8x16: 7:00am - 8:00am


Dana walks through CTU toward security at the exit.  The guard, Jim, wants her passkey.  She asks what that’s about and he says it’s a new security protocol since the EMP went off.  No one goes in or out without Hastings’s approval.  She gives her key over with a smile but when Jim puts it in the system he sees she hasn’t been cleared to leave.  Jim can’t let her out.  She claims to not be leaving, she’s going to her car.  Jim diverts her to Hastings and she tries to appeal to Jim, Hastings is in the middle of a crisis and she just needs to go out for a couple of minutes, she just wants to get her migraine meds, she doesn’t want him to make her beg.  Jim waves over one of his men and says that he will make a deal, he’ll have one of his men go get her meds.  He asks for her keys.  Dana says its fine, his men are busy too, she’ll talk to Hastings.  Jim asks if she’s sure and she is.  She thanks him as she doubles back into CTU.

Hastings is on the main floor of CTU looking over images with Chloe.  They see a blue car in the parking lot and Chloe tells Hastings that this is the one car that left the garage; it was 1 minute after the crash.  They figure Hassan was probably in it but they can’t track it by satellite, it left the grid.  Hastings orders an APB out on the car and scan the satellites for chatter.  A woman comes and says that the President is on the phone for Hastings.  He takes the call and without hesitation Taylor asks him to tell her that President Hassan survived the crash.  Hastings has learned that he was not in the vehicle.  Taylor doesn’t understand.  Hastings tells her that they switched vehicles and they are tracking it now.  It appears that he is still alive, if they wanted Hassan dead, they would have killed him on site.  They also might have another agenda which Taylor doesn’t want to speculate on.  She wants to be kept apprised and she hangs up the phone and goes to where the Hassan women wait.  Kayla closes in on Taylor and asks if her father is still alive.  Taylor thinks so, but he’s still in the hands of the terrorists.  CTU is searching for him now.  There is still hope.  A worker comes in and lets Taylor know that the Russian Foreign Minister is outside and wants to talk to her.  Taylor will be right there.  She takes the hands of the Hassan’s and says she can’t imagine how hard this must be for them but she is giving every resource to find him. She leaves the Hassan’s.
The Russian Foreign Minister, Mr. Novakovich is waiting.  He thanks Taylor for seeing him, he knows she’s busy.  They walk to some chairs and sit down as he says he assumes there is no change on President Hassan.  Taylor confirms he is being held by terrorists for now, but they are hopeful that CTU can recover him.  Novakovich wants to know the nature of the investigation but Taylor isn’t telling, he will be told the second she knows more.  He tells Taylor rather bluntly that he needs to stress if Hassan is not found, his government will be in disarray and this peace agreement will have no chance to succeed.  Taylor doesn’t want to speculate on the worst case scenario but Novakovich wants to be clear, if Hassan dies, there will be no agreement.  Taylor accuses him of hoping for that to happen.  It weakens his countries influence in the region and she thinks he’s looking for any excuse to pull out.  He calls those baseless accusations, they are there after all.  Taylor nods and thinks that perhaps she spoke to heavily.  She doesn’t need him to remind her how perilous this situation is.  She hopes he has his support until they find President Hassan.

Renee walks through CTU toward Chloe’s station.  Renee wants to talk to Chloe privately and Chloe gets up and they walk away from her station.  Renee lets Chloe know that they have a problem, Jack thinks someone inside CTU is working for the terrorists.  They were warned they were being followed and that’s why they moved Hassan.  Chloe was bothered by that too as well as a satellite glitch earlier that allowed them to get away in the first place.  IT was unlucky, especially for them.  Renee tells Chloe that Jack has recovered Tarin’s phone from the crash, he wants to upload the data on a secure line.  Chloe heads back to her station and gets ready, they call Jack.

Jack is driving and his phone rings.  Chloe identifies herself and says Renee filled her in.  Jack is ready to upload and she gives her ID number, 91770.  Jack sends it and tells her it’s encrypted, work fast.

Hastings is in his office and Dana knocks on the door.  She needs to access his station because of the settings after the EMP.  Hastings wants it to wait but she says they might lose data if she doesn’t do it now.  It will just take a couple of minutes.  Hastings gives her the go ahead and Chloe calls Hastings.  He answers it and she says she needs to talk to him at her station, it’s important.  Dana tries to listen to Hastings’ end of the conversation and Chloe says she’ll explain when he gets down there.  He’s on the way.  He wants Dana to let him know when she’s finished.  She smiles and once he’s gone takes her ID tag, puts it in the reader and clears herself out of the building.

Hastings makes it down to Chloe’s desk and Renee tells him that there issomeone at CTU working with the terrorists.  Hastings asks what she’s talking about and she explains about switching Hassan because they knew they were being followed.  They have received Tarin’s cell phone information and they are decrypting it now, it will take a second.  She brings up a screen of all the calls Tarin’s phone made in the last hour.  Hastings sees a number saying it’s one of theirs, one of the ones that NSA brought in.  He asks who was issued that one and Chloe says they were logged by hand.  She gets up and gets a clipboard from another desk.  She scans down the list and says it’s Dana’s phone.  Hastings immediately turns around and sees she gone from his desk.  He asks ‘Where is she.’

Dana walks back down the hall to security to leave.  She gives her card again to Jim and he puts it in the system.  He asks how the migraine is and she answers worse than ever thanks to him.  Her card flashes up ‘Apprehend’ and Jim starts to react.  Before he can Dana draws on him and shoots him.  She grabs another man and uses him as a shield as she backs out of the area shooting other guards on the way. 

Hastings wants to see security on the main screen and when it’s brought up he sees guards down and others moving to help out.  Hastings yells for a med team to security.  Cole comes into the atrium and asks why there’s a 112 out on Dana.  Hastings sums that she’s working against them, she just shot 2 security guards and she’s trying to leave the building.  They traced her ties to the terrorists.  Hastings asks what Cole knew about this and he snaps military, “Nothing, sir.”  Hastings sees that she’s headed to the north end of level 2.  Cole knows she’s going for her car and he takes off.  Hastings calls him but Cole is gone.  Hastings wants them to lock down all the exits.

In the parking lot, Dana shoots 2 more guards and takes cover behind a pillar.  She breaks cover and crosses the garage shooting.  She runs out of ammo, reloads and shoots again.  She manages to run and get into a car on the passenger side with broken glass.  She starts the car and squeals backwards out of the parking spot.  She heads toward the exit but Cole steps out from behind another car and starts shooting, taking out the tires.  Her car slams into another one hard and Cole closes in yelling for her to get out of the car, now.  He pulls open the door and finds the airbag inflated and Dana there somewhat groggily.  He grabs her by the throat and slams her against a pillar asking ‘Who are you, you lying bitch?”  Dana says nothing and Cole holds her by the throat, gun out.  Hastings arrives and wants Cole to let her go.  He waits and then does let her go.  Dana gasps for breath and Hastings moves in asking where Hassan is.  She leans over and Hastings threatens that she will talk one way or the other.  Where are they taking Hassan?  Dana only says that she wants to talk to Jack Bauer.  Cole looks at her puzzled and she repeats that if they want answers, they’ll get Bauer.  Hastings wants her out of there.  Dana is led away, past Cole.
Dana is cuffed in a sterile looking interrogation room.  Hastings says that if she’s not Dana Walsh, who is she?  Cole, standing on Hastings shoulder, says that she says her name was Jenny Scott.  That’s what she told him.  They don’t know what to believe.  She told Cole that she did some bad things in her past and had to change her name.  She was involved with a felon and they committed armed robberies.  Someone got killed and that’s all Cole knows.  He doesn’t know anything related to finding Hassan.  Hastings will decide that. Hastings asks accusingly why Cole didn’t report any of it but he just found out a few hours ago.  Hastings argues that’s not an excuse. Cole shakes his head, he knows.  He looks out into the interrogation room.  He was just trying to protect her, he wasn’t thinking straight.  Hastings asks about when Cole and Dana, ‘or whatever her name is’, went AWOL, what was that all about.  Cole tells him it’s a long story that’s not going to help them find President Hassan.  Cole will make a full debrief once it’s over but he wants Hastings to let him stay on duty.  He knows he screwed up but he’s been running Hassan’s security for the last month.  He wants a chance to make it right.  The phone rings and Hastings answers it.  The voice on the other end says that Jack Bauer is there.  Hastings wants him sent up.  Hastings sends Cole to debrief but Cole argues that he needs him on this.  “I need people I can trust.”  Hastings tells Cole that if he wants to make this right he needs to start by getting down everything he knows, then they’ll talk.  Hastings leaves Cole alone.

Renee and a tech watch the screen of Dana in the interrogation room.  Jack enters and asks what’s going on.  Renee fills him in about Dana and that she’ll only talk to Jack.  Jack asks why but she didn’t say.  Hastings comes in and asks if Jack is up to speed.  Jack nods in Renee’s direction and Hastings continues that he just spoke with Agent Ortiz, he was her fiancé.  Jack says dryly that that explains a few things.  Hastings says that he doesn’t know much other than she had some kind of criminal past and altered her identity to infiltrate CTU.  Not an easy task.  Jack deduces she obviously had help from someone.  Hastings knows they need to find out however she did this.  Renee asks if Hastings thinks Cole is clean.  Hastings thinks he’s telling the truth but after this he’s not sure he trusts his own opinion.  “I thought I knew Dana Walsh.”  Jack stares forward thinking it through, “Cole’s clean.”  Hastings seems to take Jack’s opinion and then asks why she wants to talk to him.  Jack slips off his jacket and says he doesn’t know, he just met her today, but they should find out.  He leaves his jacket and goes out into the hall, Hastings following.

Jack comes next to a security guard and tells him to stand down for now.  Jack hands his gun off to Hastings and tells him so they’re clear, as far as he is concerned he kept his end of their deal.  The only reason he is still there is because he gave the President his word he’d protect Hassan.  Hastings knows.  They open the door and Jack ducks into the interrogation room.  They have the biometrics ready on d.  Jack waits for a second while the door closes and moves his hand around while he walks.  Finally, he breaks the silence saying that he was the only one she wanted to talk to.  Why?  She answers evenly because he’s the only one there that doesn’t have his head up his ass.  Jack half smiles and she says they shouldn’t waste time.  He wants Hassan and she can get him for him.  She knows where they are taking him and what they are planning to do.  Jack asks what she wants and she explains full immunity, a clean record and she wants to be compensated.  Jack looks at her and repeats ‘compensated’.  She says that the IRK agents they are going to take down have a lot of cash and she wants her share.  She lost a lot of money when this deal went south.  Jack asks disbelievingly if this was all about money.  “Isn’t it always?”  she asks.  She looks at Jack and he seems to be considering her.  He says that if he’s going to take this to the President he’s going to have to prove that she knows something worthwhile.  She says that they have half an hour and they’ll have all the proof they need, Hassan’s head.  Jack grabs her by the throat calling her a little bitch.  He shoves her against the wall and holds her there.  Renee and Hastings watch from the other room, Renee stonily and Hastings whispers warningly, ‘Jack.’  Jack gets in Dana’s face and says that he is going to explain something to her.  She has leverage because President Hassan is alive.  He warns her to stop screwing with him.  Dana admits they are going to force him to make a statement and then kill him live on the internet.  She suggests that they stop haggling and he starts making this happen.  He lets her go and agrees to take it to the President but she had better understand, if they don’t recover President Hassan alive, she gets nothing.  He whispers again dangerously, ‘Nothing.’  Dana calmly tells Jack that this is why she asked for him.  As part of the deal he is going to handle the rescue of Hassan.  He is heavily protected and Jack has experience running these operations.  ‘We’ve had enough screw ups for one day, don’t you think?’  Jack turns back to Dana and asks her, she said she was losing money because this deal was going south, who was going to be paying her.  Dana just looks at Jack and answers, “Tick tock, Mr. Bauer. You’re running out of time.”  Jack pauses and they open the door.  Jack leaves the interrogation rom.

Jack comes back in the room and takes his gun while Hastings asks what the biometrics said.  The tech says they indicate she’s telling the truth but Renee knows that she’s a sociopath, they can’t be trusted.  Jack agrees, and it’s not just about the money, she’s hiding something but given the time frame they have they need to follow through with this. Hastings asks how Jack wants to play it and Jack says they need to call the President.

The same blue Honda drives down an alleyway and a man waits for the woman to back the car in.  They open up the trunk and Hassan is there.  They break open some poppers to bring him around a little better and he jumps when they reach him.  They pull him out slowly and walk him, with a blanket around him, into the back of the building.  They encounter a young boy with a soccer ball and the man tells him to go play somewhere else, go.  They continue moving up the stairs and the woman takes off her wig.  The other man, Ahmed, tries to convince Samir to kill Hassan now, they are going to be looking for them.  Samir needs him to confess his crimes.  Ahmed is concerned that the longer they delay, the better the chance of them being found.  Samir is certain he will not be rescued, he will die right there.  Samir’s name is called and he turns to see his man standing there with Hassan.  They roughly drop Hassan into a chair.  He’s groggy and breathing heavily.  Samir asks if Hassan remembers him, he was young when they met, he was a general in the Revolutionary Guard and Samir had the honour of being on his operation.  Hassan was a great leader.  He leans down and gets face to face with the President, he asks what happened to him, why did he turn his back on his country.  Hassan looks at Samir and says it is him who has betrayed their country.  Samir claims to be fighting to keep them strong but Hassan has chosen to surrender to the West.  Hassan disagrees, its peace that will strengthen their country.  Hassan does remember Samir, he remembers the campaign that they fought in.  The others thought that he was leading his men into defeat but they fought for 4 long days.  Hassan believed in his heart that victory was possible and he was right.  He is not saying he is never wrong.  Hassan looks away from Samir but continues that he believes just as strongly in his peace agreement.  All he is asking is that he put his faith in him once again.  He implores Samir to stop this madness.  Samir backhands Hassan in the face and when he looks back there is blood on the side of his mouth.  Samir gets close to Hassan’s ear and says quietly that the next thing he says will be an apology to every citizen of the IRK, he will beg forgiveness for his treason and renounce the peace agreement.  Hassan says that will never happen, he will never do that.  Samir is sure he will, it just depends on how long it takes and how much pain he can endure.  Hassan looks frightened as a needle is brought over by Ahmed.  He puts it into Hassan’s neck and empties the contents.
Tim, Taylor and the rest of the entourage walk down the hallway in a hospital.  Taylor is reading on a tablet PC the agreement for Dana.  She sees it’s for Dana Walsh, but that’s not her real name.  Tim says that they are aware of that and the agreement will hold.  Taylor says that’s too bad, she was hoping to get out of it.  She signs it and passes it off as she arrives outside Kanin’s room.  He is sitting up and looks alright in his hospital gown.  Taylor crosses the room and he smiles at her.  She says his name and he answers, ‘Still here, Madam President.’  She puts her hand on his face and asks if he’s going to be alright.  He is going to let the doctors field that one.  He wants the update on the situation with Hassan, is he safe? Taylor says that the IRK has him, they are going to kill him if CTU can’t get there in time.  There is a rescue under way and they will know shortly where he is.  There is someone working for them inside CTU, Dana Walsh, but she has agreed to immunity on the condition of Hassan’s safe return.  Taylor knows there is a real possibility that Hassan won’t survive this and she has to be prepared.  She wants to know if the person who succeeds Hassan is someone they can deal with.  Kanin tells her the rules in the IRK are vague about succession of power.  There’s no telling who it might be.  Hassan was barely able to have a majority on this agreement and it took a man with his passion and charisma to achieve it.  Kanin apologizes for being so negative, but without Hassan there will be no peace.

Chloe walks though CTU, she’s ready to start with Dana’s information.  Arlo is distracted and asks Chloe how he could have worked with someone for a year and missed something like this.  Chloe isn’t as bothered, she thought Dana was a little too perfect but never would have thought she was a terrorist.  She has been acting weird all day and Arlo admits that he was looking in the wrong spot, if he’d been looking at her face he might have seen it.  Chloe brushes it off that she played them, get over it.

Cole writes on a notepad and Hastings comes in.  He puts Cole’s gun down on the table and slides it to him.  He is only telling Cole this because he will find out soon enough that Dana has been given provisional immunity by the President.  Cole is angry and Hastings explains about the intel on Hassan.  Cole doesn’t care, she’s a traitor and a murderer.  They can’t let her walk.  Hastings cuts him off telling him to stop.  He knows that Dana burned him both professionally and personally, but he has to get over it.  Jack Bauer is heading up the operation to recover Hassan and wants Cole on his team.  Dana is briefing the group, does he have a problem with that?  Cole says no, he’s fine.  He lets Cole’s gun go and says good.  They stand and leave the room.

Dana is briefing Jack and the other about Samir.  He an IRK soldier with the Revolutionary Guard.  She looks at Jack and says ‘He’s only got about six men left, you killed the rest.’  Jack asks if she’s absolutely sure this is where they’re holding Hassan.  She is.  She tells them about the entrances and lookouts.  Jack asks for the apartment number but she doesn’t know.  All she can tell him is that it’s above the first floor.  It’s populated with families that Samir was planning on using as human shields in an attack.  Jack has everything he needs, they are going to take Dana to holding.  She is led out past Cole who waits by the door.  Jack comes up beside him and asks if he’s alright.  Cole says yeah, he’s ready to go.  Cole sees Dana being led away and shakes his head.
Hassan is still in his chair and he’s not looking too good.  They taser him and he falls out of the chair onto the floor.  The men roughly pick him up and manhandle him back into the chair.  Samir puts another chair down in front of the President and sits.  Hassan looks away, Samir calls him ‘Omar’ and tells him to just read the statement and put an end to this.  IT’s only going to get worse.  Tell the people he made a terrible mistake and atone for his sins.  Hassan says that Samir is wasting his time, he will never do what he asks of him.  Samir takes the taser again and uses it on Hassan.  Samir sits again and threatens him that if he doesn’t read the statement he will start cutting pieces from his body.  Hassan says whether he lives or dies, this peace will happen somehow.  When that happens, men like him will have no place to hide.  Samir says that the peace agreement dies right there with Hassan.  He stands and goes over to Ahmed, whispering that the thought he said the drug would break down his resistance.  It should be working but any more would kill him. Samir doesn’t care, he tells Ahmed to do it.  They admit that Hassan is stronger than they thought.  Ahmed prepares the needle and goes to Hassan with it.  Before he can inject it, Samir tells him to stop.  He changes his mind and says to prepare the internet feed, he will tell the world of Hassan’s crimes and carry out his sentence.  Hassan looks warily at Samir.

Woods walks with the President and tells her that the tac teams are approaching the area, they will have a real time uplink.  Dalia and Kayla Hassan have asked to speak with her in the waiting area.  Taylor enters and the women come to her.  She updates them that they think he is being held in an apartment building and CTU is preparing to go in.  They can’t be sure if he is still alive but their best men are in the field and they are going to do everything they can to save him.  She cannot guarantee the outcome but they will do everything they can.  Dalia thanks Taylor.  Tim comes back and says they need Taylor in the situation room.  She assures them they will know something very soon.  She puts her hand on Kayla’s face and then leaves. 

Tim tells her that the NSA just red flagged a live feed on the internet, it’s President Hassan.  She wants it on the screens and it is put up to Samir talking about how Hassan is a traitor.  He says he is going to read a list of his crimes and everyone will see he deserves a harsh punishment.  The video is grainy and almost looks like the tape is running off centre.  CTU watches the feed as well and Hastings wants to know if the video is giving them any clue as to where they are.  Chloe says that the shadows on the left are from natural light.  She is sure it’s daylight because its 5600 degrees Kelvin.  If that’s right then they must be in an east facing apartment on the 4th floor judging by the height of the building.  Arlo has 2 lookouts on the roof of the building that he can see from the drone.  Hastings wants to talk to Jack.

Jack arrives at the scene and is told that they have a good fix on the location.  An east facing apartment on the 4th floor.  He tells Jack about the lookouts and that he needs to hurry, they are reading a list of Hassan’s crimes and as soon as they are done they are going to execute him.   Jack is in the staging area.  He checks to make sure the whole team is there and then gives assignments.  Cole is on the lookouts, he wants 2 of them there, coordinating kill shots.  He wants silence, the only way to take them is by surprise.  If they get a sense they are moving in, Hassan is dead.  Jack doesn’t have to tell them the significance of this operation.  They are going to meet at their rally points in 2 minutes.  He asks for a word with Renee.  He tells her that he wants her with him on the assault team.  Renee thought he wanted her running op’s from the staging area but he needs every agent they have.  He admits that this goes against every instinct he has but he needs her to stay behind him and do exactly what he says.  She nods and agrees.  He wants her to promise him that.  She says the words and he tells her to get ready.
Cole has his target, as does the other agent taking out the men on the roof.  They give the go and take them out at the same time.  Jack is told they’re clear.  They move toward the building and Hastings sees him on the satellite.  Breaking a lock they move into the yard by bringing down a fence and climbing over.  They go in the same entrance that Hassan did.  Jack has opened the door so Renee leads.

We switch and see Taylor watching Hassan’s feed.

Jack leads the group up the stairs checking with his weapon.  They reach a landing and they find a man standing there.  Jack identifies himself as a federal agent and tells the man to get down on the ground.  There’s no response so Jack changes and asks him in Arabic.  Still no response.  Jack repeats himself a few times but then shoots him.  He takes a gun off the body and ejects the clip down the stairs.  He uses the railing to pull back the slide and have the bullet in the chamber fall out.  Jack then dumps the gun on top of a silver box mounted to the wall and keeps walking.  He tells Hastings they are on the 2nd floor.  They are still a go.

We see a glimpse of Hassan being held.  Chloe and Hastings watch at CTU.

Jack kneels outside a door, Renee next to him.  Another agent has a sensor and is running it along the wall trying to get a reading of speech inside the apartment.  Chloe watches the sound waves with Hastings at her shoulder.  Jack watches the agent anxiously and he shakes his head.  Jack waves him further down the wall and he gets a nod.  This is the one, apartment 207.  Jack gets out his lock pick set and quickly has them in.  He opens the door quietly and leads in with his gun.  There is a child on the couch who has stopped in the middle of drawing a picture.  Jack indicates for her to be quiet and whispers that they’re not there to hurt her.  He asks where her mommy and daddy are.  A woman comes around the corner and the child starts to talk loudly in Arabic.  Jack threatens the woman that if she says one more word he will kill her.  Renee has handed the child off to an agent outside.  Jack pushes the woman down on the couch and Hastings tells Jack over his ear piece that Samir is wrapping it up, Jack better get in there now.  Renee stays with the woman and Jack moves through the apartment.  He opens the door to a closet and sees at the back that there is a poorly covered hole in the wall.  He pushes aside some clothes and moves the board.

In the living room Renee sees a blonde wig on the floor, this is the same woman that drove Hassan here.  She turns back and sees the woman has pulled a gun out from under the couch cushions.   She is bringing it up to level it but Renee is faster and shoots her.  She follows Jack.  Jack is around the corner from the room where they are broadcasting from, he sees in a mirror a leg in a chair and says he has a visual on Hassan.  He moves closer and sees two men, Ahmed and the other, watching the feed on the internet.  He shoots them both quickly before Samir comes around the corner wielding a machine gun.  Jack shoots him as well but in the silence still hears the feed playing on the computer.  Samir is talking, but Samir is dead.  Jack says in disbelief, “No, no.”  he repeats it again and again as he rounds the corner into the room looking at the computer and then turns around.  Hassan sits in the chair dead, his throat slashed while Samir still speaks on the computer.  Renee leans forward where she stands and Jack drops to his knees in front of Hassan’s body.  Slowly he reaches forward and with an expression of anguish on his face, pulls Hassan’s head forward so the wound isn’t as visible.  Keeping one hand on Hassan’s neck, Jack uses the other one to close his wide open eyes.  He lets go and quietly says, “I’m sorry.” to Hassan.  He looks at the body and Renee watches Jack closely, looking on the verge of being sick.  Jack takes steady breaths trying to stay composed.

In the split screen we see Jack and Renee, CTU, Hastings, Arlo and Chloe watching the feed, Dana, Samir on the screen with an alive Hassan and finally Taylor with Woods behind her.  Samir says that Hassan will pay with his own blood and as he brings the knife to Hassan’s throat, we go full screen to Taylor.  She gasps and gives a shaky ‘Oh.’
Hastings calls to Jack for him to talk to him.  The voice seems to snap Jack out of his thoughts and he tells Hastings in a gravelly voice, “The ah, the statement was pre-recorded.  Hassan was dead before we got here.”  Chloe and Hastings are speechless.

Taylor breathes in looking away from the monitors.  She is upset and even Tim looks away.  She puts her hand to her mouth and then turns to Woods.  She instructs him to call CTU, she wants to know what the hell went wrong.  Weakly, she also tells him to clear the screens.

Taylor walks across to the room the women wait in.  They approach her and she takes their hands.  She tells them, “We were too late, we weren’t able to save him.”  Kayla bursts into tears and Dalia looks sadly back at Taylor who says she’s sorry.
Silent 8:00

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-This really felt like vintage 24, especially the unexpected death of Hassan.  ESPECIALLY after thinking he might have been dead the last hour and finding he wasn’t.  Too bad there won’t be a next season ‘cause this show is really starting to pick up.
-Didn’t like really having to sit through the previously for this episode since we just saw it.  I know they need it but it would have been nice to have the extra time.
-LOVE that they showed Taylor slapping Weiss again.  That was badass.
-Not that I’m complaining because it finally got this cat out of the bag, but what’s the deal with needing clearance to leave?  That could lead to some awkward questions.  What about smokers? Does Hastings really want nic-cing out smokers chasing him down “I NEED TO GO OUTSIDE! NOW!
-Dana is a good liar.  I particularly love the little looks she keeps throwing around when no one is watching.  The Eeeevil looks.
-How did that car get out after the crash?  Has anyone ever heard of a perimeter?  Or, obviously, this CTU is just as useless as the last one setting them up.
-That’s a really great reason that they think Hassan is alive: They didn’t find him dead.  Well, yes, I guess that’s a good thing.
-Although I know where the Russian thing is going (or who it’s going to is probably how to word it better) I hope it’s a natural genesis.  Right now it feels forced.
-I really like the woman playing Dalia.
-Novakovich.  For my sake, I hope he’s not around long. That might be a winner for the longest name ever in 24.
-Well, he’s certainly blunt, isn’t he?
-Is there anything that Jack won’t do while driving?  They recently outlawed phoning and driving in my area. Jack would so be in jail.
-Hastings deserves to get told on and in trouble.  He’s a wee bit thick.  It’s easy for Dana to look smart when she’s up against him.
-You know, I don’t hate him nearly as much as I used to.  Again, I think it’s all on Dana right now.
-At least, though, Hastings was pretty good about getting Dana.  Not last time there was a serious traitor in CTU.  George Mason let Nina Myers run amok for like 10 minutes after he found out.
-Aww, poor Jim the security guard.  You can take the red shirts away from the guards but they are still walking targets.
-And Cole is about to be a lot more like Jack.... sort of.
-I really liked how Cole switched into military mode when Hastings asked what he knew about Dana.  “Nothing Sir.”  All hardcore.
-There are a LOT, (and I mean A LOT) of similarities to the way Cole apprehended Dana and the way Jack apprehended Nina in Season 1.  The biggest difference is, Kiefer Sutherland is an immeasurably better actor that Freddie Prinze Jr.  He hasn’t bothered me and doesn’t still, but if you watch the 2 scenes back to back, there’s no contest.
-Similarities: Parking lot (It could be the same one with different paint), cars to escape, killing if security guards, have them by the throat, pulling out of the car, head of CTU arrives to help, 2 guards in tow, gun to face, being talked down.
-Differences: Cole and Dana are still an item, he was very close to her physically in this scene, actual gunfight in this scene
-I loved that Dana’s engagement ring is clearly visible.  Just in case we forgot.
-Good thing it didn’t work out, those two are no good together.
-I couldn’t figure out why Dana was asking for Jack.  I still wonder if there’s more to that.
-That’s quite the interrogation room.  Wow.

...........more to come.................

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