8x13: 4:00am - 5:00am
"Refreshingly Redundant"

CTU is in the dark.  Power lines hang from the ceiling sparking and agents with guns drawn enter the CTU.  There’s an ambulance already on scene.  Agents are helped out.  Chloe is near panicking and goes to Hastings who walks down the hall.  She says central comm is totally fried and she tried peripherals, they’re down too.  Arlo tells him that he can’t get him an update on the drones, it’s all down.  Hastings asks dryly if that means they’re going to fall out of the sky.  Glass says no, they should default to autopilot until they run out of gas.  They’ve lost all aerial surveillance and nuclear detection.  Hastings has sent an agent out on foot.  He wants Glass to get him to contact the FAA, the drones need to be taken down before they crash.  Hastings leans over and shows pain for a second.  Chloe gets up and asks if he’s okay.  He reminds her that an EMP just took them out of play and there’s a radiological threat against NYC.  No he’s not okay and he won’t be until it’s over.  Dana comes and says that Kyla Hassan is finished in medical.  Hastings wants her transported so she can be evacuated with the rest of her family.  He will make the calls, he wants Dana to assemble division heads, they have a briefing in 10 minutes and they need to come with full damage assessments.  Dana reminds him the systems are down they can’t generate reports.  He’s walking away and calls back, “Tell them to use a pen and a damn legal pad.”   Dana exchanges glances with Chloe.
Jack makes a call to a man named Bill Holden at the NSA.  He has heard that Jack is back in play but Jack doesn’t have time to explain.  Jack tells Holden about the IRK splinter group bringing the fuel rods into the city and that CTU has been hit by an EMP.  He wants Holden to use satellite to track them but he has no birds over the metro area.  All aerial runs through CTU.  He can try traffic cams.  Jack gives the last location and that they are in a grey SUV.  He will call Jack if he gets a hit.  Jack wants him to shut down bridge and tunnel traffic into the city as well.  They hang up and Jack turns the vehicle.  Cole asks where he’s going and Jack explains that there’s only 1 way into the city now.  Cole finishes Jack thought: The East River.
The grey SUV drives near the water, lights off.  Ali tells Samir that the CTU is down, they have confirmation.  The uplink showed a pulse and now nothing, they are now blind, deaf and dumb.  They load the rods into a zodiac and prepare to move across the river.  Tarin watches looking unhappy.  Samir tells him that he realizes this is difficult for Tarin but Hassan’s daughter was a necessary sacrifice, using her was the only way to get the rods into the city.  Tarin nods but still looks unhappy as Samir leaves him.  They unload a metal case from the van.
Chloe is listening in as Hastings crosses CTU with Kyla in tow.  He explains that agents Beck and Henderson will transport her to the UN.  Hastings says that her father gave them a file of IRK operatives operating in the area and they need her to ID the men working with Tarin.  She doesn’t want to do anything until he tells her what’s happening.  Hastings explains quickly about the EMP and Tarin.  He tells her that Tarin is alive but she saw him shot.  He was spotted just a few minutes ago.  Hastings knows it’s a lot to take in but he needs her to go with the agents back to the UN and look at the files.  They need to get to them before they can carry out the attack.
Samir hangs up the phone as the others get the boat ready.  Samir tells Tarin that Aman has prepared the bomb.  It will be short work.  Samir’s radio squawks that a vehicle is coming from the east.  It’s a black SUV with no markings, there are 3 men covering it.  Samir says to wait for it to be in range and then take it out.  Samir yells to Ali, ‘Let’s go.’ 
Jack drives the SUV down the ramp with Cole looking though binoculars.  Cole thinks he says something through is infrared down by the water but it’s gone.  Jack wants NYPD to bring units down here and NSA on surveillance of the area.  Cole gets out his phone but can’t get through.  He seems confused as he says that he has 4 bars but the call won’t go through.  Jack can’t make a call either.  He thinks for a second before realizing that they are being jammed, they’re here.  Quickly, Jack starts the car and starts to back up as shots start to hit the SUV.  Jack yells for them to get down.  He tries to navigate a backwards turn while ducking and ends up ramming the SUV into a wall, it stalls.  Jack wants the two agents in the back to pass their weapons up front.  Jack tells Cole to take the sniper out and maintain their cover until they’re clear.  They need to unload all the weapons from the back of the car.  They all get out and take cover.  Cole hits the sniper and the other 2 agents unload the guns from the back. 
Tarin asks Samir how they knew where to look for them.  Samir thinks they must have followed them. 
Jack wants Cole to use infrared to call out the snipers as he sees them, Jack will take them out.  Cole starts giving positions to Jack and he shoots them.
Samir counts 4 men, one of them was the one from the hospital that talked Marco out of detonating his vest.  Tarin looks, he knows that it’s Jack Bauer.  At CTU he was one of their best agents.
Cole calls another position to Jack and he fires.
They still need to get across with the rods.  As long as they’re sure Bauer hasn’t warned anyone.  Ali says it’s not a risk, they started jamming communications as soon as they were there and now they can’t leave, not with the snipers in position.   Samir wants him to make sure none of them get out alive.  He will call as soon as they’re across the river.  He and Tarin move out.  They head toward the water and the boat and get in.  Jack is firing off rounds and then yells that he’s reloading.  The boat leaves and Cole sees them.  He calls to Jack and says they are out of range.  They need to find a way to get the information out, they’re heading across the river.  Agent Owen is behind the vehicle trying to get a radio frequency but they’re all jammed.  Jack spots a call box on the other side of the lot at Cole’s 10:00.  It’s got to be a hard line, they can call from there.  Cole doesn’t know how they are going to get there.  Jack wants to use the panels from the car for cover, he yells for Owen and King to start now.
The agents can be seen pulling apart the car in the middle of the gunfight.
Arlo updates Hastings that there were 3 fatalities at CTU and another agent was burned in an electrical fire.  He’s okay but they need to transport him to the hospital.  The basement is under 6 inches of water and the pumps are down.  Hastings asks if they can stop it or are they all going to drown.  There is a repair crew working on it.  Hastings wants another update in 20 minutes.  Another agent comes by and says that a team from NSA is there.  Hastings wasn’t expecting this and he goes to meet them.  Hastings shakes hands with Frank Hanum, senior engineer at the NY field office.  He says he understands they’ve been hit by an EMP, Hastings confirms and says he hopes he’s here to help, they can use it.  That’s what he’s there for, he brought his own team. He wants to restore aerial surveillance and communication first, he asks where the server room is.  Hastings says it’s downstairs, he’ll let his maintenance team know he’s there and they can put their heads together.  Frank would rather work with his own people but Hastings thinks that no one is more familiar with their systems than his people.  Frank can’t agree, he helped design this place and ‘I’m not thrilled with what you’ve done with it.’  Hastings takes the jab well but asks how they found out CTU had been hit.  Frank says Jack Bauer called them saying he was pursuing the people with the rods.  They can’t reach him now and they don’t know why.  Hastings ushers Frank into CTU.
Dana gets up from her station and goes over to Chloe.  She says they’re supposed to be doing damage assessment, what is she doing?  Chloe thinks there might be a way to tap in and get the systems running.  Dana asks how but Chloe hasn’t figured it out yet and she won’t if Dana keeps talking to her.  Hastings comes in and introduces Frank and tells them what he’s there for.  They have fresh cell phones and he will get them whatever they need.  Frank says they have been knocked down but he promises to help them get back up.  Hastings sends them to the server room.
Chloe asks Hastings if they heard from Jack and he tells her about not being able to get a hold of him.  She wants him to send agents to look for Jack but the area, 4 square miles, is too much to commit resources that they don’t have.  Chloe thinks it’s their best chance but Hastings wants eyes and ears back first and then they can find him.  If anyone can take care of themselves, it’s Jack.  He wants Chloe to make sure that Frank has everything he needs.  Chloe goes and grabs a phone from the man signing them out, not bothering to wait her turn.
Frank is working, he says it’s worse than he thought, 90% of the components need to be installed.  Chloe comes in and introduces herself.  She’s here to make sure they have everything they need.  Frank is fine.  She notices they are going through the CLR, they are going to have to build a brand new subnet from scratch.  She has a better idea, they should take it from the trunk line.  Frank says the way they are doing it is the only way, Chloe insists her idea is faster.  Frank calls it insane, it could cause an overload and wind up electrocuting themselves and burning down the whole building.  Chloe knows a workaround.   Frank tells her bluntly that they couldn’t stop the EMP from entering New York, forgive him if he doesn’t bow to her ideas.  He is there to clean up their mess, he tells her to leave.  When she doesn’t move he says he’s not going to ask her again.  Chloe obliges and shuts the door.  He gets to work.
Arlo works on something and Chloe asks him if there’s any way to get into the trunk line other than the server room.  Glass says no.  Chloe explains that she knows a faster way but the only thing she got out of Frank is that he’s a raging ego maniac.  Arlo figures that’s a prerequisite for engineers.  He suggests she go to Hastings but Chloe knows he will just shoot her down.  Arlo says maybe, maybe not.  Chloe answers that maybe the moon will fall from the sky.  She thinks aloud where that leaves Jack.  Glass asks what Jack has to do with this.  Chloe tells him ‘never mind.’  She gets out her phone.
On the other end, a cell phone rings in Jack’s hotel.  Renee is there and she’s looking better, more composed than the last time we saw her.  Chloe updates her as to what is going on and says she’s calling because she thinks Jack might be in some kind of trouble.  She says that NSA lost contact as well and Hastings is the one that told her but he’s not doing anything about it.  Hastings says Jack can take care of himself.  Chloe gives Renee the last location they had Jack and she is putting items in a bag while she talks. Renee will try to find him but she wants Chloe to direct her to him.  It might take Chloe a while because the repair team won’t listen to her about the fastest way to get CTU back on line.  Renee wants Chloe to make them listen to her.  She tells Chloe to do what she has to do.  Chloe seems to have an idea and says okay.  She will call when they are back up.  Renee grabs a gun from the bag and cocks it.
Dana walks though CTU looking for something.  A woman says that they are going to evacuate all non-essential personnel.  Dana needs a word with one of them, she sees Kevin’s PO and crosses to him.  She leads him away into another area.  She apologizes that it took so long, it’s been busy.  He knows.  She has bad news, the video he wanted has been erased.  He says that whoever helped Wade caught a huge break, it’s all been wiped clean.  She knows how much Kevin means to him and she wishes she could do more.  He asks for anything that could help him find Kevin.  She has given him everything she knows.  She hopes he’s okay.  He sounds doubtful but tells her that if she finds anything else, she has his number.  He hopes they get the lights back on and he walks away.  She hurries off in the other direction. 
Chloe walks though CTU and stops at the door to the IT room.  She collects herself and then goes into where Frank is still working.  Chloe has a way to deal with this, she has the workaround.  She tries to give it to him but he shuts her down.   Chloe wants to try one more time, they need to do this her way, they have agents in the field that are close to finding the rods and they need help.  He tells her to get out or he’ll call security.  Chloe pulls a gun and tells them all to get out.  Frank wants her to think about this, does she really want to do this.  Chloe says she doesn’t want to do this, he’s probably an okay guy when he’s not at work, he’s wearing a wedding ring, but she swears to God, if he doesn’t leave right now, she’ll shoot him.  She yells for him to get out.  She waves the gun and he leaves the room.  She opens a panel and disarms the door.  Frank tells another worker to get Hastings and bring security.
Shots are still being fired near Jack and Cole, they are holding them off.  Cole says they’re trying to flank them, Jack is almost there. Cole warns they can’t stay there.  Jack needs a second and then says he’s ready.  He tells them the plan to make it over to the call box.  They need to move slow and steady all together.  They understand and Jack says that they need to trust that this armour is going to protect them.  Jack pairs Cole with King and Owen with him.  They set up in two rows holding the armour on the outside.  They slowly make their way across while bullets ping off the armour.  King says it’s not going to hold up but Jack assures him it is.  The shots continue and King again says it’s not holding up, they need to go for it.  Jack says it is, slow down.  Owen is also panicking. King says they’re almost there, move.  He stands up to make a break for it.  Jack yells no but it’s too late, King is hit.  They stand and fire, Jack and Cole back to back, and make it to cover.  King is out on the ground grunting in pain.  They fire again at King and hit him.  Owen is worried, they can’t just leave him there.  Jack says there’s nothing they can do for him now.  Cole says they don’t leave their men behind.  Jack knows that they’re trying to draw them out, if they try and bring him in now, they’re dead.  The best thing they can do is try and make it to the hard line and call for help.  Owen doesn’t’ like this, King writes on the ground.  Jack gives instructions for cover and Owen watches King.  They shoot again and Owen watches.  He makes eye contact with King and can’t take it anymore.  He gets up and goes running out to him. Jack calls him but it doesn’t do anything.  They try and cover him as he pulls in King’s body.  Owen is hit and goes down as well but he is in reach of Jack.  Cole and Jack each pull in an agent and they lay them down.  Owen has blood on his face and is coughing it up.  He tells Jack he’s sorry, he couldn’t leave him behind.  Cole has King who is dead, but Owen can’t see.  He asks if he’s alright.  He asks, “Did he make it?”  Jack looks to Cole who shakes his head.  Owen asks again and Jack grumbles that he made it while he tries to find out where Owen is bleeding from.  He applies pressure and tells Owen to stay with him.  Cole says that they’re repositioning, Jack says to stay on them.  Jack looks around and then down.
Jack continues to work on Owen.
The Hassan’s wait and Kyla arrives.  She hugs her mother and says she’s fine.  She sees her father waiting and after a second says she’s so sorry.  She hugs him and admits he was right about Tarin, she should have listened to him.  He’s happy she’s safe.  An agent gets Hassan’s attention and says CTU is preparing a subterranean evacuation route.  If there’s an attack, he’ll be shielded.  They will leave as soon as possible, Taylor is waiting with the other delegates.  Hassan sends Kyla with the agents and Hassan is left with his wife.  She says that Kyla is strong, she’ll be alright.  Hassan laments that they almost lost her and he almost lost her.  All for a peace agreement that could fall apart at any moment, and it’s going to get more difficult.  She says there has been one thing that she has never doubted, what he is doing here is absolute good, he has to be strong too.  He looks at his wife and they leave.
At CTU Hastings, Frank and security come to the room where Chloe is.  They need to get in there before she can do more damage.  Hastings understands and asks how long.  The man working says a couple of minutes.  Frank says that Chloe was out of her mind, she pulled a weapon on him.  He asks passively where Hastings finds these people.  Hastings doubts that she was going to use the gun, it was probably to scare him.  Frank says she did a good job.  Dana shows up, Hastings wanted to see her.  He explains that O’Brien has gone off the deep end.  Dana asks what she’s trying to do and Frank tells her about the trunk line. 
Inside, Chloe works trying to set up the network.  She hears them outside and scowls but continues.  They get in and a guard has a gun out.  Hastings orders her to stop what she’s doing.  She puts her hands up and tells them not to shoot or anything.  She takes the gun and gives it to the guard.  She knows she’s in a lot of trouble but she needs 10 minutes.  Frank wants her out of there but Hastings wants to be giving the orders.  He tells Frank to shut up and let him handle it.  Hastings crosses over to Chloe and she says she knows she can get satellite and comm back up but she had to do it this way, “I didn’t want to.  I don’t even like guns.”  Hastings asks for Dana’s take and she steps out of the shadows and says he is right, tapping into the trunk line is dangerous.  Chloe reminds her that Cole is out in the field as well, isn’t she worried about him?  Dana is, she can’t go along with Chloe’s plan because it’s reckless.  Chloe snaps that Dana has never been her biggest fan, why start now.  Chloe appeals again to Hastings, she needs 10 minutes and if she can’t get them on line by then, he can arrest her.  She reminds him why he hired her: Because she didn’t think like anyone else.  Ever since she got there she’s been punished for that, but she’s been right today and she thinks she deserves the 10 minutes.  Hastings gives her the time.  Frank objects but Hastings offers any help.  She just needs to work.  They leave. 
Outside, Frank threatens that Hastings is making a huge mistake.  Hastings says O’Brien proved herself today but he’d appreciate if they stood by.  Another agent shows up and says that there’s a Bill Prady, a probation officer, there to see him.  Dana looks away and Hastings wants the man taken to a holding room.  Hastings tells Dana he will be in his office.
Chloe works with the lines, she pushes some buttons and seems ready, she takes her watch off.  Chloe radios Hastings and says she’s in the trunk line and about to bypass the system, if she doesn’t electrocute herself, some the systems should start booting up.  Chloe goes and sits down and gets ready.  She reaches out and pushes a button; lights on the computers start to come on.  After a few seconds, one of them sparks, but it seems to come up.  Glass has power to comm. And one of the sat links is on line.  Hastings radios Chloe and says they’re back on line.  Chloe tells Hastings that if he does find Jack, he needs to tell Renee Walker.  She went out looking for Jack and should be in the vicinity.  Hastings turns to Frank and tells him to see if Mrs. O’Brien needs a hand, “And be civil this time.” 
Jack works giving CPR to agent Owen telling him to stay with him.  Jack checks for a pulse and repeats but then gives up, ‘He’s gone.’  Cole looks away but then says he lost 2 of the snipers, they need to make a move soon.  Jack knows they can’t shoot for something they can’t see, he’ll go out shooting and Cole can make a run for the call box.  Cole argues that it’s suicide, he’ll never make it.  Jack won’t, but Cole will.  Cole can’t let Jack do that but Jack is in command.  Cole pauses and looks at Jack and then nods.  Jack wants a favour from Cole, that he makes sure Hastings keeps his promise not to bring Renee back in.  Cole agrees.  Jack says they’re not going to have long before they start firing on Cole and Cole wishes Jack luck.  Jack tells him, ‘You make it to that call box.’  Jack goes out firing form their safe zone.  He shoots at the running targets, Cole also fires.  Jack is exposed making his way across the lot while Cole has cover.  Jack takes a bullet to the vest and goes down, but he’s still firing.  A hostile is hit.  Jack runs out of ammo in his machine gun and switches to his pistol, sitting on the ground.  He gets a couple of shots off before he’s hit twice more and goes down to the ground with a gun.  A shooter is left after Cole and one more with his sights on Jack’s forehead.  A shot rings out and that shooter goes down.  More firing from Cole and Renee take out the last remaining shooter.   Renee is covered behind a wall and Cole yells “Clear!”  Renee looks back to the open space and sees Jack on the ground not moving.  She takes off at a run.
Cole has made it to the call box and pulls it open, dialling right away.
Renee is running flat out to Jack and gets down on her knees breathlessly.  She calls Jack’s name and pulls at his vest.  He wakes up with a start and grabs her arm.  She assures him it’s okay.  Jack is in pain struggling to take a breath and Renee puts her arm behind his head trying to help him.  Jack grunts that they’ve got the fuel rods in a boat, heading across the river into the city.  Jack leans in and gasps, “I can’t breathe.”  Renee tells him nothing went through and he leans his head back.  Renee thinks he might have a collapsed lung; she doesn’t want him to move.  Cole has made the call and he slides down at Jack’s other side.  He explains that he got through to CTU; they just got back on line.  NYPD is sending choppers and they still have a real good chance at finding them.  Jack answers, “Good” but doesn’t get much more out than that.  He gasps and pulls forward in pain.
Glass tells Hastings about the call he just got from Jack.  Hastings tells Chloe to move all available units to the shoreline.  He’s not finished with Chloe, he gets her attention and starts: “Thanks, you were-“  She cuts him off, “I’m not good with praise.” 
A chopper lands and Cole jumps in, out the other side Jack and Renee can still be seen on the ground as emergency vehicles descend on the scene.  Cole tells the chopper to go.  Renee has Jack in an almost sitting position, she’s holding him up and he’s gasping.
At CTU Dana walks still in the dark to the room where the PO is.  She takes a breath before entering and then asks what he thinks he’s doing going to her boss.  She wants him to leave but he can’t do that, he knows she’s involved in the robbery.  She say she’s out of his mind but he’s not leaving until he knows the truth.  He wants her to come clean right now, it’s not too late.  If she doesn’t come clean, he’s going to nail her ass.  She punches him and knocks him down to the ground.  She gets behind him and pulls out a string, strangling him until he stops fighting.   Dana sighs and gets up.
In the split screen we see her pulling out a panel from the wall, Cole in a chopper, the rods making it to the harbour, Hassan, Kyla looking through mug shots, Hastings and Jack being helped into the back of an ambulance by Renee and a medic.  He sits and tells Renee to contact CTU, see if they picked them up coming across the river.  He still hasn’t caught his breath.
Dana replaces the panel after stowing the body.  She makes a call and says ‘its’ me, CTIU’s back on line.’  Samir knows, a chopper is searching the river.  He thinks she should have warned him earlier.  She didn’t have time.  She was too busy preserving her cover but she doesn’t know how much longer she can stay under.  He thought she took care of the problem and so did she but it came back.  Samir can’t stay there much longer, police are probably cordoning off the area.  He is going to need her help getting clear.  Dana will get him out of there, she’ll call in a few minutes.  She leaves the room.  Samir and Tarin get in a yellow cab.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-I can’t help but be reminded of Season 2 when CTU got blown up.  Not because of the repetition, but because of the way it looks.
-So, if the EMP was just to take out electronics, what’s up with all the disaster at CTU?  I know there was a little explosive in it, but Hastings and Dana were right next to it and they’re both okay (unfortunately).  Maybe it’s just the line surges that made the lights go all psycho.
-So, is new CTU right underneath a medic station?  Those ambulances got there instantly.
-I love how Hastings sent out an agent ‘on foot’.  I guess there’s no other way but it just seems funny.  Is he taking a mini-satellite dish and a cell phone out in the middle of the night in New York?
-Hastings has this dry wit that seems very out of place here mostly because we haven’t seen it before.  If he’d been delivering lines like the planes falling out of the sky or drowning in 6 inches of water all season, then it would be hilarious.  Because this newfound sense of humor seems to have come out while CTU is in shambles, it’s not so funny.
-Should we be concerned about Hastings’ health?  He shows weakness for a few seconds there.  CTU directors rarely last the season.
-Line of the week contender: Hastings to Dana:  “Tell them to use a pen and a damn legal pad.”  
-Did anyone else catch Hastings checking his watch early in the episode?  Wouldn’t an EMP also kill that?  Maybe not, I don’t really know.
-Is it really smart to hand all of aerial surveillance in New York over to a brand new unit like CTU?  No control anywhere else.  Hmm.
-That was really easy to shut down the bridges and tunnels into the city.  Jack should be working for the guy at NSA, he doesn’t ask any questions.
-Tarin was a great UCO with Kyla and the Hassan’s.  He obviously had them all fooled and cared a bit about Kyla, but not a whole lot.
-Agent Henderson was one of the ones that was transporting Kyla to the UN.  Henderson?  Hopefully he’s not evil too.
-Cole was using infrared, not night vision.  When he sees Tarin leaving with the rods on the boat, that’s night vision.
-It took Jack long enough to figure out that there was something going down with the location.  As soon as Cole had no cell service it should have been a HUGE red flag.
-Not sure they could have put Jack and Cole in the field with two more useless agents.
-Cole really proved his mettle in this episode.  He showed that he’s comparable in the field to Jack.
-Again I’m going to pause and say that I’m shocked at how much I don’t hate Cole.  It might be just a comparison to how much I DO hate Dana, but wow.
-Tarin’s done his homework.  He knows who Jack is.  Although, not like Jack could exactly be an undercover operator after all the stuff he’s been through.
-Although, allowing them to think they can kill Jack shows that Tarin hasn’t done ALL of his homework.
-That must have been the longest, most uneventful gunfight ever.  How did they have the time and the space to pull apart the car when the bullets are whizzing by for half an hour.
-Right away Frank seems like a pain in the ass.  It worked out better than I had anticipated for him, though.  He lived at least.
-Technically, it’s Jack’s fault that the NSA shows up there. He needed help and it’s good that he called, but they got in the way.
-I thought the basement was under water, but that’s where the servers are and I didn’t see any water.
-Chloe made real good time though CTU, down and up.  This CTU must be smaller than the others.
-This has been the first real classic Chloe episode we’ve had all season.  From the time it started until the time it finished, Chloe was the Chloe we knew.
-Frank’s a dick.  Seriously.  Pun intended.
-I had an ominous feeling about Renee being at Jack’s place.  Glad it worked out okay.
-Although I’m happy that the Dana storyline has FINALLY advanced, did it have to take 13 episodes for it to get there?  Could we have moved it along a little quicker and with a little less pain for the rest of us?
-Oh Chloe, she of hanging around Jack too much.  Definitely a page of out Jack’s book.
-I love her little guilty spiel to Frank.
-That was a good idea for the armour from the armoured car.  Too bad it took so darn long.
-King deserved to die.  Idiot.
-Ever since Agent Owen first showed up on this show, he has basically had a target on his back.  This was a couple of weeks coming.
-What was Cole trying to prove about that ‘not leaving men behind’ thing?  Honestly.  He might have well have shot Owen himself and saved him the trouble of running out there.
-The character of King is an idiot, but the actor seems like a real nice guy.  He’s on twitter, his real last name is King, his twitter handle is madking.  He was very excited about doing 24.
-It was nice of Jack to tell the dying Owen that King was okay.  Is it wrong to lie to a dying man?
-When I first watched this episode, I was unhappy with the lack of Jack.  Now, though, on re-watch, I feel like it’s alright.
-I really liked that tapestry behind the Hassan’s, beautiful colors, looked great.  I wonder if they’re going to sell it off after the season.  It would look nice in my living room.
-I like Hassan because he’s a compassionate guy.  He’s almost been in tears a couple of times this season, including in this episode. 
-Frank gets comedy points, though, when he asks where Hastings finds these people.  If he only knew Chloe’s history.
-Line of the week contender: Hastings to Dana: “O’Brien’s gone off the deep end.”  Ah, Chloe LIVES off the deep end.
-Wow, Hastings turns into less of a jerk by allowing Chloe to finish.  Nice job.  We’ll see if he stays that way.
-Line of the week: Chloe: “I don’t even like guns.”  Nice, Chloe.  But she’s friends with the biggest gun-toter around.
-See, the difference between Dana and Nina Myers is that Nina was useful to CTU.  She did her job and everything she was asked and was a useful part of CTU, then we found out she was a mole.  Dana, on the other hand, has been useless all day and God knows how long before this.  What has she done that’s productive since this day started? She’s spent all of it running around with this Kevin thing, and then she gives input that would hurt Jack’s field op, stop them from finding him and the rods.  Even though her fiancé may end up dead as well.  She’s deep cover.
- I wonder if she was ever intending on marrying Cole or if she was going to blow her cover before the wedding.
-That’s a blatant and interesting reason to hire Chloe, she doesn’t think like anyone else. Few truer words have been spoken.
-Just when you thought the probation officer/Kevin storyline was dead it grows back two more heads.  I died a little inside when that woman said that the PO was there.
-Jack really came back in all the way, didn’t he?  He was ready to sacrifice his life to stop the nukes.
-That call box moved when Cole opened it.  Not attached to anything for real, guaranteed.
-Although I knew Jack would be okay (in the back of my mind, although I was thinking about Howard Gordon and his crazy ideas back there too) it was still scary to see Jack on the ground.
-Interesting that it was Renee who found Jack and went to him.  I guess they had to set it up that way.  It wouldn’t have been as dramatic if Cole had found him and he wouldn’t have been able to come off scared like he did when he woke up to Renee.
-I guess Jack thought he was hit.  The way he poured out the information really gave the feeling that he didn’t think he had much time.
-Cole’s little slide as he arrives at Jack’s side makes me wonder if it was an accident or not.
-So, Cole doesn’t even ask if Jack is okay, if he’s hit.  I guess he doesn’t see blood, but it is dark out.
-Jack took 3 to the vest, right?  Wow. That’s gotta hurt.  Also, those guys are the worst shots ever.
-Line of the week: Chloe to Hastings: “I’m not good with praise.” 
-So, I’d like to know what’s wrong with Jack, how bad it is and if it’s going to affect him for the rest of the season.
-My eyes actually rolled when we went back to Dana and her stupid PO.  It got marginally more interesting when she killed him and stuffed his body in the walls of CTU, but whatever.
-So, you’d think they’d have learned the first time that they shouldn’t put false walls in CTU.  They are only good for concealing leaked information and now dead bodies.
-She moved that body quickly.  Damn. She must have experience.
-When she first killed him I was thinking ‘How in the hell is she going to explain this?  How is this going to make it any better?’  Then she called the terrorists and I was like, ‘Ah, I get it.’
-If you’re going to go for a stealth and undetectable getaway in New York, a yellow cab will certainly do it.  Can’t hide much better than that.
-You know, although parts of this storyline are reused, they are presented in an interesting way. It's refreshing. Refreshingly Redundant. They should use that as their tag line. It's good.

-I like my anonymity, but I will say that there’s a character this week that shares the same last name as me.  I use my real name on Twitter and tweet with Rodney Charters, Marci Michelle, Annie Wershing etc and talk about the site.  I asked today whether it’s a shout out.  I’ll let you know.  And I don’t have my hopes up.

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