Exclusive Coverage of 2009 ComicCon
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Exclusive Comic Con Notes from TAandMD:

Summary of the Season 8 Clip (From TAandMD):

The scene begins with jack alone in an apartment searching through a bag when he hears someone at the door. Skeptically, he proceeds to open the door to find a man named Victor who has a gunshot wound and needs Jack’s help. He tells Jack that he knows of a terrorist plot to assassinate President Hassan (Kiefer later reveled Kapoor’s character is President of Iran) at the UN peace agreement with President Taylor and that Jack is the only one he knows that can help. These two apparently dealt with each other before at CTU. Victor wants Jack to call the authorities and help him out, to cut him some sort of deal with CTU (because Victor is the one that got the hitter in the country). Jack isn’t satisfied yet, and he gets Victor by the throat, but Victor doesn’t have (or won’t give) any more information.
The next scene is an SUV driving up to a building. Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr.) gets out and enters the building, which turns out to be CTU. The inside is nothing like we’ve ever seen. It’s sleek, shiny (literally, it was glossy on the screen) and much more upscale. It’s almost like a sexy sleek look. Cole begins talking to Dana (Sackhoff), but then turns the conversation to something more casual; his sister had questions about bridesmaid dresses. This scene serves to introduce these two new characters and show their relationship. Next, Dana walks over to a frustrated Chloe who is banging some sort of device against the table. Chloe is having trouble doing her job at the moment, and her new boss (Dana) tries to give her some advice. It seems this scene wants to show how Chloe is not top dog anymore and is struggling more than usual. Dana leaves when Chloe gets a phone call by none other than Jack Bauer.
Chloe asks how Jack is and keeps it light, unaware that Jack is calling about a serious threat. The usual Jack/Chloe interaction follows, leading to Chloe agreeing to interrupt the new Head of CTU (who apparently doesn’t like to be interrupted). The clip ends with the camera panning up to his office, but does not show him, and the screen goes black

TAandMD's Videos of the Question and Answer period..

  <- full video of the trailer. It's as good as we can do, folks. :)


Mary Lynn Rajskub and Katee Sackhoff
Kiefer Sutherland
Katee Sackhoff


Season 8 Poster seen at Comic Con
Fruits of TAandMD's labor. Kiefer and Mary-Lynn signed the book, the others the card.
The Autograph Panel
Images from the Season 8 Clip:
Jack in his apartment or a hotel. Alive and well.
He answers a knock at the door - Never a good idea
It's Victor Ruiz, a man from his past.
Victor appeals to Jack's drive to 'Do the right thing' and come out of retirement to help him. Note the pill bottles on the table.
Jack is, of course, reluctant, but Ruiz has information about an assassination attempt on the President of Iran who is in the US.
Using Ruiz's gun he tries to get the name out of him, but he's not talking until he gets his immunity agreement.


More Comic Con Info from other sources:

Photo of the autograph signing. (Kiefer, MaryLynn Rajskub, Freddie Prinze, Katee Sackhoff, Anil Kapoor)

The threat happens at a Peace Conference at the UN. Howard Gordon says the theme is "more redemption". A joke is made by Rajskub about 'parties and lemonade' being the main plot for the year. Kapoor's character is playing the President of Iran.

Kiefer Quote: "This season is more grounded in what possibly could happen. There's a sense of reality that almost brings us back full circle to Season 1." People saying it's sounding like the last season.

The peace conference is a noble goal, Sutherland said, but "when opportunities present themselves, there are also threats."

Kiefer Quote: "I have always considered Jack an apolitical character."

Howard Gordon on Jack's condition: "He did make it through. You'll see a little later how."

Kiefer Sutherland told Natalie Abrams from eOnline that "Renee comes back as a damaged person"

Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) and Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr) are engaged

Dana Walsh is better at computers than Chloe and is condescending about it. She is as usual, irritable.

Katee Sackhoff (Dana Walsh) told the producers that she needed a gun after a few episodes because "I was starting to feel naked."

Kiefer Sutherland quote : "Don't be alarmed. We do still blow shit up. We just wanna save it."

Descriptors of the new CTU from the clip: spiffy-looking, sleek, high-end, glass and steel, glitzy, chrome, cool lights

Quote on the clip from here: "The clip showed an injured man telling Jack of a possible assassination plot and Prinze, Sackhoff and Rajskub in the dark and shiny CTU." (Link) Could this injured man be Victor Ruiz?

Not looking good for Kiefer's real dad (Donald Sutherland) to show up on 24. His quote: "I don't see that happening" and he also said: "The man's made a hundred and some-odd movies, you can see him anytime you want."

Howard Gordon quote: "The possibility of peace hangs over Day Eight of 24. But no worries, it takes a lot to keep the peace."

More info on the clip:

We see the shiny, rebuilt headquarters of CTU. Hey, there’s an underground tunnel. We meet the new members of the crew, such as Cole (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), head of Field Ops. He’s engaged to CTU’s data analysis chief Dana Walsh (Katie Sackhoff), whose condescending manner is grating on Chloe O’Brien, who after being a stay-at-home Mom for awhile, is having trouble keeping up.

The clip ends with Chloe getting a phone call from Jack, saying he needs to speak with her boss, Hastings. As Chloe runs up to Hasting’s office, the clip fades to black, not revealing who CTU’s new boss is.

Movie Update:

"We are aware that there is some interest out there and we would love to make it." -Kiefer Sutherland. Reiterated that it will be after the show is finished.

"Well, there has been a lot of work done researching ideas for a film or a potential film franchise," explains Sutherland. "But the energy that's required to make the 24 episodes a year...  we agreed that we would put any serious planning for a film aside until we were finished with the series. So outside talking about ideas for a film it hasn’t gone any farther than that. But there are certainly some cool ideas and we’d love to make it.”

They're not ruling out a second feathure-length, standalone episode in the future. (EmpireOnLine)

The panel takes place on Friday. The Kiefersutherland24.net comic-con insider will be bringing information when they can. Check back frequently for information.