8x14: 5:00am - 6:00am


Choppers fly over the river, low, looking for Tarin.  Jack sits on the back of an ambulance pulling his shirt down with a wince.  The medic tells Jack that he has Grade 3 level bruising.  Is he sure he doesn’t want any painkillers?  Jack grunts that they’re wrapped tight, they’ll be fine.  He wants Jack to get an x-ray, he can’t know of his ribs are broken otherwise and any more stress can cause the lung to collapse.   Jack says that they’re not broken, trust him.  He thanks the medic and starts to walk away.  Jack is handed his vest and walks to Renee who is standing nearby.  She asks if he’s sure he’s okay, Jack says he’s fine.   She tells Jack that they found the zodiac sunk in Manhattan.  Jack wants the nearby chopper fired up and ready to go when they have a location.

Cole has intel that they have loaded the crate into a yellow cab.  Chloe can back the video up and see if they can track them.  She finds them loading 6 minutes ago.  Hastings over her shoulder wants real time tracking.  He calls Dana who comes across CTU holding up her lit cell phone and takes her seat.  He wants her to contact NEST.  Chloe and Arlo work on tracking the cab while Dana plays with her phone and then whispers that they have located them on satellite.  Samir is listening and they’re not far away.  Alro has NYPD on the way and Dana gives Samir directions to evade CTU’s tracking.  CTU is closing in but Dana is working on something on her computer and says on her mark satellite will be disabled for 30 seconds.  She does it and suddenly Chloe loses her feed.  She says the trunk line is out and Hastings gives Cole the last location.  Samir and Tarin work to get away.  Chloe is confused and looks for the problem.  Dana gives Samir instructions to get to 9th avenue and blend into cab traffic there.  The system comes back up but the cab is gone.  Hastings thunders, “Find it!”  They widen the grid but can’t find the cab.  Hastings is angry and tells them to check everywhere.  He leaves to speak to the president.  Samir wants the NEST patrol patterns from Dana.  Her instructions were to help him, not to blow her cover.  She will call him back.

Hastings briefs the President, Kanin and Weiss that the rods are in New York.  They have launched a search of the area they think the bombs are in.  They are doing everything in their power to find them but they don’t know if they are going to find them.  Hastings is sorry he has to tell them this but he can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan.  Weiss is angry, their first priority was to make sure that this didn’t happen, this is unacceptable.  Taylor gives all their resources to Hastings, they must find the rods.  They are going to prepare for the worst; all branches are to be ready for an imminent radiological attack.  Hastings leaves the conversation and Taylor wants Kanin to set up a situation room and assemble the national security team.  Hassan hasn’t been evacuated yet, he’s still at the UN.  Taylor thinks for a second and then says, “Get me Jack Bauer.”  Weiss nods and gets on the phone.

Jack is putting his bulletproof vest back on and talks to Cole on the phone.  They discuss the satellite going down at CTU, Cole knows what Jack is thinking.  Jack asks who was running point at CTU and Cole answers it was Chloe.  He asks about Jack knowing her from before.  Does he trust her?  “With my life.”  Jack answers.  Jack has a call from the White House, he will call Cole back.  Taylor asks Jack for a favour and he says, ‘Anything.’  She tells him that Hassan and his family are going to be evacuated from the UN and she would like him to supervise the operation.  Jack thinks he can be more helpful with CTU and the Secret Service is more than capable but Taylor would feel better knowing that Jack is on the job, Hassan’s role is more crucial than ever and she needs him alive.  Jack will leave for the UN immediately.  Taylor will see him when he gets there.  Jack hangs up the phone and tells Renee what’s going on and she says ‘Let’s go.’  Jack wants to do this on his own but Renee is not going through this again, she is coming with him, end of discussion.  Jack doesn’t answer and pulls his phone out of his pocket.

The cab pulls into a garage where a white van gets a commercial side panel.  Men are working with a blowtorch.  Tarin and Samir get out of the cab and a man working on the bomb asks if they have the rods.  They’re in the truck.  The man asks about Ali but he didn’t make it.  Tarin is willing to take his place as the driver.  They just have to load in the rods.  Samir calls Tarin over and tells him to get ready to leave. They are going to place the bomb as soon after talking to the president as possible.  Tarin looks back and sees them pulling the rods out of the cab.  He looks a little bit concerned. 
An elevator opens and Jack and Renee come out.  Jack introduces himself to Agent O’Connor, she shakes his hand.  They discuss the options to get Hassan out, they agree that it’s safer underground from radiological attacks.  They have 7 agents and 2 internal security plus them.  Jack wants to see the route and they will give it to him but Hassan wants to see him, he’s in the council chamber.  Jack will see them in a minute and he goes in.

Hassan is inside and he shakes Jack’s hand.  Jack explains about Taylor wanting to supervise the evacuation.  Hassan has been told and he’s glad for it.  Hassan is ready to move now and his wife and daughter are waiting for instructions.  Jack wants 10 minutes to prep.  Hassan muses that he thought he was going to be leaving the UN today in a peace march down 5th avenue.  Jack says his president still thinks that might happen.  Hassan hopes Jack is right, Jack is too.  He leaves.
Taylor is meeting the National Security Team.  General Brocker from the Air Force has set up 3 retaliatory strikes on the IRK.  Kanin reminds him that the Islamic Republic is an ally.  The general asks what good is the ally if the citizens can attack them on their own.  Tim Woods enters and says that a man claiming he has possession of the rods is on the phone.  Taylor asks if she believes him and he has details and is calling on a line that’s impossible to trace.  Taylor wants him on speaker.  Taylor ID’s herself to Samir and he says he is just going to tell her who they are and what they want.  They have the fuel rods in Manhattan and they have no desire to harm innocent Americans but they have a device with a radiological distance of 40 square blocks.  What they are asking for is simple.  They want the US to turn over President Hassan; he is a traitor and must stand trial for his crimes.  Taylor will never let that happen and Samir gives her 1 hour to change her mind.  Mr. Woods knows how to contact him.  Before hanging up he says, “Madam President, the clock starts now.” 
Taylor wants to know how many people would be affected by 40 square blocks and the answer is between 100 and 150 thousand.  Taylor wants Weiss to relay the threat to CTU but the ransom request stays in this room. She asks Tim to get ready with the evacuation plan.  Weiss pauses but then jumps into this thought asking if they are going to consider the alternative, the demand to turn over Hassan.  He argues that no one man’s life is worth the lives of 10’s of thousands and Weiss thinks that Hassan would agree.  Kanin asks if they are even having this conversation, but Weiss thinks it deserves a conversation.  Kanin thinks this would destroy their moral authority and this county’s unique place among nations.  Weiss asks about the alternative, the irradiation of all those people, real business, real homes, uninhabitable for 100 years or more.   Taylor is thinking and Kanin looks to her.  Tim stares at the table but then agrees, giving up Hassan is wrong but a 40 block wasteland at the heart of NYC is unthinkable.  Tim thinks they’d never be the same and Weiss argues that the country would crucify them if this ever got out.  Kanin stands his ground and Weiss argues that the role of any government is to protect its citizens.  Brocker pipes up that this could escalate, attacks on each other and entire regions could be dragged in.  Taylor clarifies that he was just advocating for retaliatory strikes but he says in the military they like to talk about facts on the ground.  They have changed, now they have a viable option.  Taylor sticks on the word ‘viable.’  Kanin shifts in his seat.  Taylor asks if this is the sense in the room, that his a viable option.  Taylor says they can’t trust these people not to detonate the bomb anyway, plus Hassan is a guest in this country, a partner in peace.  She will not sell him out those who they are determined to repeat.  Plus caving to any demand weakens the country.   They have 60 minutes to find these bastards and she believes they will, but if they don’t and the worst happens, she believes they will deal with it, “We will pick ourselves up off the floor and deal with it. Why?  Because that’s what we do.  Americans don’t stay down, we rise up together in times of crisis.  We carry on.”  She stands, they all follow and she asks if that is clear.  Kanin looks at Brocker and Taylor tells Tim to start the calls.  She leaves the room.

Dana wants an updated list of closures and check points from Chloe.  Arlo was working on it but she wants all of it together so she can plug any holes.  She will forward it to her screen.  Chloe watches Dana go and she dials her phone.  Samir answers and she says she’ll have the info in 5 minutes.  He says he spoke to the president and it was as he expected.  He expects her to give up Hassan but if not they will strike a hard blow against the city.  Either way the peace process dies. He hangs up and the tech says the rods are ready.

Brocker comes over and asks Weiss for a word.  Brocker though Kanin’s point was a good one about damaging the name of the US.  Weiss asks what he is suggesting and Brocker is suggesting a covert action to deliver Hassan but make it look like a hostage situation. 2 birds, spare NY and preserve reputation in eyes of the world.  Weiss is intrigued but it will never fly, the president will never go for it.  Brocker knows she won’t, will he?  Brocker is asking for Weiss’ cooperation for the good of the country.  Weiss says it’s too late, Hassan’s on the way there.  Brocker says it’s not, a team was mobilized in the event of a strike against the IRK, if Weiss gets the location he can have them redirected to intercept Hassan.  Weiss doesn’t have access to it; it was done through the Secretary of State.  He can get it from Kanin but Weiss says it’s sedition.  Brocker asks if he is familiar with the 4th Nuremburg Principle.  If the orders of the president are illegal it is their moral obligation to disobey.  Weiss asks if he thinks they are illegal and he says that her idealism is getting in the way of her role as commander-in-chief.  He reminds Weiss of his words about the obligation to protect their citizens.  They were his words, it’s time to find out if he meant them.
Dana works at her station and Chloe sends the information to her about the deployment to her.  Hastings comes and asks for their attention, the White House just received credible intel that the terrorists plan is to detonate a radiological device in New York City in less than 50 minutes.  Arlo checks his watch as Hastings continues that they all have friends and family in the city but he reminds them they are bound by law not to warn them.  It is still in their power to protect them and they are the last line of defence and that’s what they’re going to do with every second of every minute left.  He wants them to go through all their leads and sources one more time, find that bomb.  He leaves and there’s a sudden onslaught of talking in the CTU and rushing around to accomplish tasks.

Dana is accomplishing her own task, sending the NYPD info to Samir.  At the warehouse, Samir says he has the roadblocks.  He tells Tarin that he has a route avoiding checkpoints.   The fallout will include part of the upper west side.  Tarin will wait for his call.

Weiss and Brocker walk into Kanin’s office.  Brocker pulls the blinds while Weiss goes to the laptop.  There are 11 men, Hassan’s secret service, Bauer and Walker.  The president trusts Bauer and that’s why he’s there.  He’s not to be taken lightly.  Brocker assures Weiss that this is an elite team that has the element of surprise, they don’t stand a chance.  He hands a thumb drive to Weiss and says that the loss of life is regrettable; no one feels that more than a solider that has led men into battle, but they have no choice.  Weiss works on the files and the door to the office opens, Kanin enters.  He asks what’s going on and Weiss says he thought he was with the president.  Kanin was and wants to know what they are doing there.  Brocker lies that he asked Weiss to pull up the read protocols and they couldn’t from his computer so they are using Kanin’s.  Kanin sees the thumb drive and Weiss adds that they are also looking at Hassan’s itinerary to see if he needs military escort.  Kanin thinks and then turns but Brocker crosses the room and beats him to the door.   He stands blocking it and Kanin tells him to open it.  Brocker can’t do that.  He wants him out of the way.  Brocker doesn’t.  Kanin calls Rob who starts to talk but Kanin cuts him off, he thinks he has a pretty good idea what’s going on here.  Brocker tells him to sit down, there are some things he needs to know.  Kanin says there sure as hell are.  Kanin puts his hand in his pocket and we hear faint ringing as Weiss tells him to sit down, please.  We hear Jack’s voice saying that it’s Bauer.  They are walking through an underground tunnel.  Brocker goes to Kanin and reaches roughly at him for his phone.  Kanin demands he get his hands off him. Kanin goes for the door but this time Ron gets in front.  Kanin says, “This is beyond madness, the two of you will spend the rest of your lives in prison.”  Brocker agrees maybe, but his guess is one day the country will thank them for it.  Kanin turns to Weiss, “Rob, I’m begging you, don’t do this. Don’t betray your president.”  Kanin takes a little gasp and then heaves a larger one.  Weiss moves in with concern calling his name.  Kanin is clutching his chest and is in pain as he backs against the wall and then slides down to the ground.  Weiss is with him the whole way and Kanin goes for his pocket pulling out some pills.  He gets them open but has another wave of pain and drops them.  Weiss grabs one off the floor and puts it in his mouth.  Weiss turns to Brocker and tells him to call a medic.  Brocker steps over to them and says the first thing he’s going to do is call the President.  Weiss argues that he’s having a heart attack, they can’t just do nothing.  Brocker says they didn’t do nothing, Weiss gave him his medicine.  Weiss moves over to Kanin’s head and Brocker says he realizes they are close but this is not an emotional decision, it’s a tactical one.  They wait to acquire Hassan before calling it in.  Weiss wants to know what happens if he doesn’t make it that long.  “We have to pray that he does.”  Weiss puts a pillow under Kanin’s head from the couch and then stares at Brocker making a decision.  He agrees and then goes to work trying to help Kanin who is gasping on the floor.

Jack is walking leading Hassan’s convoy.  Renee lets Hassan know where they are going, the trip once they meet the convoy is less than 30 minutes.  Hassan’s wife and daughter are walking behind them.  Jack leaves a message on Kanin’s cell phone asking him to call as soon as he can.  Jack wants CTU to patch him through to McGuire Air Force Base.

Brocker is on the phone asking the soldiers how far they are from an access point to the tunnels.  2 miles.  They are on the move and Brocker says the objective is President Hassan.  They need to do what they have to take him alive. 

Jack tells the person on the other end of the phone to have Kanin call him back as soon as possible.  He hangs up and then calls Renee up.  He explains to her that Kanin tried to call him but now he’s not answering his phone.  The Operator at McGuire air force base can’t find him either.  He says to keep her eyes open, something’s not right.
Jack and the security team transporting Hassan bring the family through the tunnels, the vehicles are 200 metres up, they couldn’t get them any closer.  Jack asks the other agent if she walked the route, she did, its all clear.  Jack gives the go and Renee brings them down.  Jack walks and calls operations again, he is looking for Kanin still.

The operatives wait and see Jack and the Hassan’s coming.  They are given the order to put their masks on and take position.  They do and wait for Jack and the team to arrive.  The leader reminds them they need to take Hassan alive.
Weiss seems worried as he takes Kanin’s pulse.  There’s a knock at the door and a woman is asking for Kanin.  Weiss calls trying to be casual for her to wait a minute.  He looks back to Ethan lying on the couch and puts his jacket on.  He pulls the door open part of the way and she asks where Kanin is, Jack Bauer is on the phone for him.  Weiss says he’s busy right now but she says Mr. Bauer is persisting.  It’s very important and he’s holding on line 1.  Weiss will take care of it.  He checks Ethan again and then goes to the desk. He pauses over the phone for a second and then answers it on speaker identifying himself.  Jack starts to say that he’s in the tunnel but he’s breaking up.  Jack repeats he is under the UN and they are evacuating Hassan.  Jack explains that Kanin was trying to get a hold of him and now he won’t pick up.  Jack has been trying.  Weiss says he’s tied up with the Joint Chiefs and Jack asks if Weiss knows what he wanted to talk to him about.  Weiss claims not to know, it could have been anything.  Jack doesn’t believe so, he knows they are conducting a sensitive evac and it must have been important.  Weiss stutters that he’ll make sure that Kanin gets the message.  Jack needs to talk to him, now.  Weiss says it’s not possible but Jack asks sceptically, ‘What do you mean it’s not possible?’  Weiss is escalating, he snaps they are dealing with an imminent terrorist threat, “Just do your job and let us do ours.”  Jack answers that with all due respect, he is doing his job but Weiss has hung up.  Jack tells Renee, “Son of a bitch just hung up on me.”  Renee says they’re under a lot of stress, they all are.  Jack starts to answer, “I don’t give a…“ but then changes mid sentence calling back the agent ahead of him to stop.  He orders Renee to start walking them back, O’Connor and the others turn, Jack catches up to Hassan and apologizes, he is too exposed.  He checks his shoulder. 

Those waiting see they are turning back, they are given the green light to take out as many as they can. 

Shots ring out and Jack pushes Hassan down behind some stacks.  Agents are hit and shots ping off things around them.  Jack yells to Renee that he needs her to get President Hassan and his family back to the UN.  She asks about him and Jack says he’ll be right behind her.  He tells Hassan he needs to go and stands up lying down cover fire so he can move to his family.  Meanwhile, agents are falling all over the place. The hostiles get closer and Agent O’Connor is still firing.  Jack takes cover next to her and reloads while Renee gets the Hassan’s moving.  She tells Jack that his orders were to stay on Hassan, she knows what she has to do.  Jack looks at her regretfully and wishes her luck.  She says she’s ready and gives the go.  She lays down fire and Jack takes off. Once he’s gone they try and set up a trap and she gives the go for them to engage.  Two of her agents are taken down and after pausing, O’Connor steps forward firing.

Renee, Jack and the Hassan’s move away from the gunfire and Hassan pauses, he wants to go back and help the others.  Jack says they are buying them the time they need, ‘Don’t let it be in vain.’  Jack hustles Hassan forward. 
Weiss seems to be contemplating the unconscious Ethan on the couch. 

Jack, Renee and the Hassan’s are running trying to get away.  Hassan wants Jack to give him a weapon, he can handle a gun and fight with him.  Jack isn’t going to do that, he says his job is to protect Hassan so he needs to do what he says.  Kayla, running in heels, turns her ankle on the uneven ground.  They have to keep moving and Renee and Dalia try and support her and keep moving.  Jack hears the commandos coming behind them and says they’re not going to make it.  He tells them to take cover.   Jack wants Renee to start firing as soon as she sees them, it doesn’t matter if she hits anything, just make some noise. Jack tosses a gun to Hassan and tells him to take care of his family.  He checks that Renee is ready and gives the go.  They move up closer and Hassan stays with his family.  Jack pulls the pin on a smoke grenade and throws it up the alley and Renee stands shooting off a lot of rounds to make noise and cover for Jack.  The commandos shoot back into the mist and they move forward into the smoke as well.  Jack has taken a good position and shoots them.  More men are sent and Jack repositions.  They fire and Renee takes cover. Jack gives her a nod and she fires some more, Jack shoots another commando.  He pulls the pin on another smoke grenade and then calls Renee forward.  She takes cover next to Jack and he tells her he will take high.  He wants her to wait 5 seconds and then give him cover fire.  She nods and Jack jumps up on the side of the alleyway.  She does what he asks and he moves up closer.  2 commandos are coming closer and they shoot at Renee.  She ducks taking cover and Jack comes out firing at them.  He hits them and pauses to reload while Renee waits.  From behind, Jack is knocked over by another commando.  Jack falls off of the ledge landing hard on the ground.  The commando is ready to follow with a shot but he is taken out by a single shot from Hassan.  Jack has landed on some bags but the last commando sees him.  Jack is quicker and shoots him in the leg.  The commando goes down in a heap.  Jack stands and yells for him to take the weapon off.  Hassan closes in as well while the commando obeys.  Jack pulls him down onto the ground and takes the mask off.  He asks ‘Who are you.’  The commando, Bishop, is breathing hard and tells Jack that he’s making a huge mistake.  Jack’s eyes go wide and he looks at the man. “You’re American.  Why’d you attack us?”  He explains about the bomb and that they are to deliver Hassan to the terrorists.  The ransom demand is Hassan for the bomb by 06:15 hours.  Renee says it’s less than 20 minutes.  Jack wants to know if the President knows and he says she’s refusing to deal with the terrorists, it’s General Bruckers’ operation.  Jack puts his gun away and tells him to get up.  Jack is going to get them to street level and then make a phone call.  Bishop tells Jack’s it’s on him now, he has to deliver Hassan.  Jack doesn’t take orders from anyone but the President.  He tells him to move.

In the split screen we see Jack and the Hassan’s moving out, Weiss checking on Ethan, Tarin waiting as a police car drives by his location, the Hassan’s , Jack supporting Bishop, Taylor, Dana’s phone ringing.

Dana goes and answers her phone.  Samir is calling he wants to know why he hasn’t heard from her.  She doesn’t know anything.  Dana only knows about the transfer to the base.  Samir concludes the President doesn’t intend to give him up.  Dana reminds him if he uses the bomb, he loses his leverage.  Samir says the blood will be on her hands. 

Samir calls Tarin and tells him to start the countdown.  He needs to stay with the bomb and make sure no one interferes.  Samir assures him that his name will never be forgotten, his family will be honoured above all others.  They hang up and Tarin looks scared but pushes a button on his watch, arming the bomb for 15 minutes.  He closes his eyes and leans his head back.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-Jack is the first previously.  What’s the deal?  Sign #1 that the episode is not gonna be good.
-That said, this was actually a pretty strong episode in the grand scheme of things.
-Okay, so, less than 5 minutes ago, Jack couldn’t breathe.  Now, he’s good to go.
-The last couple of years I’ve commented that they beat up on Jack’s ribs/midsection.  I did find out why they do this, that this is the reason.  If they injure Jack in another way, they have no choice but to show it/make up it/deal with it on a daily basis.  If they do more central body injuries they can just kind of write it off and call it over with.  You know, like Jack’s stab wound from a few hours ago?  Anyone remember that?
-Now I totally get Dana’s personalities, she’s good at being evil.
-Okay, really? That’s not a slight problem for anyone at CTU?  Walking through with an active, open cell phone? Ah, okay, sure.  Whatever.
-Dana is so not subtle.  It feels just sloppy that they made it this obvious what she was doing.
-I kind of like angry Hastings.  He’s less of a jerk when they’re all working to accomplish the same task in the same way.
-So, Dana’s instructions were to help Samir.  Who gave her said instructions?  Who is she working for?  What are their interests? Does it tie in to any other seasons? Anyone we know?  Who else is involved?  Who recruited Dana and set her up with CTU?  Will any of these questions actually be answered?
-I love how Hastings words the statement to the White House.  Instead of just saying ‘we lost the bomb. Sorry.’ He says, “I can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan.”  Well played sir.
-Arlo seems to be less annoying now…although that might be just that he hasn’t had as much screen time lately.  You can’t hate what’s not in your face.
-Weiss getting that angry that fast made me question the editing of that sequence.  He was fine, we didn’t see him and then BAM, he’s PISSED.  It felt like it didn’t really flow that well.
-Line of the week, Taylor to Weiss and Kanin “Get me Jack Bauer.”  Hell yes.
-Again, I’m shocked I don’t hate Cole.  Hmm.
-This is probably the best they’ve done about writing a Jack-protégé, probably because it’s not too much ‘in your face’ for us.  It’s there, Jack respects him and he’s a good agent.  It’s not all “Hey look at me, I WANT TO BE JACK BAUER”
-Line of the week contender: Jack to Cole RE: Trusting Chloe. “With my life.”  More than once, Jack.
-Aww, Jack is still so dedicated to the President, after everything, he will do ‘Anything’.
-Woah, look at Renee bossing Jack around.  She’s coming, end of discussion.  Hard ass.
-I’m surprised Jack stood for that.  After all, he only takes orders from the President.
-Renee’s come a long way from psychologically unstable victim to hard agent material in a matter of a few hours.
-So, is Tarin worried because he is going to die? Or is he looking concerned because he’s not sure that what they’re doing is right?
-Wondering why Hassan wanted to see Jack anyway.  Other than filling a scene and giving these two great actors one together, he didn’t really have anything to say.
-I like the sounds of a peace march. 
-Tim Woods is almost Bill Buchanan-ey (but he’s no Buchanan).  He just is a comforting presence on screen.  WE all know where he stands and what is going on. 
-Almost kind of cliché, but it fit for Samir to tell Taylor that “The clock starts now.” 
-And, here we go again with people in the White House not agreeing with the President’s decision, even though they know what they’re doing and it’s ultimately better for the country to do what they want.  See also Season 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.
-We have beaten this path at least twice before.  If they negotiate with terrorists, the US will then have to continue to do so.
-This is kind of interesting because this time there’s a black op to negotiate with terrorists going AGAINST Jack.  In season 3 he was the one going against everyone else to do the negotiating (by breaking Salazar out of prison).  Now the tables are turned.  The only difference is that Jack is still on the same side as the president.  So, Jack and the (non-evil) President are always right.  That’s all.
-This is why Tim is a good guy. He thinks for himself, he has opinions, but in the end, he does what the President says.
-I think the best point Taylor makes is that there’s no way they can trust these guys not to blow the bomb anyway if they do get Hassan.
-I’m not even American and Taylor’s little speech gave me tingles.  She is such a great actress.
-Has Weiss even read a history book? Has this kind of action ever worked out before?  Where has he been since this show started? 
-Brocker is pretty convincing though.  He’s also quite a good actor.
-Arlo also checks his watch this episode.  Again, EMP?
-Hastings also gives a pretty good speech. 
-I love how Weiss and Brocker at least know how much of a badass Jack is.  “He’s not to be taken lightly” indeed.
-Well, at least Weis takes him seriously.  Brocker has no idea what he’s dealing with.
-Ethan is also a good man.  He really should be with the President.  I’d still like to know why he’s not Chief of Staff.
-Kanin also doesn’t miss anything, does he?  Well done.
-Wouldn’t Jack have heard Kanin and Brocker argue over the phone before it hung up?
-Kanin is thinking.  Who do you call?  Why, Jack Bauer of course.
-The guy playing Weiss has done a great job, but when Kanin was going down, I just wasn’t really feeling it from him.  Felt a little overplayed, or underplayed.  I don’t know, just weird.
-So,what are these magical pills that can cure a heart attack?  What kind of reasoning is that from Brocker? “He’s having a heart attack”  “You gave him his pills.”  WHAT?  Oooh, these are special heart-attack-curing pills.  Seriously. Idiot.
-Sure doesn’t take much prodding from Brocker for Weiss to leave Kanin to die with his magic pills.
-There’s something contrary about potentially killing someone but praying that they’ll be okay or last as long as it takes to accomplish your evil deed.  How about you just do something yourself since you CAN?
-Kanin’s got about 4 inches and at least 50 pounds on Weiss.  Did Brocker help move him to the couch or is Kanin going to be nice and bruised up?
-O’Connor seems like a good agent.  Too bad she’s bound to die too.
-Well, at least Weiss is concerned about Kanin.  Even though he might be killing him.
-That sound they put in for Jack breaking up is a mixture of actual breaking up and the sound that happens when you get your phone to close to the speakers when it’s receiving.  If you have an iPhone and have gotten a text or a call while listening to music on external speakers, you know that sound.
-Weiss just sounds like he’s making up stories on the spot.
-Oooh, WAY wrong answer.  You don’t just hang up on Jack Bauer.
-What I wouldn’t have given for Jack  to finish that sentence that started with “I don’t give a…”  Give a what, Jack?  Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.
-Hassan reminds me a bit of Wayne Palmer.  He is noble and wants to help, doesn’t want to see innocents killed to protect him.  Willing to take up a gun and fight.  Interesting.
-Who wears heels to an evacuation?  Someone call Kayla’s wardrobe person please.
-I didn’t like seeing that ankle turn.  At least they didn’t put the sound over it like they did with Tony in Season 3.  I only get antsy when it reminds me of pain I’ve felt in the past.
-Jack and Renee do a really great job there. Only the 1 mistake. Good thing Jack gave that gun to Hassan.
-Nice shot by Hassan, no kidding he can handle a gun.  But he was supposed to be watching his family.
-Jack was making phone calls from down there earlier?  Did his reception go out?
-Why did they put that bomb on a 15 minute timer?  What an obtuse time.  Why not just have a button?  Or at least like a 5 minute timer.  Although, that wouldn’t have given us nearly the suspense of waiting a week knowing there’s a bomb ticking.

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