A special 12-hour miniseries

Premieres May 4, 2014 on FOX

Live Another Day!

Live Another Day Returning Cast:

Jack Bauer - Kiefer Sutherland
Chloe O'Brian - Mary Lynn Rajskub
President James Heller - William Devane
Audrey Raines - Kim Raver

Live Another Day New Cast

Mark Boudreau - Tate Donovan

  • Chief of Staff to Heller
  • Audrey's husband
  • Not a Bauer fan.
  • Helped Audrey come back after her torture.

Prime Minister Trevor Davies - Stephen Fry

  • British Prime Minister
  • Strong leader
  • Friends with Heller

Steve Nevarro - Benjamin Bratt

  • Head of CIA Operations
  • Tracking Jack

General Coburn - Colin Salmon

  • Smart
  • Powerful
  • Loyal
  • @colinsalmon24

Kate Morgan - Yvonne Strahovski

  • CIA Agent after Jack
  • Operative
  • Brilliant
  • Impulsive
  • Being sent back to US after her husband was a traitor.

Erik Ritter - Gbenga Akinnagbe

  • CIA Agent
  • Ambitious
  • Arrogant
  • To replace Morgan.
  • @GbengaAkinnagbe

Jordan Reed - Giles Matthey

  • CIA Computer Tech
  • Smart (Obviously)

Belcheck - Branko Tomovic

  • "Mysterious Character from Jack's past"
  • Right hand man.
  • Only loyal to Jack
  • Silent type
  • Vehicles, demolition, explosives, firearms.
  • Watchdog for Jack.
  • Lives to at least the 10th episode.

Tate Donovan - David Georgiu

  • Hacker

Adrian Cross - Michael Wincott

  • Hacker
  • Part of the free information movment
  • Leads group of 'misfits' that are for free information.

Margot LNU - Michelle Fairely

  • Was originally Judy Davis
  • Terrorist Widow
  • British National
  • Possibly written originally as the 'big bad'
  • Recurring

Simone LNU (Last Name Unknown) - Emily Berrington

  • Daughter of Margot
  • Follows mothers orders.
  • Doing what she thinks is right
  • Believes in terrorism.


Production Team


Jon Cassar (6 Episodes)
Adam Kane

Executive Producers

Jon Cassar
Manny Coto
David Fury
Howard Gordon
Evan Katz
Kiefer Sutherland


Sean Callery


Robert Cochran
Joel Surnow
Manny Coto
David Fury
Evan Katz


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9.01 - 11:00am - 12:00pm - Jack Is Back
9.02 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm - Misguided
9.03 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm - Whatever It Takes
9.04 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm - Taking Sides
9.05 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm - Justified
9.06 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm - Right
9.07 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm - Deadline
9.08 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm - Resignation
9.09 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm - Anger Management
9.10 - 8:00pm - 9:00pm - Allegiance
9.11 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm - Targets

An interesting observation, even though they have given themselves the oppotunity to jump time with the new format, they haven't in the first 5 episodes.

24: Live Another Day: Jack is Back

Here's a 'What we learned' from the preview.


  • The show starts with a CIA operations team chasing Jack.
  • The plot has already started by the time we come in, the audience will be playing catch up.


  • Jack is seen as a traitor and a psychopath by some.
  • A threat that Jack learned about brings him into action to protect President Heller.
  • Jack has been out of the USA since right after Season 8 when he went into hiding in Eastern Europe.
  • Manny Coto claims that after Season 8 “CTU turned off and Jack was left in darkness.”
  • Jack is wanted by every country, not just the USA. He is an international fugitive.
  • Jack gets caught early on in the show.
  • Howard Gordon says that Jack “Cannot help himself”, he's a hero.
  • “Jack is going to have a crappy day” and fight his way through it. They are not reinventing 24.
  • After 4 years on the run, Jack doesn't trust anyone. (Like he did before?)


  • Chloe not the same as the Chloe we knew in Season 8 (who was a little edgier than the previous Chloe's already).
  • She is working with a group that believes that information should be free.
  • She has no qualms about letting out secrets.
  • She is described as “anti-government” and a darker Edward Snowden.
  • Chloe and Jack start out at odds, not believing in the same things anymore.
  • Working with Adrian Cross who leads a group “misfits” that help spread information about governments. Cross is described as charismatic and prophet-like.

White House

  • Heller is in England to work towards a treaty on drones.
  • Causing a lot of protests.
  • It is a precarious situation so Heller has to do it himself.
  • Audrey is the woman of the White House and goes everywhere with Heller.
  • Audrey is married to the Chief of staff, Boudreau, who was responsible for bringing her back from her near catatonic state and mental breakdown.
  • Audrey is being treated with kid gloves and seen as someone that needs to be protected, especially by her husband.
  • Boudreau is working against Jack because of what he did to Audrey.
  • Boudreau doesn't like Jack and orders his death “or something terrible” early on. Foreshadowing, Tate Donovan who plays the character claims that it doesn't bode well for a character when he is ordering Jack's death in the show.


  • Kate Morgan has been demoted from her post at the CIA in London and is being sent home. She is seen as untrustworthy since her husband was found to be a traitor who sold secrets to China. (China… suspicious)
  • Before the demotion she was seen as a great field agent.
  • Morgan sees getting Jack as a way of redeeming herself. She is in sync with a young Jack.
  • Erik Ritter has arrived to take over Morgan's job when she leaves back to the US. He is resistant to get involved and wants to see her gone.
  • Ritter is there to do a job and do it well, he is threatened by Kate.
  • Bejamin Bratt's character has been renamed Steve Nevarro.


  • Margot is a villain, she is driven by revenge.
  • Margot is driven, motivated, passionate and has a cause of revenge.
  • Her daughter is Simone, broght up to obey her mother.
  • Simone has radical politics and believes in terrorism.
  • Simone does what she thinks is right, but is “Not a bad person.”


  • The main director for the series is Jon Cassar
  • Evan Katz claims they are doing “Stuff we haven't done before”.
  • Howard Gordon was the impetus behind the new show.
  • The first week was mostly action and dialogue.
  • This is a “Special Event Series”
  • Kiefer Sutherland said on a David Letterman interview that this will be the only one. The creative team seems to have other ideas, saying that if it goes well they may be open to more.
  • Howard Gordon calls the cast ‘extraordinary'. They have many people who seem to have been born to be on 24.
  • In the first two episodes there are over 12 explosions.
  • 4 things they talked about in the documentary that are issues now that weren't before are: Drones, Wiki Leaks, Hyper-Government Surveillance and people that out that.
  • People don't need to have watched 24 before.
  • William Devane says, “Most TV wishes it was this relevant.”

Plot Details:

  • Set in London
  • 4 Years after Season 7
  • Jack is on the run, hears a plot targeting the US president and prime minister
  • Chloe is " she's just somewhere we've never seen her before. She's in a bad, bad spot…I've gone anti-government and when Jack and I are finally reunited, we're not seeing eye-to-eye and he's being hunted by a CIA agent." (Eonline)
  • May start at midnight, but first episode is 6:30-7:30
  • There is discussion that it will spin off into a series.
  • Jack Bauer comes out of hiding in London to head off a massive terrorist attack while being hunted down by American forces dispatched by President James Heller.
  • Judging by the newest promos, it looks like Heller is trying to protect Audrey from learning about Jack's return to the grid.
  • Chloe is forced into working with Jack and they start out opposed to each other.
  • The Jack and Chloe relationship has not been seen before in this context.
  • They blow a lot of stuff up. (Not a shock). Jon Cassar has stated that they have numerous explosions in the first episode pair.


  • AudreyAudrey is now Audrey Boudreau
  • Chief of StaffTate Donovan as Heller's Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
  • Steve NavarroPlayed by Bengamin Bratt. Head of CIA operations and is after Jack.
  • ChloeNow a real badass.
  • Adrian CrossA co-worker of Chloe's played by Michael Wincott
  • President HellerI see this position comes with a sweater. How unforunate.
  • Jack BauerThis is how I like to see Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Jack BauerSurrendering already.
  • Kate MorganLondon Field Op playted by Yvonne Strahovski
  • Joran ReedsNew Chloe? A CIA Computer tech played by Giles Matthey
  • Erik RitterField Operative played by Gbenga Akinnagbe
Audrey1 Chief of Staff2 Steve Navarro3 Chloe4 Adrian Cross5 President Heller6 Jack Bauer7 Jack Bauer8 Kate Morgan9 Joran Reeds10 Erik Ritter11
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Live Another Day Images

Past News:

"I'll Be Under the Table Crying"

2013.08.13: Found 2 articles from CraveOnline. One's a little older where Howard Gordon talks about the return of Chloe and how they feel about the show. Best quote from Howard Gordon: “ It's exciting. It's still early and we're still full of hope, but I'm sure in about three weeks, I'll be under the table crying.”

LAD will pick up 4 years after Season 8 and there will be a new President (again). Part of this reason this may have gotten a green light vs the movie is that HoGo himself prefers this TV to moives. "It's the difference between a short story and a novel."

This article talks to Kevin Reilly where he discusses the idea of a 12 episode format doesn't "stretch the story too thin". Interesting that he mentions HoGo saying that 12 episodes were always easy and the other 12 would "kill them". There is more discussion of the international setting of this version of 24. There was mention that the rest of the cast, other than Chloe and Jack, would be new cast members. Sad for those of us waiting eagerly for a Tony return. I'd like to see them meet for coffee in a cafe in Venice or something...

Casting News

2013.08.01: Information tidbits are still few and far between for the show, however TVLine is reporting that Mary Lynn Rajskub will return for 24: Live Another Day. This was precluded yesterday by David Fury tweeting simply " :) " to her.

Robert (Bob)Cochrane Signs

2013.07.09: Deadline is reporting today that Robert Cochrane has signed on for Live Another Day as executive producer. Who's excited? :)

Cassar Back! :)

2013.07.01: Happy Canada Day! :) Been a bunch of smaller updates for a while, so here's the headlines. For me the most important thing (next to Kiefer being in, of course), is the return of Jon Cassar on 24. The reason behind his leaving before Season 8 seemed rather... mysterious and in my opinion, the show suffered without him. I am happy to be able to say that he has signed on for 24: Live Another Day and will direct the first 2 episodes and executive produce the series .

Cassar is also getting a chance to work with Kiefer in the coming months, as a warm-up I guess. He will be directing an Alberta shot Western movie. He's there right now scouting locations and having a good time from the looks of his Twitter.

Sean Callery, the music man from 24 is returning. Love it.

Evan Katz is also back, one of the longest writers on the show. He's signed for a 2 year deal to executive produce as well.

Evidently, production officially started today. Even better for my favourite holiday of the year.

Via twitter: David Fury ? @ TheDavidFury 6h Day 9 begins... # 24LiveAnotherDay

Well, that's it for now. More to come. I got some beer to drink, eh.

Fury Back

2013.05.26: It has been reported this week that David Fury (@TheDavidFury) has signed on for 24: Live Another Day (Deadline) Fury has signed a 2 year agreement with Fox as a writer on the series, and I'm liking the sounds of '2 years'. :) Meanwhile, on the Tony front, Carlos Bernard (@CBernardsBull) doesn't know much about any possible return of Tony. However, he is urging fans via Twitter to contact Howard Gordon and Fox if they want him back.

"Carlos Bernard @ CBernardsbull 19 May Thx for all ur incredible support. But I really don't know whether Tony's coming back. Send ur thoughts to @ HowardMGordon and @ FoxTV"

More Info?

2013.05.14: Okay, well there's a little more info this morning, including a title "24: Live Another Day" (not too sure how I feel about that one). It sounds like the show will return for a Summer series in May 2014 and there have been indicators that it could be the first of a possible franchise opportunity. It sounds a lot like the ideas they had for the movie.

  • Show will still run a 'day', but with a 12 hour limit, there will be hours skipped or condensed. It will still represent a 24 hour period.
  • Kiefer is (obviously) on board. Here's his statement:
    “The response to ‘24' is unlike anything I have ever experienced as an actor before. To have the chance to reunite with the character, Jack Bauer, is like finding a lost friend. The story ideas from Howard Gordon are exciting and fresh, and will not disappoint ... Make no mistake, my goal is to knock your socks off. See you soon.”
  • Hearing now that Howard Gordon is getting the credit for the idea to do this and he is "really energized for it."
  • HoGo's statement: “Jack Bauer has always been an exciting, thrilling character, and I confess that I've missed him. I think the audience has too. The character has evolved through the years, and this new and exciting event series format is perfect to tell the next chapter of his story and continue to reflect how the world is changing. Fans can rest assured that the Jack they know and love will be back.”
  • In an interesting side note, reading between the lines, Kevin Reilly [Fox prez] said about the movie: "I think they [speaking about Howard Gordon] all agreed that '24' compressed into two hours is not 24." Coud that be insight on why it never got off the ground? Hmm...


2013.05.13: Hearing today that Fox has CONFIRMED 24 for a 12 episode run starting this fall (source). :) Dance of victory anyone? Welcome back!!


2013.05.12: That's the best title I could come up with. Holy. Hell. (Pardon the language)

24 might return.

Let me say that again.

24 might return.

Holy hell that feels good.

Okay, are we ready? So I was out minding my own business on Thursday night at a concert when, while we were waiting for the group to come on stage, a tweet came across my feed from Elisha Cuthbert:

Elisha Cuthbert ? @ HappyElishas 9 May

' 24 ' Eyes Return As Limited Series On Fox , Howard Gordon To EP, Kiefer Sutherland In Talks To Star http://www. deadline.com/2013/05/24-eye s-return-as-limited-series-on-fox-kiefer-sutherland-in-talks/ … via @ nikkifinke

Um, wow.

Since then there have been many 24-ers chirping in having their say and being pretty much positive about it. I've been trying to get an answer out of Jon Cassar if he has been contacted regarding directing the show.

Word on the street is the idea came from either David Fury (@TheDavidFury) or Howard Gordon (@HowardMGordon - Don't bother he hardly uses Twitter) after the movie went ass up. The mini-series would have 12 episodes and is currently 'in negotiations'. David Fury confirmed this morning that there is "...still lots of negotiating to do with certain parties" (via Twitter) and when asked to speculate on the tone, he would only say "They're still going. That's all I know at this point." Fox, however, is making some show announcements tomorrow so I think at this point if we heard that it was a go tomorrow, that would be somewhat miraculous.

In another very informative tweet on the subject, Jon Cassar tweeted simply '24' this morning, leading legions of fans to think that maybe he was going to elaborate... apparently not. Fine. :)

Anyway, as I hear more updates, I'll fill you in.

If you're looking for some good TV to watch to tide you over, if you're not watching Howard Gordon's new series, Homeland, you should be. Also, another great cop drama that recently came to a conclusion was Flashpoint. Beautiful show that chose to go out on it's own terms. The characters are so human and rich.