Dmitri going for the knife wound.  Although, it is convenient.
-‘Everyone has a limit’.  How many times have we heard that?  How many times has Jack actually broken?
-I really thought Jack had passed out for a second, but then Dmitri turned his back to him and I realized what was really going on.
-How com/e all that electrocuting Dmitri did to Jack just made him sweat but when Jack gets Dmitri he passes out
-What happened to the water that was dripping from the pipe?  There was no water in it when it broke.
-Also don’t really care a whole lot about Tarin and the daughter’s storyline.  Although, it might be interesting to see where it goes in the long run and what it means for Taylor.
-Hey, a dead cell phone – not something you see every ‘day’ on 24.
-also, Jack taking a bullet, even if it is a graze, is not something you see every day on 24.
-Chloe has changed quite a bit from the beginning of the day.  She seems to care now.
-Hey, we finally got to see the table thing, where Jack flies over it with his shirt open.  It’s been in the previews since the beginning.
-How did Bazhev miss Jack?
-Was anyone else confused the way Jack reacted after he took Bazhev’s pulse?  I thought maybe he was dead.
-How come there was no blood on the arm of Jack’s white shirt where he was grazed?  With the amount of bandage it must have been pretty bad.
-Jack actually agreed that he’d go to the hospital.  Wow.
-Also, not a big fan of the .05 second cry by Bazhev.  It was just kind of bad.
-Kiefer’s acting, though, was awesome.
-Weiss was funny.  He was wrong, but funny.
-Contrary to before, Bazhev does a great job when Jack says the president is on the line.
-So, no one at CTU has anything better to do than deal with Dana and her little boyfriend? 
-Agent that is in the elevator with Cole is so dead.  SO dead. 
-Jack looks better now, but who brought him his leather jacket?
-You know, I was just starting to like Joseph.  Crap.

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